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GUEST CAPTION: Needing Someplace Safe

GUEST CAPTION: The Forest Flowers



Hello all,

Besides our usual scheduled twisted post, I wanted to use this post to introduce everyone to the work of my friend Nikki Falcon, aka Nebula.  She is a talented writer, storyteller, and capper, and played an important influence in developing my own unique style of captioning/capping.  I recently posted a birthday themed caption for Nikki about a month ago, which you can find that post here.

On a semi-regular basis, Twisted TG Files will be hosting Nikki’s caps, and at the same time, Nikki has posted all her captions on her Tumblr site:  She has graciously provided two of her newest captions exclusively to the blog, so please have a look at them later and then head over to her Tumblr site to see more of her work!

In addition, Nikki has her own twisted TG short stories and novels on sale at her Amazon page.  Please have a look at them as well.

I also wanted to briefly mention that Zapper and I have been very pleased at the response to our multi-part interactive caption series SRU: The Wizard’s Curse.  We posted the most number of blog views in one single day with the release of that series, so we are shocked and excited beyond belief at its success.  We hope you all have enjoyed navigating through and trying to break the “wizard’s curse,” hehe…

More twisted material coming soon!  Stay tuned!



Friday, July 15, 2016


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"God damn it!" Burt cursed, after having made a hard landing on his soft behind for the umpteenth time.  "This is fucking ridiculous dude!  Why the hell do I have to learn to walk like a model?  Ain't my body enough to turn heads or something?"

Don shook his head.  "No it's not.  I don't know if you noticed but you're a woman now, Burt.  You have to learn to walk like one.  You're gonna freak out every photographer that shoots you if you use that manly swagger you showed me yesterday, moved like a clumsy, boorish truck driver!"

"Give Burt a break Don," reassured Uncle Tom.  She was dressed in a yellow tank top which accentuated her pert bosom, as well as jean shorts and a pair of matching pale yellow sandals.   She was watching Burt's movements carefully, and tilted her blonde head thoughtfully.   "You're making him do something that he never learned before in his life.  He hasn't yet learned to tap into Abby's natural ability."

Burt brushed the sand off of his hands as he attempted to get up.  "Yeah, I just needs more time man, you know that.  And why the hell am I wearing these ugly ass boots on the beach?"

"You think you can show off your pose in heels yet?  Don't make me laugh sir!" Don chortled almost mockingly.  "Those boots are for your protection, and it's training wheels till you upgrade to more strappier, appropriate footwear.  If I had you wear heels you would fall flat on your face!"

Uncle Tom nodded.  "That sort of makes sense.  Did you have to pick the beach though to train him?"

"Look I've been training models for a while, I know what I am doing." explained Don.  "The rough, uneven surface will train you to keep your balance as you walk.  I could have picked a rockier surface to hone whatever little, ahem, progress, he has achieved.  But there's no time for that.  The beach is accessible and convenient for our needs."

Burt adjusted his cream-colored, knitted dress which slung loosely, exposing his cleavage.  He ran his fingers through his long hair in frustration.  "I think my ass is sore now," he muttered, rubbing his bottom with his svelte right hand...

"Not my problem." said Don dismissively.  "Again, assume the position Burt!  Remember, you're light as a feather.  Saunter along the beach...and one and two and three..."

Burt shot a frustrated glare at Don, as he continued to 'walk' along the beach in his boots...


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Burt woke up to a rather aggressive, repeated shake of his shoulder.  Groaning rather loudly, he muffled let out a big yawn.  "Unghhh.....mmmmm?  What...what's going on...."

Burt could only see a shadow behind the bright lights shining into his room, and it was only after a few moments that Burt could see it was Don, looking rather cross, his arms folded.

"Ohhh...morning Mac..." Burt uttered, still disoriented, and scratching his head.

Don glared at Burt disapprovingly: "You were supposed to meet me downstairs at 7 am."

Burt yawned again.  "Ohhh?  Shit....what time is it?"

"11:30 in the morning."

"11:30???  Fuck man, sorry...." apologized Burt, trying to open his eyes, his expression still looking quite penitent.  "I couldn't sleep last night, so that's probably why..."

"I'm not interested in excuses.  I told you I have a deadline to make, and you're not making things easier on me Burt," Don snapped.

Don then shook his head some more, "Tsk tsk tsk...just look at you.  Where's your bra?"

