Thursday, May 17, 2018

Altered Fates: The Cover Up


  1. Beautifully dark and twisted. I love it!

  2. ditto. but now they have to explain his absence

  3. I love it.

    What to do, just bury the originals body after getting her ID and carry on her life? So many possibilities.

  4. Thanks. This one really gets my creative side going. What should happen next?

    1. Diana's not really dead but is in the hospital unconscious.
    2. Doug gets back from talking to the police only to find Diana's mom waiting for him.
    3. Doug goes back to the Kappa House after two days of pretending to be Diana only to find out that the medallion is missing.
    4. Doug goes to class as Dianna and bumps into Finn, Leo, and "Doug" in the same class. "Doug" turns out to be Lisa, Finn's little sister.

    Other ideas?

    1. 3 could be the best way to go. Medallion is missing, who is to say Diana got somehow turned into Doug or one of his friends who absent mindedly left a piece of clothing with her.

      Obviously my comment is entirely too dark, I completely understand that and most people don't want that sort of darkness in their pastime, completely understandable

  5. WOW! Which one to pick. I like them all.

    In oder of preference
    really I think 2 with HER Mom pulling HER from school because of grades & drinking so he is dragged 'hmme' to work in her father's business & excpeted to marry a man hher father picked for her. LOL!
    In the meantime his 'friend' see an oporiuntiy to make a little cash & sell his body7 identity to some rich old man or woman.


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