Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Oh hello fellow Twisted TG fans,

I hope everyone has been well.  I know that most of you probably did not expect to see a post by me regarding the state of this blog.  I will be frank: since the summer of last year, it had become increasingly difficult to keep up with the site.  A lot of it had to do with real life responsibilities and goals, some achieved, others not quite so much…but a lot of time spent making the attempt.

Nevertheless, the blog has always continued to linger in the back of my mind.  I didn’t know if it would happen but with some recent encouragement, I’m dusting the mothballs off Twisted TG and opening it again.

There are a couple of points associated with this decision:

1) Recently I had the privilege of getting to know a long-time fan of Twisted TG, who was deeply concerned about the languishing state, and was so passionate about me restarting the blog.  I have to say I’ve been quite impressed by her drive.  While I personally continue to iron out more details (and will try to contribute material where I can), this new colleague of mine has volunteered to showcase her work on Twisted TG.

I think you all will enjoy Aarti’s unique and interpretive ideas.  Five of her captions should be available for you to peruse soon, and she will continue to update her work when she is available.

2) Ever since its inception, I have always wanted to streamline the blog into a unique experience for its followers.  I posted a little tease above, because, yes I do have a secret.  Something in the works which will expand access even more than before.  I didn’t know the right path back then, but Twisted TG will be transitioning, and evolving soon.  Just stay tuned :-)

That’s all for now everyone.  I sincerely appreciate those of you that still remember fondly the uniqueness of this blog.  Rest assured I finally have the motivation to hopefully bring newer, more twisted TG memories, as well as revisit old ones.

Thank you again,