Monday, February 20, 2017


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Burt was silently staring at the window of his room, watching the sun begin to slowly set.  He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, which naturally made the heaving mounds of Abby's bountiful bosom lift themselves upward.  He could feel the flimsy lace material of the baby pink bra stretch and become more pliable, just enough to prevent his breasts from awkwardly plunging out in front of him.  As Burt exhaled, he could feel his bosom sink slowly downward.  Simple breathing was still an action that Burt was getting more and more used to in his new body...

All of a sudden, Burt was interrupted by a knock at his door.  "Come in..." he gruffly said in his baritone, but then cleared his throat. "I-I mean...come in." Burt reiterated, this time with Abby's coquettish, smooth feminine tone.

The door open slowly as Don entered.  He gazed at Burt, who turned to look at him, a wayward strand of Abby's lovely hair obscuring Burt's view.  Don was still astounded at the gorgeous young creature standing before him.  He was still in disbelief - his mind knew that Burt's soul resided in Abby's body, but there was hardly any trace of the uncouth, boorish homeless man inside this raven-haired goddess...

" are you doing?"  Don asked hesitantly, trying hard not to stare too long into the twinkle in Burt's dark brown, alluring eyes.

Burt smiled.  "I'm fine," he confidently replied.  It was getting easier and easier to assume the exact inflection and pitch of Abby's voice.  "How are you Mac..I mean, Don?"

Don shrugged.  "I'm...I'm fine too."  He then scratched the back of his head thoughtfully.  " know, Monday is the big day."

Burt played with the straps of his bra, oblivious to Don's comment.  "Hmmm?  What big day?"

Don suddenly had a look of exasperation.  "Burt,'re going to start work as Abby at Poise Magazine.  Uncle Tom has already notified the appropriate news media so, I hope you're ready for the interviews.  Also don't forget: while you are going to model for Poise, you have to model for me as well.  Now that you know how to pose in front of a camera, we need to do the actual shoot for the website.  So you'll be juggling two different jobs.  Can you handle it?"

That took Burt by surprise, as his lovely eyes widened.  "What the fuck?" he growled, his uncouth voice having now returned.  His cheeks suddenly turned red, as he corrected himself.  "I mean..." he continued in Abby's voice, "w-when did this happen?  I never agreed to this!"

Don shook his head.  "Yes you did."  He sighed, " least we have the weekend to work things out.  After you enjoy your newfound mastery of your womanhood, come downstairs and meet with me and Tom.  Time for us to prepare you not just to be a model but a celebrity too!"


  1. My only issue now is that you only posted one caption! I need more! XD

    1. Patience...we're just getting started :-)

      Twisted Thanks,


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