Saturday, February 4, 2017


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Don tapped his foot impatiently, staring at his watch, as he waited in the kitchen set.  It had been more than forty-five minutes since he handed Burt the slinky and skimpy, sheer black bodysuit along with the matching black mink stole.  He had entrusted Uncle Tom to help Burt with the first test run in fitting and wearing one of Abby's old, discarded outfits, but couldn't understand why it was taking so long...

"Are you ready?  What's taking so long?" Don shouted.

A few minutes later, Uncle Tom came down the steps, swinging her curvaceous hips.  The effervescent blonde was attired in a casual pink t-shirt and a belted pair of faded, light blue jeans which hugged her own curves.  “Hoo boy,” Tom grinned, chuckling deeply while brushing back her hair.  “He’s having a field day with that bodysuit of hers.”

Don shook his head.  “We’ve already wasted too much time.  I have to get going with the photoshoot – they expect at least a preview of what Abigail Dallas can provide for them.”

“AHEM!” A gruff voice yelled out.

Don and Uncle Tom suddenly looked up, and saw a vision of sensuality at the top of the stairs.  Burt had the black mink stole barely covering his new, supple, large and full breasts, and the black sheer body suit fit perfectly, accentuating Abby's bottom flawlessly.  Don's mouth was agape, while Tom flashed a cheeky grin from his beautiful face.  He had helped Burt with his makeup.

"You...y-you look beautiful..." Don stammered.  For a minute Don thought he had his girlfriend back.

Unfortunately, Burt ruined the illusion by replying back in his gruff, uncouth tone.  "I don't feel right, everything feels...too soft and light.  Makin' my skin crawl, to be honest, Mac."

He slowly made his way down the stairs, almost stumbling were it not for his slender fingers grasping tightly onto the handrails.  Eventually he made it down, awkwardly standing and awaiting instructions.  Still clutching to his stole, Burt was backing up when his bottom suddenly brushed up against a VERY chilly surface.

"Yeowwww!" Burt growled, looking behind him.  "What the fuck just touched my ass?"

"The kitchen sink," Uncle Tom replied, trying hard not to laugh.

Don sighed.  "This is gonna be a long day.  Ok now let's begin...Abb...I mean Burt, stand on that side, and I'll get my camera..."

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Burt slowly made his way to the dimly lit bedroom, insecurely tugging on the flimsy dark violet lace bustier, the black straps around his torso pulling and tugging his crotch upward, covered by a similarly flimsily triangular piece of dark violet fabric.  He could not believe the ridiculousness of his outfit.

"Mac, are you kidding me?" Burt complained.  "What sort of crazy woman wears a get-up like this?  I can barely breathe in this contraption!"

"The idea is not comfort, Burt, it's sex appeal." Don explained, adjusting the lighting for the setup.  "I said to you before - I have clients that want to see Abigail Dallas wear their merchandise.  Stand over there next to the bed, then I need to set up your profile."

Burt nodded as he teetered on his way towards the bed, as Don also headed in that direction with his lighting kit.  Don glimpsed at Burt/Abby's face, as Burt slung his curly, dark brunette hair over his slim, feminine shoulder.  "Hmmm...." Don remarked, "You've gotten a bit better with the makeup now."

Burt shrugged and smiled sheepishly, "Hey Mac, when you got it, flaunt it!" he chortled, striking a cocky, decidedly unfeminine pose. The quickness of his action was not matched by Abby's body, however, as he suddenly began to lose his balance and topple over in his heels...

"Watch out!" Don exclaimed. Dropping his lighting kit, he immediately rushed to Burt's side, catching his shapely body in his arms.  Outstretching his own so he was able to grab underneath Burt (or rather Abby's) large bosom, his own face inches from Burt's...he tried to resist his own lips meeting hers, but it was too late as an awkward kiss was shared.

In that moment, Don was suddenly face-to-face with his old girlfriend, even though a different soul was now occupying her body.  Indeed, despite the still uncouth personality residing, Don couldn't turn away from how beautiful the new Abigail looked to him.  The full pouty lips, piercing dark brown eyes, slender, smooth neckline.  Even the hint of berry scented lipstick that was adorning her lips was the exact shade and flavor that Don remembered.  And even though Burt had trouble originally fitting into the outfit, 'hot damn' if Abby's body didn't look absolutely stunning in it!  The swells of her perfect, round, supple mounds were nestling and pressing gently against his own chest, and Don idly eyed her curvaceous hips, and luscious, smooth legs, as they were brought in line together.  Don unconsciously began to part his lips, wanting to plant a loving kiss like before...

"AHEM!" A loud voice called out.  Don snapped back to his senses, unlocking his lips, and first looking at a dumbfounded and frightened Burt, and then over at Uncle Tom, her arms folded and hip cocked, wearing nothing but a pink nightshirt, her blonde hair in a ponytail.  "What the hell is going on here?" Tom chuckled, smiling.

Don immediately shoved Burt back into position so that Burt could stand on his own.   "Uh...n-nothing is going on.  I gotta...I gotta um, set up..."

Don hurriedly picked up his lighting kit and walked away, as Burt lightly touched his now moistened lips, still in a confused and dazed state...


  1. The long awaited return was worth the wait! Love it!


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