Friday, August 26, 2016


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  1. " he felt the heat begin to rise in his stolen womanhood and heard the faint, struggling voice of Heather in the back of her own mind.

    That was actually the part of possessing Heather that Leo liked almost more than being able to control what her body did and the way it felt to have sex from her perspective.

    He knew that, no matter how much she bitched while he moaned to the sensation of a hard cock filling 'his' beautiful body from various angles, there was absolutely nothing she could do to "break them up" like she had done as his girlfriend. And the more that Heather resisted his control the more daring and adventurous - not to mention, aroused - Leo became.

    But, in the end, they always went home together after she had come just as hard as he had - since it was her body that he had reached orgasm with, of course - with the knowledge that "Heather" had spent the night seducing another guy who would be rejected and humiliated if he tried to see her again.

    "Y'know, babe; This morning was a bit of a fluke, since I was too drunk to make it out of your place before you woke up. But, now that you know what I've been doing with you 'while you've been sleeping'," Leo's voice spoke to Heather's reflection in the mirror as he applied - surprisingly well - the makeup 'she' would be wearing out tonight, then continued in Heather's most seductive, breathy tone, "but I might just have to take the steps that will make us "soul-mates" forever. What do you say? Oh, silly me! You cannot say a thing right now, can you?"

    Heather's consciousness screamed silently in a rage of horror as Leo felt his clit begin to throb with anticipation of 'their' night's sexcapades! ..."



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