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Twisted TG Files reached another milestone today: Three million views, achieved in three months!  (We officially reached two million views back on August 16).

What more is there to say but thank you, once again, for all of the comments/requests and support for our twisted blog.

Meanwhile, we hope everyone is enjoying Zapper’s tribute story, No Greater Love, as well as the steady influx of quality captions, almost always provided on a daily basis.

Moving forward into the upcoming holidays, we hope to be working on a few new projects (and maybe revisit old or long-abandoned ones – that’s a hint, btw…)

Thank you again everyone!

Zapper & DocVS


Professional Trainer Part 3

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

No Greater Love: A Tribute


Greetings everyone,

I wanted to write this post, to announce to our readers and fans of Twisted TG Files, of a brand-new story/saga written by our very own Zapper.  This tribute has been a long time coming, as Zapper has worked tirelessly for almost seven or eight months to finish this fitting memory (in prose form) for a friend who passed on last winter.  Well after much determination and diligence, Zapper has finally completed his tribute.  I can say with sincerity it is a wonderful, poignant tale that encapsulates the fantasies, desires, and wishes of said friend, weaved intricately into a complex, engaging narrative. Practically every sentence is reflective of Zapper’s admiration, respect, and love for this wonderful individual.  Here is Zapper’s own words on this tribute: 


For those of you who've been following DocVS and me on this site, I have a message that is personal and important to me.  My dear friend, Brittany (aka - Meka, Mekalicious, Mekalicious Soulstorm) passed away in Feb 2016.  Since that time I've struggled to find a way to express my feelings, and the loss I feel . . . her death was untimely and too early. 

I decided to write a story: a story she would have loved.  This is what I now offer to you.  Brittany loved possession stories and body-swaps: stories filled with adventure, action, mystery, and romance.  

What I offer you all is a personal tribute in the form of a story of more than 67,000 words, set in the universe of "On The Run With John and Meka" and taking place after "Never Meddle in the Affairs of a Woman".  

Below is a quick excerpt from the story:  


Meka nearly bursting with power gave one last look at the glyph she wanted to use, oblivious to the shadowy mist that flew up and out of the crystal behind her.  The mist coalesced into the shape of a large man.  The man paused as if trying to collect his bearings and then he oriented on Meka as she drew upon her power.

There were twelve glyphs etched into the ring and if Meka was right each glyph opened a Way to a Shadow World.  The glyph she’d picked opened a path to a place called “Summer” and she was sure it was the land of the Summer Fae.  Just as she opened her mouth to speak the Word a cold presence slammed into her causing her to stumble.  Looking back over her shoulder she saw what looked like a man made entirely of darkness.  One of the man’s hands was wrapped tightly around her neck and she reached up to grab his arm only to have her hand pass through it.  Then he leaned in and pressed his mouth to hers in a hideous parody of a kiss. 

Cold energy flooded into her and Meka wanted to cough but was caught and then she felt him, in her mind.  ‘Hello, pretty, you feel strong.’  The words were enough to shake her out of her shock and using the power she’d just collected Meka threw her Will at the being. 


The shout echoed in her mind and what felt like liquid fire burned along her veins pushing the darkness back.  ‘W-What?!  This is impossible.’  The being’s surprise gave Meka a brief opening and she surged forward. 

‘Get OUT!’

Again, energy flared within her body and Meka’s vision cleared enough for her to see the dark mist pouring out of her begin to shift once more into a roughly human shape. 


The voice roared through the vault of Meka’s mind and she tried to bring up her mental shields but something was preventing her.  In desperation, she took a breath and the mist poured back into her, filling her lungs.  Meka sank to her knees trying to draw power up through her crystal but there was a presence in her mind.  An awareness, that somehow managed to block her connection to her focus item.  

‘You will not get me with the same attack twice, bitch!’  

‘Maybe not, asshole, but I’m still going to stop you!’  Then Meka threw her entire will at the creature.  ‘I will d-destroy you.’

For an eternity, it felt like Meka was wrestling with a Boa Constrictor.  There didn’t seem to be a beginning or an end to this entity and the more she fought the tighter and tighter it squeezed.  Then like a bubble popping the pressure was gone.  At first Meka just gasped, happy that the pain had also disappeared. 

Then she felt her body move even though she’d not direct it to move.  She sat up and watched as her hands came up, brushing hair back from her face, and she felt her body shudder and start to laugh.  “Damn, bitch, or maybe I should say, Meka.  You put up one hell of a fight!” 

‘No, no, no!’  Meka shouted throwing her “will” uselessly against the unseen barrier that held her mind, a prisoner within her own body.  Slowly, her body stood up and Meka felt her hands move to her chest, the exploration was quick and thorough.


We hope you all will enjoy this wonderful, heartfelt tribute.


Click Here For The Link To The Entire Story:

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