Tuesday, February 28, 2017


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Burt was extremely nervous as he quietly kneeled on the plush onto the white-colored set of his first Poise photoshoot.  He had not gotten enough sleep last night.  The impromptu interview/conference that occurred a few days ago when he went to the Poise Magazine office was a horrifying experience.  Thankfully Don was wise enough to have Uncle Tom go as Abby's "assistant."  Still, Burt had a unsettling feeling in his stomach, as he placed his hands on his womanly hips, and took a deep breath.

"God damn it Burt ol' boy, what have you gotten yourself into?" he muttered to himself, his gruff baritone leaving Abby's lips.   Burt shook his head, as his pretty dark brown eyes surveyed the scene before him.  He could see a whole crew of people bustling about, a far cry from the simple lighting arrangement and tripod-assisted camera that Don would use for his training photos.  At the same time, Burt watched closely as a bevy of gorgeous, sexily-attired glamour models, obviously preoccupied with their next photoshoot.  Burt eyed with great interest all sorts of lovely ladies, all with perfect visages and shapely bodies that easily matched his own.  The sight of such goddesses just made Burt moan lecherously in response...

"Ahem!" a voice shouted.  Burt was suddenly jolted out of his distracted state, as he looked up at a thin, wiry looking gentleman with a mismatched goatee.  "Daydreaming are we now, luv?"

"Oh!"  Burt was startled, as he quickly covered his mouth.  "S-Sorry I must have b-been distracted. It's m-my first day working here," he said, back to using Abby's soft tone.

The gentleman tilted his head skeptically at Burt.  "Mhmm.   Well, you can be distracted all you bloody want on your own time, not on Nigel's time.  Now c'mon luv, let's not dawdle.  Assume the first pose so we can begin!"

Burt looked confused, and nodded.  He slowly began to lean against the plush, white couch, raising his arms upward.  "What the bloody hell are you doing luv?" exclaimed Nigel.  "That's not the first pose!"

Burt shuddered, frightened at the critical tone of the photographer.   "Oh!  Sorry...uh...first pose, right.  Ok, I just had a slip-up....". Burt then lowered his arms down, and tilted his head back.

Nigel angrily sighed.  "Why is your head not facing the camera luv?  You know you have to sell the bloody outfit you are wearing, so you have to make love to my camera.  Bollocks, have you ever done this before?  Again!"

What originally was to be a 2 hour morning shoot, soon turned into an exhausting morning marathon, in which Nigel would bark orders in an even more acerbic tone than Don.  The end result was that they were only able to shoot at most 10 photos, that Nigel thought was "decent."

"Ok Abby...luv....its pretty obvious you're still new to the Poise dynamic, so let's just call it a day ok?  We'll pick it up again tomorrow," said Nigel, his hand over his lowered forehead.  Burt nodded silently as he got up to go to his dressing room with a completely mortified expression on his face...

Friday, February 24, 2017


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"Miss Dallas!  Miss Dallas!  Abby, over here!  Miss Dallas!"

That was just an example of one of many fashion reporters and journalists here at the offices of Poise Magazine, covering the return of Abigail Dallas.  Last spring, the promising young brunette model had decided to sign with Poise Magazine, and had been all set to begin her first photoshoot, when she had become inexplicably "indisposed."  gone away from the spotlight and the world of modelling.  Reports had said that it was due to a professional "difference of opinion" with her former manager.  A wild rumor had been that Miss Dallas had actually been abducted, but this was considered to be a ridiculous notion.

The stylish, casually chic-appearing model teased her hair as she approached the entrance of Poise Magazine, accompanied by her blonde assistant Tommi.  They were flanked by many reporters and photographers struggling to get the latest bit of news about her return.

"Miss Dallas!  So where have you been all this time?  You were supposed to start several months ago?" asked one reporter.

"I was...indisposed.  I discovered all too late that my manager had been using unsolicited photos of myself for a lewd pornographic site," replied the brunette.  "The sight of such inappropriate material was too much for my um, constitution, so I needed to uh, take some time off, yes...take some time off."

