Friday, November 18, 2022



Hello all,

I just received this small collection of bodyhopper captions by my good friend and fellow captioner Liz Biggin.  I've mentioned before that Liz is one of the pioneers of TG caption creation, and inspired me to get into this twisted but fun hobby.  Please have a look at her blog, where she has many more of her signature captions and content!  Enjoy!


Thursday, November 17, 2022

MiNDSeT Case #166: Flight Debriefing (PARTS 1-3)

Hey there Twisted TG fans,

Today I am proud to introduce you all to my newest TG caption series.  This is from the popular MiNDSeT universe that was established, involving mind alteration technology, this time with said technology involved in a unique “flight debriefing” for the crew of a major airline, as seen through the eyes of one of its unassuming, innocent employees!

This caption series will be posted in two parts.  The first part is posted today, consisting of 3 captions.  The second part (including epilogue) will be posted on Saturday.

One unique feature is that there is an "expanded" version of this TG caption series, exclusive to the TwistedTG Patreon.  This "expanded" version tells more story and has more adult-oriented depictions of events in the plot compared to the standard release on the Twisted TG blog.

As on the Twisted TG blog, the first part of these expanded captions will be posted today as a link to the TwistedTG Discord server.  To read this expanded version, please consider subscribing to our TwistedTG Patreon!  As a patron you will have access to similar one-shot and caption series, as well as original TG-oriented comics and other content!


Enjoy Part 1 of this new TG caption series!


Saturday, October 29, 2022


Hello all,

I wanted to hold off on posting this till it was ready, but I have a special announcement - FOSE: An Internal Affair is now available on the popular website!  Femur has been amazing enough to showcase both Chapters 1 & 2 as part of the free comics section of TGC.

Initially, Chapter 1 was offered last month, and the response was extremely positive.  So now Chapter 2 was just posted today – but not only that, Chapter 2 is now IN COLOR!  Femur was able to recruit his/her colorist Masieri to completely do all the colors for all 21 pages of Chapter 2.  The colors look amazing and very closely compares to the final artwork and coloring previously done by Xamrock and Team Lady Valiant. 

The colored version of Chapter 2 of FOSE: An Internal Affair will be a TGComics EXCLUSIVE, and will not be found anywhere else.

I have been very grateful for Femur to host FOSE: An Internal Affair for me.  I don’t think I have to spend a lot of time mentioning or promoting TGComics – it is THE premiere website dedicated to showcasing the 2d and 3d transgender comics by a variety of talented artists and authors.  Please check out if you haven’t already done so!



Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Revisiting a caption series that I enjoyed writing a while back, this is the next installment, involving influencers and the corporation that greedily uses their power to take them over...
You can read the original Influencer Initiative caption series, The Trial, here:


Monday, October 24, 2022


Hi all,

This is a very brief post, just letting you all know that Twisted TG will slowly begin to take advantage of social media in order to provide updates and posts on our content.

We now have a Twitter account that will be integrated to inform everyone of updated posts.  Please follow Twisted TG here or click on our Twitter button at the top right corner of the blog page!

We also have our Deviantart page, which we plan to update with our newest captions and content regularly.  Please visit our Deviantart page by clicking here!




Saturday, October 22, 2022





Hello everyone,

I am posting again today because I know there have been questions and concerns regarding the Twisted TG Patreon project that I announced recently.  So my goal is to address these concerns, and to be as transparent about our goals here at Twisted TG as possible.

First of all, I will address the elephant in the room – my lack of consistency in my posts and updates to the main blog.  I am fully aware that I do not have a reputation for posting content regularly. My inability to be consistent has been defined by a combination of a) RL responsibilities that often take higher precedence and b) a solid amount of self-doubt and self-criticism.  This is a reality that I am not very proud of sharing.  I have disappointed quite a few people as a result.

Despite this, I will say that I truly do enjoy creating TG content for you guys, because it ignites that creative flame for me, which is engaging and fun.  But I also know that to start this Patreon, I have to (and want to) regain your trust.

So without further ado, I present to you all, the “Twisted TG Roadmap” for 2022-2023:


Main Patreon Benefits

The hallmark of the Patreon is to provide exclusive TG content in the primary form of TG comics, with original storylines by various artists/illustrators.  At this time, there are TWO comics planned to be posted a week.

Monday: Twisted Tale Monday

An original TG-themed comic will posted on this day, posted one page a week.  Each of these comics will involve a different artist, and will involve any of the well-known/popular TG fiction tropes, including possession, transformation, body swap, and/or skinsuit/bodysuit.


