Thursday, December 29, 2016

Altered Fates: Temptation

Several weeks ago, a fellow blogger and TG author asked me to look over a story he'd written.  I did, but it ended at what I felt was the halfway point.  Talking to the author he told me if "I could finish it, then by all means, go ahead."

That was the seed that grew into the story, "Altered Fates: Temptation."  That author goes by the name SwitchHitter on his blog "The Swapping Grounds."  On Fictionmania he goes by the pen name: Brad Miller.  To see the caption that started this story, please visit his site!  Click here: The Swapping Grounds  

Click Here For The Link to Switchhitter and Zapper's story: Altered Fates: Temptation  

Click Here To Read This Story on Fictionmania: Altered Fates: Temptation  


  1. very well done, she sure drunk with power & the new girl seems submive

    1. In this tale, the power just amplifies the character flaws that already existed. The reverse also happens, now powerless, Harold has a hard time holding his ground.



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