Burt slowly arose, kneeling on his bed, as his large breasts jiggled, which he quickly halted by clamping his hands over his nipples.  He looked around nervously, still clutching his breasts.  "Shit..." Burt muttered.   "Now where the fuck did I put..."

"It's right here." Don said, holding and dangling Burt's white bra aggressively in front of him.  "Let's get one thing straight: I gave you this new body and role, so I expect you to get in line and do what you're asked. Capische?  Get dressed - we have a lot to cover."

Don flung the bra at Burt in exasperation, still quite angry, as he left Burt's bedroom, leaving Burt completely dumbfounded and clutching his breasts in fear.

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Burt was still quite shaken after Don's outburst that he didn't notice Uncle Tom saunter in.  "Nice wake up call, right?" she uttered, chuckling.  Uncle Tom was wearing a loose-fitting, long cotton pink nightshirt, and nothing else, and her blonde hair was tied up in.a ponytail.

"Oh my fucking God, I never been so scared shitless in my fucking life!" Burt exclaimed.  "It's like he has some power over me or some shit.  I couldn't even fucking move and I felt weak and useless!"

"Hmmm..." said Uncle Tom, rubbing her chin delicately.  "I think you acted that way towards Don because Abby's previous relationship with Don was a rather stormy one.  I think it's a safe bet that your behavior was triggered by a remnant of Abby's essence.  She must not be completely submerged inside of you, yet..."

Burt sighed.  This was already not a good start to his new life and career as a 'calendar girl.'  Uncle Tom just shrugged.  "For the most part, Abby's mind/essence is adequately suppressed, and I was able to do so by completing nine of the ten steps in the ritual."

Burt continued to cup his generous mounds.  "What happened to the tenth step?"

Uncle Tom chuckled.  "I held back on doing it.  The tenth step basically finalizes the ritual, with the new spirit/essence completely dominating the previous one.  The old essence would vanish into oblivion, forever..."

Burt's lovely mouth was agape at Uncle Tom's confession.  "Holy shit!"

"Relax buddy, this actually works in your favor.  You still need to access Abby's memories and abilities to do the job Don wants you to do," explained Uncle Tom.  "I can't completely get rid of Abby anyways, but the drawback is that part of Abby is still inside you, and it's fighting for control.  So it's your responsibility to keep her in check while you inhabit her body."

Burt clumsily plopped his body down, now more relaxed, and gave Uncle Tom a quizzical look.  "Wait a're telling me that she will from time to time take control?  How exactly then do I keep her 'in check?'  Burt then noticed that Uncle Tom had a blank expression her face.  "Uhhh...hello?  Are you listening to me?"

Uncle Tom was unintentionally mesmerized by Burt's reclining pose, especially focused on her shapely, curvaceous ass, which lifted a little as Burt kicked his tall, smooth legs upward.  "Hmmm?" muttered Uncle Tom.  "Oh yeah, well...uh, just find a way to beat her to the punch.  In the meantime, as you learn all the modelling shit just tap into her memories and experience and it should come rather naturally to you."

Burt nodded, tossing back his hair.  "Fine...whatever you say Uncle Tom.   I better at least put something on before I head downstairs..."

Uncle Tom remained silent, still gawking at Burt's body, as Burt shooed her out of his room and closed the door behind him...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Warning: This is an explicit caption.         



Hey everyone,

Just wanted to inform everyone that I will now be posting explicit captions, aka captions of a more risqué and possibly unsettling manner to Twisted TG Files.  Whether or not you choose to view the caption is up to you.  I will be providing a preview title page that when clicked will allow you to see the caption in its entirety.  If you decide NOT to see the caption, then simply do not click the preview title page.

Thanks again so much for all the support and praise on the new material Zapper and I have developed so far this summer.  We’re both having a lot of fun making these twisted pieces of literary and visual delight for everyone.  More to come soon, so stay tuned!



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Don awoke to the sun streaming in front of his face.  Two days had passed since Uncle Tom completed the ritual.  Don was uncertain if the ritual had worked - it had been a complicated ordeal, one lasting several hours, and Abby's body had not yet regained consciousness.  Stretching, Don soon got up from his bed, and opened his door.  Tiptoeing as quietly as possible, he smirked at the loud snoring he heard from the master bedroom: even in a beautiful blonde female body, Uncle Tom's snores were a cacophonous symphony of deep grunts and groans...