As of this writing, I have the following ORIGINAL comics planned to begin posting on Mondays for the rest of 2022 and onward to early 2023:


·       A possession-based fantasy comic involving princesses and goblins – collaboration with original author Blackdaw

·       A possession-based comic based on the Jezzer storyline from I Know That Ghost – a collaboration with original author Blackdaw (This is the third of three Jezzer based projects on the blog and the Patreon.)

·       A body swap associated comic involving strippers, mobsters, alien technology, and the government – collaboration with the author Case


Future comics will include projects that are still in the early planning stages but would potentially start as late as December 2022 and continue on to the rest of 2023.  They include the following ideas:

·       A haunted house style possession comic set during the Christmas holidays

·       A superhero transformation-based 3d comic in collaboration with a well-known 3d artist (identity secret for now)

·       Another planned one-shot possession based 3d comic involving a beauty pageant, another collaboration with another well-known 3d artist (identity secret for now)


To start, next Monday’s comic post (10/24) will be Page 1 of the aforementioned fantasy comic.

In addition, Floof is planning to create another comic from his alien-focused Stranded universe which will be showcased here.


Wednesday: Wildcard Wednesday

On Wednesdays, we post our “wildcard.”  Content posted here would include work-in-progress and behind the scenes artwork from any of the comics, including sketches, character sheets, test commissioned art.  This will also be home to any published original stories or captions, either one-shot or series, from myself and/or Floof.  We will be sure to keep the content fresh and unpredictable during our Wildcard Wednesday.


Friday: FOSE Friday

To set the record straight, Fridays will be reserved to post the latest page of FOSE An Internal Affair, one page a week. 

Chapter 3 of FOSE An Internal Affair will for now be exclusive to the Twisted TG Patreon, and the story will be meatier and more expansive, expanding to a comic over 30 pages.  I am working with another talented author, JD, who is known for his writing contributions to Team Lady Valiant’s Cabin Aftermath series, which you access via their Patreon.

JD and I also have plans to take the story of Hannah and Francis in even further chapters.  I can already disclose that Chapter 3 will have many more sexy and twisted scenes than what was depicted in the first previous two chapters!


Yes, eventually FOSE Chapter 3, its subsequent follow-ups, and the rest of the planned comics will become available for free later on in some form or fashion – they will not be restricted indefinitely.  More details to come regarding this.



The main focus of the Twisted TG Patreon is unique, original TG comics, while the majority of the captions will continue to be on the main Twisted TG blog. However, as stated before, there will be captions (one-shot and series) posted and linked on the Patreon, likely to post either on Wednesdays.  There is a possibility that these captions could also be posted elsewhere during the week (though likely not with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule).

I can tell you from my end, my first planned exclusive caption series would likely be a sequel involving a certain calendar model, or maybe his/her protégé.  Whoops, I’ve said too much already...

Tiers and Custom Caption Requests

Just a quick comment on the tiers.  There a total of 3 tiers for the Twisted    TG Patreon which are summarized on the Membership page.  The highest tier, Twisted Archivist, allows patrons full access to all the comics and content as explained above, but also allows for one custom commissioned caption a month from either myself or Floof!  These members can contact us for commissioned requests either via our email (, by messaging via our Patreon, or contacting us via our Discord server.

Other Benefits

Subscribing to the Twisted TG Patreon would allow the opportunity to join our Patreon-focused Twisted TG server.  In the server you will be able to join our various channels to discuss about our Twisted TG content, and you can contact us/message us in that way as well.  We have started a Discord server before, but our goal is to establish a more engaging and accommodating presence to all that are present in our server.  Polls will also be semi-provided either on the Patreon page or the Discord server, so you would decide on a certain direction for one of the comics or captions or stories.


A final word

I recognize that providing and announcing this Patreon for Twisted TG was a surprise to quite a few of you, and I certainly understand if you have some qualms about it.  I am owning up to my history of inconsistency, but I want to learn from my mistakes, and I really feel that I can do that by dedicating myself to this Patreon – that’s why I wanted to present this roadmap to you all. 

Please subscribe only if you feel it is worth your time and attention - just click on the red Patreon button on the top-right corner of this blog page, or you can click here.  To those of you who already have subscribed, Floof and I thank you for your support.  This is an exciting time for Twisted TG, and Floof and I will do our utmost best to provide the same twisted content in both the same (and different) packages.