Saturday, January 30, 2021



We return with Part 3 of BBV: The Dosing.  Kelly and Joe are now working together to wean Kelly off of the negative influences of Bruno’s BBV virus/infection.  To do so, Kelly decides to enlist the help of another close friend and fellow prostitute, Terri, to distract Bruno.  But will it be enough?

Tuesday, January 26, 2021



Hello everyone,

So far I have been more than elated at the amazing response that FOSE: An Internal Affair has been receiving.  It sounds like you all are really engaged in this sordid tale of new lives and new identities. 

What I posted so far was actually more of a work in progress, provided by Xam and Holy Ravioly from Team Lady Valiant.  So there is color to each of the comic panels, but I was somewhat anxious to have the comic out sooner rather than later, so they graciously provided me with these drafts for me to post.

I am proud to announce that today I was provided a final version of the webcomic now, so all pages/posts will now be updated to reflect these new versions.  With more enhanced, dynamic art and coloring – the way they were meant to be posted.  Kind of like a “special edition” but no unnecessary or extra edits, and given too that this IS technically the first edition of the webcomic hehe.

I really have been impressed as in my opinion they really make the pages pop!  And we’re not even done with this first chapter!

In addition, from this point forward, all posted pages will be of the final draft/print.  Chapter 1 is estimated to be completed by early to mid February, so please stay tuned!  At some point too, I will create an archive of the comic so you can look at all of Chapter 1 at your leisure.

We’re not done yet folks – I am also proud to report that Chapter 2 is currently in progress, and based on the outline myself and T Roberts has in mind, it promises to be even more lewd and enticing than Chapter 1.


Enjoy the new updated artwork!



Sunday, January 10, 2021



Part 2 of the Dosing is now available.  Kelly is really in a bit of a mess, with the BBV infection/virus of her pimp Bruno overtaking and dominating her thoughts, her mood, and practically aspects of her life.  Desperate to escape, she asks Joe for help.  But is Joe her ticket to salvation?