"What have you been doing all this time?" another reporter asked, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

"Miss Dallas was busy recuperating from this ordeal," her assistant, Tommie chimed in.  "She has been solely in counseling sessions with her psychologist, so that she can be a healthy both physically and mentally to begin her work at Poise."

The model adjusted her yellow-ish green chrome shades, flashing an endearing smile.  "Miss Dallas?  Are you going to press charges on your ex-manager, for engaging in such secretive and unlawful activities?"

The model lifted her shades, as a small tear began to form in her right eye.  Tommie was immediately available and handed her a white handkerchief, which she used to dab her right eye.  "What Mac..I mean...Don did was wrong, no question about that.  But I'd rather not think about that right now.  I want to move on and think about my career and future here at Poise."

"What about the contract which stipulates that you'll be starting Poise with a salary of $250,000 a year?  Are you excited about that?"

The model's eyes widened.  "What the fuck? Two hundred fifty..." she growled in a very strange, deep, almost manly sounding tone.  She immediately covered her mouth, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.  Tommie hastily finished the reply.  "I'm sorry, but that's all the questions Miss Dallas is going to answer.  It's time for her meeting with Poise Management.  Thank you everyone, and have a wonderful day!"

Monday, February 20, 2017


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Burt was silently staring at the window of his room, watching the sun begin to slowly set.  He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, which naturally made the heaving mounds of Abby's bountiful bosom lift themselves upward.  He could feel the flimsy lace material of the baby pink bra stretch and become more pliable, just enough to prevent his breasts from awkwardly plunging out in front of him.  As Burt exhaled, he could feel his bosom sink slowly downward.  Simple breathing was still an action that Burt was getting more and more used to in his new body...

All of a sudden, Burt was interrupted by a knock at his door.  "Come in..." he gruffly said in his baritone, but then cleared his throat. "I-I mean...come in." Burt reiterated, this time with Abby's coquettish, smooth feminine tone.

The door open slowly as Don entered.  He gazed at Burt, who turned to look at him, a wayward strand of Abby's lovely hair obscuring Burt's view.  Don was still astounded at the gorgeous young creature standing before him.  He was still in disbelief - his mind knew that Burt's soul resided in Abby's body, but there was hardly any trace of the uncouth, boorish homeless man inside this raven-haired goddess...

"Uh...how...h-how are you doing?"  Don asked hesitantly, trying hard not to stare too long into the twinkle in Burt's dark brown, alluring eyes.

Burt smiled.  "I'm fine," he confidently replied.  It was getting easier and easier to assume the exact inflection and pitch of Abby's voice.  "How are you Mac..I mean, Don?"

Don shrugged.  "I'm...I'm fine too."  He then scratched the back of his head thoughtfully.  "So...you know, Monday is the big day."

Burt played with the straps of his bra, oblivious to Don's comment.  "Hmmm?  What big day?"

Don suddenly had a look of exasperation.  "Burt, look....you're going to start work as Abby at Poise Magazine.  Uncle Tom has already notified the appropriate news media so, I hope you're ready for the interviews.  Also don't forget: while you are going to model for Poise, you have to model for me as well.  Now that you know how to pose in front of a camera, we need to do the actual shoot for the website.  So you'll be juggling two different jobs.  Can you handle it?"

That took Burt by surprise, as his lovely eyes widened.  "What the fuck?" he growled, his uncouth voice having now returned.  His cheeks suddenly turned red, as he corrected himself.  "I mean..." he continued in Abby's voice, "w-when did this happen?  I never agreed to this!"

Don shook his head.  "Yes you did."  He sighed, "Well..at least we have the weekend to work things out.  After you enjoy your newfound mastery of your womanhood, come downstairs and meet with me and Tom.  Time for us to prepare you not just to be a model but a celebrity too!"

Thursday, February 16, 2017


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Don's palms were sweaty as he took a deep breath.  This morning was the first day of summer.  It had taken a little more than a month since Abby's possession ritual had taken place.  The process to teach Burt how to walk, talk, and act like Abigail Dallas was painfully slow, and Don wasn't sure that today was the best day to perform the final test...

"Ahem!" Uncle Tom yelled, clearing her throat, looking at Don with a curious stare.  "Everything is in place Don.  Just need to coax him out."

