Thursday, February 16, 2017


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Don's palms were sweaty as he took a deep breath.  This morning was the first day of summer.  It had taken a little more than a month since Abby's possession ritual had taken place.  The process to teach Burt how to walk, talk, and act like Abigail Dallas was painfully slow, and Don wasn't sure that today was the best day to perform the final test...

"Ahem!" Uncle Tom yelled, clearing her throat, looking at Don with a curious stare.  "Everything is in place Don.  Just need to coax him out."

"Hmmm?"  Don immediately turned to Uncle Tom.  "Oh!"  Don said, snapping out of his trance.  Sorry Tom, I was just....I mean.. never mind."

"You ready for the final test, Burt?"

A gruff voice called out.  "Yeah, it's now or never.  I'm ready!"

Don groaned, and nodded to Uncle Tom silently.  Uncle Tom acknowledged, and suddenly clapped her hands twice.

Within a few seconds, Don was taken back at the stunning vision of loveliness entering the garden from the stone archway.  Burt had chosen to dress Abby's sensuous body in a curvaceous, hip-hugging two piece white and multi-colored pastel bikini.   He had also perfectly stylized Abby's dark, raven, luscious locks in a neatly arranged set of curls that cascaded gently alongside her smooth back.  Burt's deliberate movements was that of "poetry in motion"; it was a playful, sensuous saunter, as Burt expectedly made Abby's body almost glide instead of walk.  He was mindful of his center of gravity.  The lessons had paid off: walking in a tan-colored set of strappy heels was effortless to Burt.

Burt was in full command, adjusting and shifting his weight in a rhythmic manner, giving Abby's supple posterior an enticing wiggle.  As he had mastered the movements of his new body, Burt smiled to Don, idly raising her elbows, and letting his perfectly manicured fingernails tease the upper contours of his womanly, creamy, titillating breasts.  His chesty globes jiggled with the same amount of force and attraction as his shapely behind...

Stopping at the nearby wall of the garden, Burt delicately placed his left hand against the surface, the smooth, buttery movements of Abby's body, slowly decreasing and then coming to a gentle stop.  Burt instinctively tossed his silky black tresses back, as his ass jutted out at just the right angle.  His hypnotic, alluring stare was breathtaking, complemented by a playful pout of Abby's trademark set of rose-colored lips.

"Mmmm...." Burt cooed in a mellifluous, breathy tone.  "So....did I pass?"  He let out a playful giggle, again brushing aside his hair, while both Don and Uncle Tom gawked incredulously at him...


  1. My goodness. This entry just ooooozes sex appeal.

    Great job seamlessly mixing it up :) If someone didn't like the series so far, I'm certain they'd want to get into now with an entry like this! :)

    1. Thank you again - this was supposed to be the culmination of all the lessons Burt had learned. But granted this culmination is only a preview, and its not a preview Burt can manage effortlessly..just yet.

      Twisted Thanks,

  2. Replies
    1. Very glad that you liked it! More to come in the next few days.

      Twisted Thanks,


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