Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Little Potion


  1. WICKEDLY FUNNY. I love the touch that heis now compelled to be Sandy & give the BF anything he wats. Too naughty!
    Only hting mising is why Sandy wanyted to swap

    1. That's easy, Sandy is in love with Cathy. I hinted that in the last line, where Sandy says, "Why don't I come over and show you how much I love you?"

      Sandy is a lesbian and loves Cathy and will do anything to be with her. She's also jealous of Michael and wants to punish him and get him out of the way. Thus the spell and the trap for Michael. The real question is what happens in the long run? lol Does Cathy notice a change and dump the new Michael? What does Michael do after the week when the compulsion wears off?



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