Saturday, October 2, 2021

Stranded: The Roommates (Comic pages 6 & 7)

And with that, the first Stranded comic comes to an end. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much I had fun creating it :) 



Friday, September 3, 2021



Click the title page or "Read More" to read the comic.

Here we go, the start of Chapter 2 of FOSE An Internal Affair!  Hope you all enjoy it!  Pages will be updated every Friday.

If you want to check out Chapter 1 of the comic in its entirety, you can search for "Webcomic" in the Labels group for now.  Eventually I will archive each chapter for easier access.



Hello everyone,

I know it has been a good six months or so since I last posted anything on the blog.  I don’t want to go into too much detail, but at the time that I decided to suspend Twisted TG, I was having a lot of challenges in RL with my education and training that required me to shift my focus accordingly.

I have since overcome said challenges, and today, I am happy to announce, finally, the official return of Twisted TG for the rest of 2021 and 2022.

Floof has already done his part to post new captions and even his very own webcomic based on his Stranded Universe.  But over the next month or so, there will be more changes to the blog, which I will outline below:

1) Ratings System: You may have already seen that now there is a five-star rating system.  Blogger unfortunately took away the checkbox system which I used to appreciate as it helped me gauge how the Twisted TG fans responded to our content.  Please feel free to use this system to rate our captions as your input really does count.  And feel free to add any comments to any particular storylines for captions that piqued your interest.

2) Archive Overhaul: I need to look into this further, but I am gonna try to redo the archive of captions and content so its even more streamlined.  That will also include the FOSE An Internal Affair webcomic, so you all can find your favorite piece of content.  I will also review the Labels section and make that more streamlined.

3) Updated Layout: For the rest of 2021 I shall tweak the presentation of the blog a bit.  Different color layout, maybe a different menu system.  Eventually I still have plans to move the blog to a different webhost or site, but let’s see what I can do regarding what we have pre-existing.

Now on to announcements, I have two major ones to share:

1) I know quite a few people have been asking for the whereabouts of one caption/content creator whose work was well loved and appreciated.  I’m of course talking about Aarti.  I am proud to announce that Aarti has given me permission to post her work here on Twisted TG from this point forward.  So all new material by Aarti will be updated here on the blog. We may even be able to post older content by Aarti, and of course, I am happy to also archive her captions for easy reading.

2) It actually has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: Chapter 2 of FOSE: An Internal Affair.  I have been working the last six months or so with Xamrock (primary artist for Team Lady Valiant) to continue the sordid tale of cops and robbers and deceit/intrigue.  You all will now finally see the continuation of Francis Malone and Detective Hannah Taylor’s story.

A few caveats though:

1) All pages will be in black and white ink for now.  I do have a colorist lined up to provide more color and contrast in the near future.

2) The storyline is one of a collaborative effort.  I have enlisted two other well-known TG creators to help me write the story.  One is FarhadTG, who you know well from his TG Forums and of course he has his own Patreon site now which provides some very twisted storylines in the form of unique webcomics.  Please check his work out and become a subscriber!

The other collaborator?  None other than my old friend Zapper.  Zapper has been happy to also help contribute to the storyline of the comic, and we have even begun some preliminary plans regarding maybe writing some sidestory content in that same universe!  More to come soon.

3) Pages will be released starting today, one page a week, always released every Friday morning (today will be a little late but the first page and the cover art should be ready by later today).  Floof's Stranded webcomic will be released on Saturday mornings so you will have two comics from Twisted TG to enjoy at your leisure.

I’m really happy to return back to a blog that is very special with me, and grateful for both my friends/collaborators as well as the fans who appreciate and enjoy the work we here at Twisted TG bring for your enjoyment and pleasure.