Making his way to the opposite end of the hall to the other guest room, Don knocked on the door.  There was no response.  Don tilted his head curiously: he recalled picking up Abby's body upstairs and placing it in this room right after the ritual completed.  Deciding to turn the knob, Don quietly slipped into the guest room to investigate further...

The sun was less pronounced but still shining fairly brightly.  Don could see his ex-girlfriend, sleeping softly, as rays of sunlight glistened against her beautifully toned and athletic nude body.

Don quietly sat on the side of Abby's bed.  'What the hell did I get myself into?' he thought.  He began having second thoughts about this plan - even though Uncle Tom was skilled in the art of magic and voodoo, there was still no conclusive evidence that it worked.  What if Abby's body remained unconscious?  What would happen to her spirit?  More importantly, what would happen to Burt's?

"Ugggghhhhh....oh, hiya Mac, guess it's morning eh?  Damn what a horrendous nightmare I had.  I swear I feel like shit, not to mention I have a splittin' headache right now," a gruff, booming masculine voice called out.  Don immediately looked up to find Abby's body awake and looking right back at him, while clutching the back of her head.

"Uh...good morning Burt," Don replied back hesitantly.  "Sleep well?'

Burt shook his head and then leaned it back, still clutching with both of his hands.  "Hell no Mac," he growled. "I had the most horrible nightmare.  I dreamed I was given a job to replace some sexy model, and to do that I had to take over her body!   That's seriously some crazy ass dream, let me tell ya!"

Don shook his head.  "Actually Burt I hate to break to you, but it wasn't a dream."

Burt suddenly had a look of panic, as he reached behind and could feel dark, curly brunette locks of hair.  Burt looked at his hands, which were now slender and delicate, not fat and sausage-like as he always remembered.  He placed his hands against his cheeks, and could feel the smooth sensation of his gentle skin.  Reaching downward, Burt brought his hands close to his chest and could feel the massive weight of Abby's large, supple breasts, now his own.  He could feel them sway and lightly jiggle underneath the bedcovers as he moved around in bed.  Immediately flinging himself out of bed, Burt hurriedly rushed his naked body to the bathroom, running over to the bathroom mirror...

Burt was stunned beyond belief to see Abby's reflection staring right back at him in the mirror.  "Holy shit!" Burt exclaimed gruffly, his booming baritone now unmistakably emanating from Abby's soft, luscious pair of strawberry-coated lips.

"Welcome to womanhood, Burt," chuckled Don, his arms folded, leaning against the door.

Burt didn't break his stare, as his fingers decided to wander downwards.  Leaning forward, inadvertently revealing Abby's generously hefty and pleasing bosom, Burt began to trace his fingers, and tilted his head downward.  Brushing the mess of long brunette hair back, Burt's eyes was looking right at the moist, sensitive slit he now possessed.  Teasing the folds curiously, he moaned deeply before gasping in awe.

"Fuck..." Burt uttered, shaking his head in disbelief.  "It's fucking true....I'm Abigail Dallas.  I'm a fucking woman!"

It was too much for Burt to handle, but thankfully Don was there to catch and soften the new Abby's fall as he/she lapsed back again into a state of unconsciousness...

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Burt stared at the mirror, still completely transfixed and bewildered by his new reflection.  It had a been a few days since he had often over the initial shock of finding out that he now possessed Abigail Dallas's luscious body, but it was still quite difficult for him to take it all in.

Burt suddenly heard a knock from his bathroom door.  "Who's there?" he gruffly asked.

"It's me Burt, Don." the voice replied.  Burt opened the bathroom door as Don entered.  "I see you're awake again, and you dressed yourself."

"Mac, I gotta tell ya," uttered Burt as he felt the curves of his feminine body., especially focusing on the bright red thong. "I don't think I will EVER adjust to bein' a woman, especially a hot piece of ass like your ex.  There weren't any pants for me to wear so I had to settle with this ridiculous pair of panties.  At least I got this white shirt to cover my massive pair of tits.  I never imagined I'd be all soft and weak and shit in this body.  I can barely stand myself up!"

"Well, according to Uncle Tom, when a spirit inhabits a new body, it does take time for the spirit to acquire the personality, habits, and talents of said body," explained Donald.   "Even though you look like Abby, you don't have any of her modelling experience and talent, and you sure as hell don't sound anything like her right now."

Well shit..." Burt muttered in frustration.  "So how am I gonna help ya then?"

