Here is an archived list of all of Zapper’s stories, with his newest story viewable on this blog and also provided in downloadable PDF format.

Other archived stories will be available to download in PDF format.

** "Altered Fates: Temptation" ** 

Alicia and her Stepfather, Harold, can't seem to get along.  Alicia is spoiled, dishonest, and self-centered.  Harold is controlling just wants to see his wife Hanna, impose some discipline on her wild daughter.  Enter the Medallion of Zulo. [Warning: This story takes a dark turn as bad things happen to good people.  Magic, power, and madness are explored.]

This story is a collaboration between Zapper and Brad Miller aka - SwitchHitter. 

Click Here for: Altered Fates: Temptation 

** "The Foolish Prince" **

This is the story of a Prince, a Sorcerer, and a magical artifact.  The powers of the artifact all the user the powers of possession, transformation, and body-swapping.  Chaos ensues as the Prince uses the artifact for his pleasure. No one in the castle is safe as the Prince explores the pleasures of the flesh . . . until the Sorcerer's plot comes to fruition. 

Click Here for: "The Foolish Prince"

** "No Greater Love" ** 

This story was written as a tribute to my friend Brittany who passed away in Feb 2016.  It is a continuation of John and Meka's adventure from "On The Run With John and Meka." Meka is in trouble and John races to the rescue.  They end up discovering a plot that puts the entire Human Realm at risk.  It becomes a race against time to save the world from an unthinkable horror while dealing with a unique body-swap. 

Click Here For the Story: "No Greater Love"    

A unique tale of revenge, told from the point-of-view of an innocent woman who unfortunately has incurred the ire and wrath of an ex-boyfriend, using and abusing a new-found magic power in twisted and horrible ways.

Click Here for: PDF Version of "Dark Magic"

2) Pendants of Aeternitas

Susan and Mark are newlyweds and have just finished building their first house when their creepy neighbor Mr. William Powell enters their lives. An insidious evil is unleashed on the couple, and a wicked plot begins to unfold. Can Susan fight her way free? Will her husband Mark, understand, and save her? This story was written with Halloween in mind.

Click Here for: PDF Version of "Pendants of Aeternitas"

3) Halloween Voodoo 

Cody in search of the perfect anniversary present stumbles into a web of sinister magic.  When the trap is sprung Cody tries to fight back.  Can he rescue Shawna and save them both from an unimaginable fate?  "Be warned this is a Halloween story!" 

Click Here for: PDF Version of "Halloween Voodoo"

4) The Nature of Evil

A young and innocent woman, Fiona, is bored with her life and is drawn in by the lure of magic to become "Gran's" apprentices.  Then trouble starts and the nature of temptation, revenge, and the nature of evil is explored.  

Click Here for: PDF Version of "The Nature of Evil"

5) MAU: Organized Crime

Big Tony is desperate, he's been left trying to keep the organization together while his boss, Carlos, is in the big house.  He's big, strong, and loyal but dealing with the other "families" in the world of organized crime isn't something he's ready for and Carlos's organization is suffering.  Enter a Morphic Adaption Unit.  

Click Here for: PDF Version of "MAU: Organized Crime"  

6) On The Run With John and Meka 

A skeptical John accepts Meka's suggestion to swap bodies for a week.  At first the swap goes well, feeling like the strangest and most interesting experience of John's life!  Then he starts to feel like someone's watching him.  He dismisses these feelings as paranoia, based on feeling insecure in his new, smaller, female body, until he's attacked.  Now on the run from a rogue witch he's desperate to find Meka and swap back into his rightful body! 

[Note: An Epilogue has been added to this version]

Click Here for: PDF Version of "On The Run With John and Meka"

7) SRU: The Swapping Stone

Kristy has a problem, she has to beat her roommate and lifelong frenemy, Alice, at a game of golf to win a bet.  If she can win she'll get the apartment they share for the weekend.  A weekend of privacy with her boyfriend Greg.  The only problem is that she's awful at golf.  Greg, however, is a scratch golfer.  Enter the wizard.  Who, as usual, is very helpful.  