"Hmmm?"  Don immediately turned to Uncle Tom.  "Oh!"  Don said, snapping out of his trance.  Sorry Tom, I was just....I mean.. never mind."

"You ready for the final test, Burt?"

A gruff voice called out.  "Yeah, it's now or never.  I'm ready!"

Don groaned, and nodded to Uncle Tom silently.  Uncle Tom acknowledged, and suddenly clapped her hands twice.

Within a few seconds, Don was taken back at the stunning vision of loveliness entering the garden from the stone archway.  Burt had chosen to dress Abby's sensuous body in a curvaceous, hip-hugging two piece white and multi-colored pastel bikini.   He had also perfectly stylized Abby's dark, raven, luscious locks in a neatly arranged set of curls that cascaded gently alongside her smooth back.  Burt's deliberate movements was that of "poetry in motion"; it was a playful, sensuous saunter, as Burt expectedly made Abby's body almost glide instead of walk.  He was mindful of his center of gravity.  The lessons had paid off: walking in a tan-colored set of strappy heels was effortless to Burt.

Burt was in full command, adjusting and shifting his weight in a rhythmic manner, giving Abby's supple posterior an enticing wiggle.  As he had mastered the movements of his new body, Burt smiled to Don, idly raising her elbows, and letting his perfectly manicured fingernails tease the upper contours of his womanly, creamy, titillating breasts.  His chesty globes jiggled with the same amount of force and attraction as his shapely behind...

Stopping at the nearby wall of the garden, Burt delicately placed his left hand against the surface, the smooth, buttery movements of Abby's body, slowly decreasing and then coming to a gentle stop.  Burt instinctively tossed his silky black tresses back, as his ass jutted out at just the right angle.  His hypnotic, alluring stare was breathtaking, complemented by a playful pout of Abby's trademark set of rose-colored lips.

"Mmmm...." Burt cooed in a mellifluous, breathy tone.  "So....did I pass?"  He let out a playful giggle, again brushing aside his hair, while both Don and Uncle Tom gawked incredulously at him...

Sunday, February 12, 2017


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Burt yawned, as he quickly collapsed onto the plush white couch.  He was thoroughly exhausted, as Don had run him through the ringer with his crash course on "Becoming Abigail Dallas."  The early morning wake-up calls, the long hours in the makeup chair with Uncle Tom supervising, not to mention all of the clothes he had to try on, stretching his new body into new, foreign, and sometimes uncomfortable positions.  From bras and brassieres, to thongs and teddies...red numbers...little black dresses....long, curly dark tresses...hair in updos....topless..bottomless...pouty lips....reserved lips....making love to the camera....despising the camera...Burt had to follow all of Don's strict instructions.  Don was indeed a taskmaster.

As Burt laid on the couch, he began to wonder: could the intense pressure and schedule been a good reason Abby had broken up with Don?  He didn't have time to answer as he soon dozed off...

As graceful as Burt's new sleeping form was, his obnoxious, gruff-sounding snores was a stark contrast, and Uncle Tom realized that.  With a devious chuckle, she approached Burt and playfully tossed a soft pillow at his face.  The pillow landed on its target, startling Burt from his slumber.

"Unnnghhh....ok I'm striking the pose, Mac...." Burt mumbled gruffly.  Rubbing his eyes, Burt's vision gradually cleared as he came face to face with Tom, wearing a slim white blouse, and contrasting black pencil thin skirt, her blonde hair in an elegant bun.  "Oh....sorry, Tom, I must have fallen asleep."

"No worries friend," Uncle Tom grinned.  "You doing ok?"

"Yeah..." Burt nodded, yawning.  "I'm OK.  W-Where's um, you know...."

"Dictator Don?  He went downtown to get more supplies for your photo shoots.  You know, you better get back to using Abby's voice, or you'll slowly lose the ability to imitate it..."

"Really?  Oh ok, one second..." Burt then cleared his throat.  "Better?" he smiled, his voice soft and feminine.

"Mhmm..." Uncle Tom winked.  She peered toward Burt's reclined form, looking over Burt/Abby's inviting cleavage and surreptitiously licking her own lips.  "You know...even though Don is working you like a dog, you are actually doing a great job.  I've seen the raw pics, and I gotta say....you are coming along....mmm...nicely..."