"Voice is not a big deal for now, as all you're doing is photos for me, no videos.  So you can keep your mouth shut and still do what I ask.  As for the modelling, I'll teach you all the basics.  Thankfully, since you have Abby's body, you may not immediately have the memories and learning on how to be a model, but Uncle Tom told me that Abby's body still retains the muscle memory.  So even as you go through the training, you'll supposedly pick things up in no time."

Burt glared incredulously at Don, tossing his long dark locks behind his supple shoulders.  "For example, when Uncle Tom was the blonde girl, he was able to tap into the girl's previous talent as a marathon runner so he could ambush and capture Abby," added Don.  "Though he's worn female bodies quite a few times so it's easier for him to adjust."

Burt nodded.  "So..this is what you mean by me becoming a fuckin' model."

"Yep.  Now we don't have a lot of time to train you; I'm planning to restart my site around late July/early August or so under a new name, With your photos I should have enough material to get started!   The following month will be spent doing your photos, and then afterwards...well by then at least I hope I can bring back my site online."

Burt turned to answer Don, scratching the back of his svelte neck, before nodding. "Whatever you say Mac.  When do we get started?"

"Monday morning," replied Don.  "Uncle Tom recommended that you need another day to get used to Abby's body.  Be downstairs and dressed at 7 am sharp.  I'll leave you to continue to gawk at your new body.  It is a lovely one, but that means nothing unless you can model and pose in it!"

And with that, Don left the bathroom, leaving Burt alone to continue staring and thinking about his new role as a "calendar girl"...

Burt had difficulty sleeping that night, still quite in awe at how quickly and drastically his life had changed.  Getting up from his bed, he teetered slowly back to his bathroom.  He still was not used to his new center of gravity, and Abby's impressive bustline did not help matters.  As Burt stared at the mirror again at his new face, he softly sighed to himself.  Two days ago he had been a portly, obese homeless man without a care in the world.  Now he was being bombarded by all new sensations and emotions from his stolen body,,.

"Can't sleep?"  a gruff voice called out.  Burt turned around and was surprised to see Uncle Tom standing at the doorway, her arms folded underneath her relatively well-proportioned breasts.  Uncle Tom was dressed in a rather elegant lace teal green teddy which accentuated her curvaceous figure.  However, the rather manly pose and swagger she assumed, as well as the gruff elderly voice, broke the illusion of grace.

Burt nodded. "Yeah...this shit is just too unreal for me," he replied.

Uncle Tom chuckled.  "Yeah I hear was for me too when my uncle taught me the family possession ritual, heh.  You 'bout getting a little more comfortable in that hot piece of sexiness, pal?"

"I guess so, but fuck if I know," grumbled Burt.  "I can't remember a damn thing about what happened."

"There ain't much to tell," shrugged Uncle Tom.  The girl was on one table, and you was on the other.  I took a personal belonging of yours and tied it to a wooden doll  I had made of the girl.  I then placed them side by side in a large black pot, and burned some incense.  Mumbled an incantation or some mumbo-jumbo and within like 30 minutes the voodoo ritual began.  Let me tell ya, it's easy to get it started, the painful thing is waiting for it to complete.  That's why you was out like a light afterwards."

" then how come I kinda remember feeling soft and...I dunno, floaty?"

"The ritual puts your spirit into her body.  To do that, you were changed into a gold and black mist-like form of yourself, which immediately headed to her body.  I saw it with my own eyes: your black and gold aura slowly overpowered and displaced her pink and white one till it was completely gone.  Still took a day though to make sure that her aura/spirit was completely dormant, but heh, looks like you're in control now!"  explained Uncle Tom.

"Funny...I don't feel in control.  I'm also a bit creeped out by the fact I am in this woman's body, but I still have my own voice?" Burt replied skeptically, again running his fingers over his new feminine face.

"It'll take some time for your new spirit to accommodate to your new body.  Don't worry about the voice, that will come in time.  As Donnie said, we gots to get you all ready for the camera.  So you better get some sleep buddy, tomorrow you strike a pose for the camera!"

Burt quietly nodded and turned to walk out of the bathroom.  As he did so, suddenly he felt Uncle Tom's slender hand squeeze his right breast playfully.  "W-What the fuck are you doing man?" Burt roared, his eyes narrowed at Uncle Tom's lovely yet lecherous smirk.

"Sorry pal, I just had to satisfy my twisted temptation.  You really gots a nice set of knockers, haha!" said Uncle Tom, laughing deeply.


