Saturday, December 31, 2022


Hello everyone!


It’s the start of New Year’s weekend, and the last day of the year 2022 (aka New Year’s Eve).


We here at Twisted TG hope you all had a wonderful, safe, and relaxing Christmas holiday.  


For New Year’s Day (tomorrow), we do have some special content planned, in particular regarding a storyline that quite a few people have requested an update on! 


Bejewelled was very well received – Astralbot3D and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  It was certainly a labor of love to bring this brief yet very twisted tale to life in comic form!  It is still available as a timed-exclusive webcomic on our Twisted TG Patreon, and will be available in its entirety on the blog at the end of next month!


But in the meantime, I would like to mention today the other active webcomic on Twisted TG.  This is a holiday-themed yet decadent little ghost story, called XMAS CUMS ONCE A YEAR!


Here is the basic story:


In their desolate home, on a snowy Christmas Eve, Oscar

and Todd are two restless, horny spirits who used to find mirth haunting and terrorizing those unfortunate to cross their ghostly paths during the holidays.  But in recent years, many Christmases have already come and gone, with nary an enjoyable haunting for the two spirits.  That is...until two young women, Emma and Erica, on their way to their Christmas/holiday destination, are forced to spend the night...


This webcomic is fully illustrated and colored by the wonderfully talented comic artist, Meow7tails! If you are interested in seeing more of his work, just click on this link below to check out his Deviantart page!

Meow7tails DeviantArt Page


For today, we have posted on the Patreon the final four pages of the 16 page comic, concluding the story.  I have provided some excerpts/page teasers to give you all an idea:

Just like Bejewelled, XMAS CUMS ONCE A YEAR will be a timed Patreon exclusive webcomic.  After its release on Patreon, it will then be released here in its entirety on the Twisted TG blog at the end of next month.


However, if you are interested in reading the full comic now, please subscribe to our Twisted TG Patreon, either by clicking here, or clicking on the red Patreon button at the top right corner of the blog!  When you subscribe, you have the option to either download a fully colorized .pdf of the complete comic, or enjoy access to the comic in a large, easy-to-read flipbook format!


That’s it for now.  More holiday/New Year’s content for tomorrow to begin 2023, as well as…a general announcement about future content for Twisted TG!


Thanks everyone!



Sunday, December 25, 2022


Hello again everyone!

For our second piece of holiday content, I am proud to announce Bejewelled, a 3D Comic collaboration between Twisted TG, and the very talented 3D artist, Astralbot3D!

Bejewelled represents a few milestones for Twisted TG:

1. It serves as the very first 3D comic for Twisted TG!

2. It is also the first complete TG comic for Twisted TG!

You may recall, last year I posted a preview Christmas card that looked a little something like this:

Well, Bejewelled is the final version of this, with a slightly revised storyline.  It is now a short but wonderfully nuanced little tale involving lovely beauty pageant contestants competing for the annual Miss Serendipity pageant.  Each of them have been handpicked to compete by a sponsor; three of these sponsors have a rather...unique wager that they engage in every year with their chosen contestant.  What is that wager, you may ask?  You will have to read Bejewelled to find out!

Bejewelled is fully presented as a Patreon exclusive TG comic, in 35 full color pages.  This was a collaboration that Astral and I had planned for quite some time, originally planned for a Halloween release.  It's serendipitous (no pun intended) that we have this comic released on Christmas Day!

Besides the Twisted TG Patreon, the comic is also hosted on Astral's own Patreon!  Astral is a very creative and talented artist and storyteller.  His own 3D comics are a unique and appealing mix of different TG these that are sure to please many TG fans!  Click here to subscribe to Astral's Patreon and have a look!

Please support Astral on all of his following social media platforms:





Give it IS the holidays, here are some preview/teasers of Bejewelled!

Intrigued?  Curious to know more?  Well, if you want to read the full comic now, please subscribe to our Twisted TG Patreon!  You will receive access to our other Twisted TG comics as well!

After about a month, this full comic will then become available for free on the Twisted TG blog!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy this wonderful surprise of a Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas everyone, and have a wonderful and happy holiday!


P.S. More holiday content to be posted this coming weekend, to close out the year!



Hello there!

It certainly has been a bit since I last updated on the blog.

Let’s just say RL has reared its ugly head so many times that it has been challenging to update the blog.

Now it is Christmas, and I sincerely hope you all are having a safe and happy holiday!  I think it’s time for me to start posting some content, wouldn’t you agree?

So, without further ado, here’s your first piece of holiday content:

KET, the main artist behind FOSE An Internal Affair Chapter 3, was nice enough to create these sexy holiday pin-ups of Francis/Hannah as a sexy green elf and his/her girlfriend Nikki as a young, vibrant Ms. Claus, all gathered around ol' jolly and horny Santa Sal!  They are all here to wish you Happy Holidays at Twisted TG!

I have attached both versions: a festive background, and a plain white background, for your enjoyment!

Just a brief reminder: please click on the Patreon button at the top right corner to subscribe to our Twisted TG Patreon!  By subscribing, you will be able to immediately gain access to our comics, including Chapter 3 of FOSE: An Internal Affair!  

More comics will be coming soon in 2023!  And more IMMEDIATE holiday content, to follow...