Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Altered Fates: Knocked Up


  1. DOUBLE WOW! what a sexy story! Full of pashion & twists. Not a veyr ice husband. But whay does he want to steal her body & life?

    1. Agreed, Eric; A passionately twisted tale! However, I might hazard the guess that it's not so much that Silas aimed at stealing is wife's life as him wanting to be the bearer of the new life he aims to create - presently, with their next session of sensual exchanges while they explore each other's and their own flesh from this altered perspective.

      What might be the truly wondrous fate would be if, after that twelve hours delay before the medallion can be used again, Fiona could get it to work on her, but Silas', (now with an inseminated egg deep inside him?), body cannot be turned back into his male self. Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing for them both to live in such gorgeous forms!?!



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