Click Here for: PDF Version of "SRU: The Swapping Stone" 

8) MAU: To Catch A Killer

Becky is on a mission!  Her best friend, Jill, had been killed last year on Halloween and the police still haven't found the killer.  Now with the help of a Morphic Adaption Unit and her childhood friend Paul, Becky plans to set a trap and find the Killer!  

Click Here for: PDF Version of "MAU: To Catch A Killer"  

9) SRU: The Power of Potions

Jackie and Eric are a newly married couple and are having a tough time juggling two full time careers and Eric's desire to start a family.  The Wizard is most helpful. 

Click Here for: PDF Version of "SRU: The Power of Potions"  

10) Altered Fates: "A Favor For Anna" 

Tom an athletic naval aviator who just turned forty is approaching the end of his career and is feeling a little lost as the idea of retirement looms.  Anna is a young message therapist who needs some help dealing with her violent and abusive boyfriend.  With a little help from the Medallion of Zulo things get interesting.  

Click Here for: PDF Version of Altered Fates: "A Favor For Anna" 

11) Conan and The Blade of Costa

A youthful Conan, having just won his freedom from his Eastern Masters, has traveled to the wild coast port city of Costa.  Settling into Costa Conan has built a reputation as a rogue, a thief, and a warrior.  The Sorcerer-merchant Captain Zula commissions Conan to retrieve a pair of spell books from his mother's (the infamous Sea Witch) island.  During the raid Conan and Infidia, the "Blade of Costa" fall victim to the Sea Witch's magic.  Now they must use wits and blade if they are to survive and return to Costa!

Click Here for: PDF Version of "Conan and The Blade of Costa"  

12) The Bodyguard (An Altered Fates Tale) 

Logan a former Navy SEAL left the teams to pursue work as a civilian contractor and landed a job working for the "Elite Security Firm."  The Firm specialized in providing security to the rich and influential.  Logan was hired to protect Molly Falk, except that things quickly became much more complicated when, after saving her life, he's offered an unexpected position by Richard Falk, Molly's father, to provide extra protection for Molly.  

Enter the Medallion of Zulo and Logan soon finds himself in Molly's shoes, literally.  As Molly and Logan try to adjust to the magic of the medallion, the terrorists attack and they are forced to use an artifact to escape the Falk estate.  

Now, finding themselves in a new world Molly and Logan are soon swept up in events in Nevrast, as Morgoth attempts to destroy the remaining Elves in that land.  War has come to Nevrast, can Molly and Logan survive and return to earth?  Will they want too? 

Click Here for: PDF Version of "The Bodyguard" (An Altered Fates Tale)

13) The Security Consultant (Book I of the Morgana Trilogy) 

Alastar Donegal is the weakest Magic-User in his family.  Despite this limitation he's worked hard to earn his degree from the Guild of Magic-Users and to become a licensed practitioner.  Then a beautiful client strolls into his office with an unusual offer.  Now Alastar must discover who this woman is, what she did to him, and as the mystery deepens so does the danger.  Can Alastar figure out what's going on before anyone else dies?  

This is the first book of the Morgana Trilogy and the first three stories set in the Guild of Magic-User's Universe.  

Click Here for: PDF Version of "The Security Consultant"

14) The Consultant and the Mask (Book II of the Morgana Trilogy) 

   Alastar now having been forced to assume the identity of Morgana Livingstone is trying to put her life back together.  Attending the St. Louis Institute of Magic, run by the Guild of Magic-User's, while attempting to keep her consulting business going is keeping her busy.  Then Inspector Lee of the Guild calls asking for Morgana's help in the theft of a powerful artifact.  A mask of unknown origin and power.  
   The crime scene is a puzzle and as Morgana works to figure it out, several businesses that she'd supplied the words for are broken into and robbed.  With her reputation as stake Morgana sets out to catch the thief. This proves to be a minor challenge, but the mystery only deepens as events and forces are on the move in St. Louis.  
   In the midst of all of this Morgana discovers that she is attracted to the handsome Sir Galohond Larothta, an Elven noble on a mission from the Elvish Realm.  Then events spin out of control and Morgana realizes she's in over her head, but with the help of Sir Galohond, she just might survive and save those she loves

Click Here for: PDF Version of "The Consultant and The Mask"

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