Saturday, August 27, 2022



I hope everyone has been doing well.  I know that things have not quite panned out as consistent or as well as I had hoped.  I attribute all the blame on myself and my myriad of responsibilities in real life which have really given me a lot of stress and frustration.  Even as I type this, there are certain aspects that still haven’t been settled, in terms of my real-life living situation and work situation in the medical field.

I feel responsible and to blame for being so “behind on the times”, showing certain teasers but not moving forth with things.  I am here to announce that from this point forth, I will make an active effort to give you all new and exciting content – I am “all in.”  Let me start on my “Road to Twisted TG” by providing you all with this commissioned artwork:

Sexy right?  The commissioned artwork of this gorgeous, flirty woman is done by none other than Simmsy, who does similar pin-ups on his Patreon.  Please have a look and join his Patreon!  You can also get updates on his work via his Twitter!

So how does this relate to Twisted TG?  Well let’s add a few gruff, booming speech bubbles for this lovely lady:

She, (or rather he, I will explain later…) is the main character for an upcoming story I will be posting this year, called “Me and Mister Jezzer.”  This is a collaborative effort between myself and Blackdaw, who you may remember from’s “I Know That Ghost” storyline.

I befriended Blackdaw a couple of years ago and I was just engrossed by the detailed descriptions and storyline of how the main character, a homeless man, inherits the omnipotent power to shape and change reality to how he sees fit, including the lewd takeover of this blonde beauty’s buxom body. We have been slowly but surely creating the story and it is planned to be a long-term project.  This pin-up and others will accompany the story, and as I complete new pin-up commissions, I will reveal more details.

I hope this wets your whistle a bit.  There is more in store, and I just need to take the time to organize and figure it out.  One last thing - mark your calendars for mid September – Floof and I will have a MAJOR announcement that I will post at that time.

Thank you all.  Stay tuned!


P.S. Part of that announcement has to do with that teaser for FOSE An Internal Affair I posted back last year in December.  That’s a big hint…