Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Greetings everyone,

WOW!  Two million views!  Twisted TG Files reached that officially today, and it was done just in under two months!  Zapper and I are besides ourselves!

As always we appreciate all the support, likes and comments for this little twisted project of ours.  A labor of love and devotion that the two of us will continue to grow and cultivate.

We actually have quite a few special projects planned for the blog coming up for the next two or three weeks (in addition to our regular postings) or so in celebration of our achievement, so please stay tuned!

Zapper & DocVS



This was originally requested by Morgan Winship:

Although this storyline has been done very often, it has to be one of the most typical ones out there.  Using Brandi Love as a model, I’d like for her neighbor (I guess I’ll leave who he is to you, teenage boy is pretty typical, although a jealous man of the same age would be an interesting twist) to steal her body and take over her life, having sex with her husband and being the MILF of the neighborhood that she liked being so much.