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Part 1

Part 2


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Burt scratched his bottom as he yawned.  Even though it was 9 am, it was still fairly early as he normally got up around 11 am.  He looked at Don's business card, and then up at the rather unimpressive brick building that was Donald's office. Burt's skepticism about this whole 'arrangement' was beginning to resurface...

A grey-colored sedan suddenly pulled into the area, parking beside Burt.  Don, wearing a casual, loose-fitting, blue shirt and  casual khakis, stepped out.  Lifting his sunglasses, Don smiled to greet his new client:  "Good morning!   Sorry I'm late, had to prep a few things before we get started.."

Burt shrugged, "Yeah, no big deal man.   I'm here, so that's all that matters.  So what's this bullshit about me becoming a model?"

"Good question.  Let's talk about it some more.  Get in."
Burt was puzzled.  "What did you say?  Get in?  I thought we was gonna go up to your office and..."

" a special interview, kind of off-the-record, and it involves some special...preparation.  I have to take you to the place where we can, um, discuss more about your new uh, job," immediately replied Don.  "We've got a lot to do and I'll explain on the way."

Burt reluctantly nodded and waddled his heavy body over to the passenger side, squeezing in, as Don restarted the engine.  Soon the two of them were driving along the highway.

Don tossed a manila portfolio folder over to Burt's lap.  "Take a look at those."

Burt opened the manila folder, and his eyes widened at the content, which consisted of beautiful glossy photos of Abby, posing in various lingerie, swimwear, formalwear, even topless!  "Damn buddy, she's a hot piece of ass!  She your girlfriend or some shit?"

"That is Abigail Dallas," Don explained.  "until recently, she was my best model.   Gorgeous right?  And yes, she WAS my girlfriend.  We broke up not too long ago, and she ended up flaking on me on a big project I had been running, an online one.  Ever heard of the website Abigail For Sale?"

Burt shook his head.  "Man, I'm like broke.  I don't got no access to a computer.  Why, does she like model there?"

"Well...she did.  And let's just say later, she decided NOT to, for reasons I don't want to divulge."

"Shit...whatever man, your skeletons are your own damn shit.  Sorry though to hear it didn't work out with you two.  But what does all of this have to do with me?" asked Burt.

Don flashed a clever grin.  "Well I need someone to take her place...and I think you might be just the person to do so."

Burt chuckled in disbelief. "Are you fucking kidding me?  I'm not a fucking woman man.  There ain't NO way you can convince me to wear a dress and heels.  I'm not even the right body type buddy!"

Don maintained his grin.  "Maybe not, but you WILL be..."

Burt remained silent at the sedan made its way along the highway, pondering at Don's cryptic comment...

It was about 7:30 am and Abby was just completing the last lap of her early morning jog.  Dressed in a royal blue sports bra/bikini top and black yoga pants, Abby was at least relieved that she no longer had to deal with her ex-boyfriend any longer.  That offending website was now offline and Abby could focus on her burgeoning new career at Poise Magazine.  She knew that she was still a relatively new model, but Abby was determined to make a name for herself.  Poise was the big time, the first major step so that Abby could become noticed by other fashion conglomerates.

As Abby took a swig of her bottled water, she saw a slinky young blonde woman jogging towards her.  The blonde suddenly stopped, approaching Abby.  "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have an extra towel on you?"

Abby nodded and reached into her smaller exercise bag, pulling out a small cloth towel.  "Here you are.  You're lucky I keep a spare, hehe."

The blonde smiled, accepting the towel as she patted her cheeks with it to wipe off the perspiration.  "Thanks!  Wow you're really pretty!  Are you like a model or something?"

Abby silently nodded and smiled.  The blonde woman suddenly tossed the towel back to Abby, and it landed atop her face: "Think fast!"

Abby giggled, and took the towel off her head.  However, for some reason it had a weird, pungent smell, one that made her a bit nauseous.  Abby suddenly began feeling a bit woozy,  Losing her balance, she immediately collapsed on the ground.  Abby's unconscious body was soon picked up by the blonde, her bubbly expression strangely altered to an exasperated, frustrated grumble, as she effortlessly placed Abby in her black SUV, before driving away...

After about an hour long drive, Don and Burt came to a quaint-looking residence. As the two of them exited the sedan, Burt guessed that the house was more like a mansion, maybe more than 150 years old, and surprisingly well-preserved.

"Took you long enough for you two to get here!" a grizzled, gruff voice called out.  Burt and Don looked up to see a lovely young blonde woman wearing a floral printed green pencil dress, her hands on her shapely hips.