Burt incredulously shrugged.  "Wish Don could say the same.  All he does is bark orders at me."

"He can be a bit of a dick, buddy...he's just under a lot of pressure."  Uncle Tom then patted Burt's leg.  "Now rise and shine, Miss Dallas.  No rest for the beautiful!  Don wants me to get you dressed for the next shoot."  Burt grit his teeth, as he slowly got up...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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Don arose this early Saturday morning, a bit out of sorts.  He had not slept all that well the last few nights.  Although things were progressing with Burt, and with significant effort he was able to snap some good photos, Burt had not taken to modelling as easy or effortlessly as had been predicted, and it started to worry Don.  It had been a little over one month since Abby was abducted for Burt to take over her body.  Uncle Tom had done a good job covering their tracks, using Abby's e-mail account and her cell phone to keep Abby's employer Poise Magazine, as well as Abby's friend Jessica in the loop.  To them, Abby had been attacked and had been going through debriefing sessions and counseling to recover from this ordeal.  They even had Burt film video of a "session," with Uncle Tom as the psychiatrist, and with Tom's surprising knack for all things digital, was able to create a fake clinic and credentials.

Still, Don knew that Abby couldn't be out of commission, and she would need to make her return soon.  He paced nervously outside the patio, twiddling his thumbs.

"Good morning Don!" a sweet, pleasant sounding voice called out all of a sudden.

Don immediately turned and saw Abby's body, stark naked, save for white tennis shoes, wearing a set of headphones.  He was startled by Abby's presence, not to mention, the sexy, soothing voice coming out of her mouth?

"Uh...B-Burt?" Don stammered.  "I-Is that you?"

"B-Burt?  Who's Burt?  It's Abby silly.  Don't you remember the wonderful night we had last night?"

"What wonderful night?  I don't remember..."

'Abby' suddently chortled.  "Ha ha ha, got you Mac!" she gruffly replied in Burt's booming baritone.  "Pretty good though right?  Tom gave me samples of your girl's voice to listen to on these here headphones.  Took a while to get the exact tone right but..." Burt suddenly cleared his throat.  "It's slowly coming along, hehe.." he finished, in Abby's voice.

Don nodded.  "That's good Abb..I mean, B-Burt.  Just uh, keep up the good work."  He then hastily went back inside, as Burt/Abby chuckled at Don, while continuing her audio/voice "lessons"...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017



This is a post to the handful of our followers and to the many viewers of Twisted TG Files.  Zapper and I continue to appreciate the support and feedback that has been given to many of the captions posted here.  It does mean a lot that you all have given such care and attention and praise to those particular captions, and they are rightfully deserved of such recognition.

With that said, I myself want to say that from now on, my involvement in the blog will be of a secondary capacity.  My real life (which yes, I have mentioned many times to you all in previous posts) has been such that I have chosen to play more of an assisting role.  The blog will continue in its current fashion, with both Zapper and myself still posting.  But from now on, this will be the last time I will actively and intentionally write a blog post of this nature to provide you all any updates.

Thank you again for your support.



Saturday, February 4, 2017


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Don tapped his foot impatiently, staring at his watch, as he waited in the kitchen set.  It had been more than forty-five minutes since he handed Burt the slinky and skimpy, sheer black bodysuit along with the matching black mink stole.  He had entrusted Uncle Tom to help Burt with the first test run in fitting and wearing one of Abby's old, discarded outfits, but couldn't understand why it was taking so long...

"Are you ready?  What's taking so long?" Don shouted.

A few minutes later, Uncle Tom came down the steps, swinging her curvaceous hips.  The effervescent blonde was attired in a casual pink t-shirt and a belted pair of faded, light blue jeans which hugged her own curves.  “Hoo boy,” Tom grinned, chuckling deeply while brushing back her hair.  “He’s having a field day with that bodysuit of hers.”

Don shook his head.  “We’ve already wasted too much time.  I have to get going with the photoshoot – they expect at least a preview of what Abigail Dallas can provide for them.”

“AHEM!” A gruff voice yelled out.

