Saturday, December 26, 2020

BODY HOP N' SHOP: THE RIDE (2020 Edition)


Some of these captions may look somewhat familiar, as they were partially posted shortly after the major update to Twisted TG.  I decided to post the entire set today, and tweaked the content to reflect some of the current trends and difficulties we all have been facing this year (Don’t worry it still has a twisted angle, which is my trademark…)

At the center of this caption series, is a main character who is actually  inspired and based on by one of my closest online friends: a gentleman who has been a fan of Twisted TG (and even my former blog The Bodyhopper Files) from when I first started making captions.   He also served as a guiding and encouraging force when I myself had difficulties and even doubts about writing TG captions. I created this series especially for him but then RL reared its ugly head, so I never finished posting this.

Today though, I post this bodyhopper series in appreciation and gratitude for my friend Brent, aka ninja660, and for you all to read.  Another tongue-in-cheek commentary by me about this year, with the optimism and hope for the next!  Enjoy!




Friday, December 25, 2020



Here it is: Twisted TG's first official online webcomic, in collaboration with Team Lady Valiant.  The artwork is done by the talented Xamrock (the primary artist for Lady Valiant) as well as being wonderfully inked by Holy Ravioly.

I'm sure this site has been endorsed many times (with very good reason), but please take the time to visit T Robert's Lady Valiant webcomic, as well as supporting the Lady Valiant Patreon.  The webcomic itself is an excellent spin on the TG superheroine genre, with captivating and exciting characters and plotlines that have won the support of so many fans and admirers.  In addition, by joining and supporting the official Patreon, you will gain access to the behind-the-scenes look on the Lady Valiant comic, regular updates, and even access to side stories and artwork that is not available anywhere else!  Highly recommended.





Hello everyone,

I know it has been nearly eight months since you last saw any sort of signs of life from me (as opposed to my partner and collaborator Floof, who I have appreciated still posting a few of his own unique, twisted material to this blog, as well as your welcomed feedback regarding his captions), and for that I truly apologize.

After starting Twisted TG 2.0 some new developments in my RL took precedence, which included leaving my job and starting a new training program/study/fellowship.  Then obviously the challenges of social distancing, maintaining good health, and you can see, 2020 was not the best year overall for me (yes, it’s a recurring theme for practically everyone)…that’s why I chose to include the photo above, as it did feel like my hands were tied, so to speak…

Twisted TG still remained in the back of my mind though as I trudged on through all my real tasks and responsibilities.  I figured it’s a good a time as any to surprise you all during this difficult holiday time with some twisted cheer and merriment:

1) We’ll start with a special caption series just for Christmas, that I composed.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it – it will eventually make its way to my Caption Archive.

2) Floof and I have decided to finally open up our Discord server for the fans of this blog, called Twisted TG Fans.  Here is the Discord invite link:

It's still getting started but we both hope that we can use this server to chat and connect and discuss our mutual interest and fascination with all sorts of TG topics and fetishes, always, with a "twist".

3) It’s time to finally share the big surprise project I had wanted to share with Twisted TG for quite some time now.  I have collaborated with the creator T Roberts of the Lady Valiant Webcomic, on Twisted TG’s first online webcomic!  It's a tale set in the FOSE (Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event) universe, titled: "An Internal Affair." 

An Internal Affair tells the story of a young, ambitious police detective who finally was able to put behind bars one of her most hated criminal nemeses. While the two of them share a rather...uniquely acrimonious and sexual association with each other,  both Detective Hannah Taylor and Francis Malone are in for a surprise, when the FOSE unexpectedly twists that association to a whole new, decadent level...

Chapter 1 of An Internal Affair is a total of 17 pages and will be posted in 2 to 3 page installments, the first installment of which will be today (12/25/2020), and will be posted every Friday.  I really hope you all enjoy this comic, which was a labor of love.  And you can bet that Chapter 2 will also be in the works as well.

Chapter 1 of An Internal Affair will also see itself permanently uploaded to a separate archive for TG Comics.  More details to come soon.

Well that will conclude this set of holiday updates.  Captions, writing, and anything related to TG are either in the works or waiting to be posted.  Floof and I aim to provide you all with more updates for 2021, including, the possibility of seeing some long-missed favorites (hint hint...hey I have to keep it somewhat vague).

Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year going into 2021.  I'm excited to see how this new year shapes up, and for the future of Twisted TG.



Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Vacation

Sorry for not posting in November.

I hope these can serve as an apology, if at least a little bit. 



Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Misadventures 2


Well hello there,
Continuing on some more "Misadventures" this time
And a happy spooky halloween to everyone!


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Getting to Know Her 3

Got hit with another month long hiatus 
I know. It do be like that sometimes with me
But here's a little somethin somethin I made


Thursday, September 3, 2020



A little bit of a different idea than what I usually do.
Hope you guys like it though 😄


Friday, August 14, 2020

Stranded (Part 17 and 18)


Wow, Floof. Going still doin monthly updates huh?

Yes, I know. No good excuses really, I apologize.

I’ve got some interesting things planned for “Stranded”, but I think I’m going to work on some other captions before I get to that.

But until then, see ya next time 


Monday, July 13, 2020

Stranded (Part 15 and 16)

Hello, unfortunately slacking to a monthly update now. Sorry about that 

I'll be making more "Stranded" stuff soon though. So look forward to that.


Monday, June 15, 2020

Teasing Him 3

Hello Hi!
It's been a while, I know. 
Sorry about that.
Hope you like my humble creations in the meantime 


Sunday, May 24, 2020


This caption series is actually inspired by a one-shot caption, one of my first I ever did when I was starting out writing captions.  I wrote this for a very good friend, who is a fan of bodyhoppers and superbikes.  Also a return for me back to bodyhoppers, although I do plan on doing more of these types of captions for the blogs in the next few months.



Wednesday, May 20, 2020



One of the Twisted TG caption series that I am aware of has been somewhat vague to comprehend has been my The Awakening series, and after talking to some close friends, I realize that it probably needs better exposition.  I came up with this series, The Meeting, so that it will fulfill that purpose, and hopefully can also connect the themes of all the other Awakening captions.  I promise this series will still maintain that Twisted TG flare that you expect from my work.