Friday, March 11, 2022


Hello my Twisted TG fans,

It certainly has been a couple of months since I last posted to the blog.  Just to clarify things, I have appreciated a few of the comments given on the state of the blog and the regular posting of captions, but I cannot take credit for that.  An old friend who uses the moniker of “Twisted TG” has been handling the reins of posting new captions and content consistently for the past few months.  I am very appreciative of that friend’s efforts, and rest assured Twisted TG will continue to post as much new content as possible.

Now onto the main event.  I know you all have been waiting for its return, and I admit that it took a while for it to come back.  But today: FOSE An Internal Affair Chapter 2 continues, courtesy of our talented artist friends Xamrock and Team Lady Valiant! 

Here is Page 11 (or Page 28 if you are including the previous 17 pages from Chapter 1).  Moving forward, the plan is to post as before, one page a week, every Friday.  So expect to be updated with the sordid and depraved adventures of Francis and Hannah on Fridays!

Chapter 2 was planned out fairly meticulously, and by its conclusion, it will conclude at a whopping 21 pages!

On to another associated announcement: last year I had provided some work in progress colored pages of Chapter 2, to whet your whistle for FOSE some more.  Well, posting here now, are the first complete 6 pages of FOSE Chapter 2 as beautifully colored and inked by SplooshofColor!  Plan on periodic updates of the original pages to the colored versions over the next few months (will take some time but will be worth it) - this includes replacement of the original artwork as well!

Well that should do it for the major updates...oh wait, I meant to post one other thing...I admit that it's not quite ready, and there's a bit of explanation behind this but we will have to address this when the time is right.   So let's see...ah, here it is:



Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Mad Science: Sue

 We had a request to see what happened to Sue now in Leroy's strong male body. 

Link to original: Leroy and Sue 

Part 2: Leroy