Don and Uncle Tom suddenly looked up, and saw a vision of sensuality at the top of the stairs.  Burt had the black mink stole barely covering his new, supple, large and full breasts, and the black sheer body suit fit perfectly, accentuating Abby's bottom flawlessly.  Don's mouth was agape, while Tom flashed a cheeky grin from his beautiful face.  He had helped Burt with his makeup.

"You...y-you look beautiful..." Don stammered.  For a minute Don thought he had his girlfriend back.

Unfortunately, Burt ruined the illusion by replying back in his gruff, uncouth tone.  "I don't feel right, everything feels...too soft and light.  Makin' my skin crawl, to be honest, Mac."

He slowly made his way down the stairs, almost stumbling were it not for his slender fingers grasping tightly onto the handrails.  Eventually he made it down, awkwardly standing and awaiting instructions.  Still clutching to his stole, Burt was backing up when his bottom suddenly brushed up against a VERY chilly surface.

"Yeowwww!" Burt growled, looking behind him.  "What the fuck just touched my ass?"

"The kitchen sink," Uncle Tom replied, trying hard not to laugh.

Don sighed.  "This is gonna be a long day.  Ok now let's begin...Abb...I mean Burt, stand on that side, and I'll get my camera..."

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Burt slowly made his way to the dimly lit bedroom, insecurely tugging on the flimsy dark violet lace bustier, the black straps around his torso pulling and tugging his crotch upward, covered by a similarly flimsily triangular piece of dark violet fabric.  He could not believe the ridiculousness of his outfit.

"Mac, are you kidding me?" Burt complained.  "What sort of crazy woman wears a get-up like this?  I can barely breathe in this contraption!"

"The idea is not comfort, Burt, it's sex appeal." Don explained, adjusting the lighting for the setup.  "I said to you before - I have clients that want to see Abigail Dallas wear their merchandise.  Stand over there next to the bed, then I need to set up your profile."

Burt nodded as he teetered on his way towards the bed, as Don also headed in that direction with his lighting kit.  Don glimpsed at Burt/Abby's face, as Burt slung his curly, dark brunette hair over his slim, feminine shoulder.  "Hmmm...." Don remarked, "You've gotten a bit better with the makeup now."

Burt shrugged and smiled sheepishly, "Hey Mac, when you got it, flaunt it!" he chortled, striking a cocky, decidedly unfeminine pose. The quickness of his action was not matched by Abby's body, however, as he suddenly began to lose his balance and topple over in his heels...

"Watch out!" Don exclaimed. Dropping his lighting kit, he immediately rushed to Burt's side, catching his shapely body in his arms.  Outstretching his own so he was able to grab underneath Burt (or rather Abby's) large bosom, his own face inches from Burt's...he tried to resist his own lips meeting hers, but it was too late as an awkward kiss was shared.

In that moment, Don was suddenly face-to-face with his old girlfriend, even though a different soul was now occupying her body.  Indeed, despite the still uncouth personality residing, Don couldn't turn away from how beautiful the new Abigail looked to him.  The full pouty lips, piercing dark brown eyes, slender, smooth neckline.  Even the hint of berry scented lipstick that was adorning her lips was the exact shade and flavor that Don remembered.  And even though Burt had trouble originally fitting into the outfit, 'hot damn' if Abby's body didn't look absolutely stunning in it!  The swells of her perfect, round, supple mounds were nestling and pressing gently against his own chest, and Don idly eyed her curvaceous hips, and luscious, smooth legs, as they were brought in line together.  Don unconsciously began to part his lips, wanting to plant a loving kiss like before...

"AHEM!" A loud voice called out.  Don snapped back to his senses, unlocking his lips, and first looking at a dumbfounded and frightened Burt, and then over at Uncle Tom, her arms folded and hip cocked, wearing nothing but a pink nightshirt, her blonde hair in a ponytail.  "What the hell is going on here?" Tom chuckled, smiling.

Don immediately shoved Burt back into position so that Burt could stand on his own.   "Uh...n-nothing is going on.  I gotta...I gotta um, set up..."

Don hurriedly picked up his lighting kit and walked away, as Burt lightly touched his now moistened lips, still in a confused and dazed state...