"Oh hey Uncle Tom, sorry we're late." apologized Don.  Burt continued to stare at the young, manly sounding blonde woman, completely bedazzled.

The blonde sighed.  "Don my boy, is this fat ass gonna just stare at me all day or are we gonna get started?" she growled in that same gruff voice.

Don shrugged, trying best to stifle his laughter.   "Ignore Uncle Tom, Burt...he's a bit of an old coot, but god damn it if he doesn't has a killer set of legs!"

Uncle Tom glared at Don, lowering the hem of her dress.  "We're wasting time.  She's in the house, and I have limited time to complete the takeover ritual.  Follow me inside."

Inside the house, Burt followed Don and the shapely Uncle Tom down a set of stairs to the basement.   The three of them soon came to a large corridor which opened to what appeared to be a ceremonial chamber.   A table with a small ornate etching and accompanying candles was situated in the center, and on both sides there was a full length wooden table.  On the right table, Burt was shocked to see Abby's voluptuous body, still unconscious.

"So you found her?  I told you she always goes out for her run on Wednesday mornings." said Don.

"Yes yes yes, she was there in the park, like you said," nodded Uncle Tom, brushing away his blonde hair.  "Good thing I had this spare body to possess so I could intercept her.  The aphrodisiac I laced on the towel to knock her out is gonna wear off soon, so if we're gonna do this, we better do it now!"

Burt throughout all of this was completely terrified.  What had he gotten himself into? "Ok M-Mac," he stuttered gruffly.  "I-I don't think I'm into this I'm just gonna go..."

Don looked at Burt disapprovingly, almost panicking.  "No!  You can't go Burt...I need you for this, I don't have time to find anyone else."

"Mister, you're crazy....this whole thing is batshit crazy!"

"Burt - I'm offering you a chance at a better life," said Don.  "Have you ever had a big break in your life before? Ever been given any of the good things in life?  Do you want to go back to stealing from public places, uninvited, unwanted?  Or do you want to live the good life, young, rich, successful, and beautiful?  Sure, you'll be a woman, but just about the best-looking one out there.  You never have to worry about going hungry, no one to care for you.  You said you've been on your own all your life.  I swear to you, if you go through this, you will never be alone.  Anymore."

Burt reluctantly looked at Abby's naked body and sighed.  This did not seem right at all.  But after listening to Don's truthful words, and evaluating his own pathetic situation, the idea of being an an attractive, desirable member of the opposite sex was starting to become more and more enticing and appealing...

Monday, July 4, 2016


Note: This is a sequel to last year's caption, Duty Calls.



Hey everyone,

Just sending a quick message.  The blog is now in full swing, as requests, individual captions, and series are being created by myself and Zapper every day.  We have said this before but come August we will try to work on revising the layout of the blog and adding some more archives and stories as well.

In celebration of the holiday, Zapper and I have created our own patriotic-themed caps.  Enjoy, and have a Happy twisted 4th of July!

Zapper & DocVS


Sunday, July 3, 2016


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"Abby darling...this isn't what it looks like!"

"Do you think I'm an idiot Don?  You have been embezzling all of my hard-earned money to finance some twisted, perverted, private porn website, featuring fake Photoshopped pictures of me!  Ughhh...Donnie how could you?"

"Believe me babe, this is all for you...the adult entertainment industry can easily boost your career tenfold.  Think about the possib..."

"I don't WANT to think about it.  The answer is 'never in a MILLION years.'  We're done here Donnie.  Consider my contract with you, terminated!"

"W-What the fuck?  You can't do that to me, you bitch!  I made you..."

"Out!  Out!  And don't ever come back or I'll call the police!"

That was about a week ago when Don had been unceremoniously dismissed from being the manager of professional glamour model Abigail Dallas.  To her disgust, Don had indeed been taking some of her modelling work without permission, manipulating and showcasing it on his website "Abigail For Sale."  It didn't take long for Abby to contact the police and seizure control of the website, blocking Don's access...

That was in itself a very big professional blow to Don's career, but Don received a personal one the next day after his argument with Abby.  He found most of his belongings in front of his small office, with a brief note from Abby: "It's OVER.  I'll send the rest of your stuff back to you later.  Have a nice life, asshole!"

Now Don was at a public social gathering, hosted by Abby's friend (and fellow model) Jessica.  Since breaking ties with Don, Abby had recently signed with Poise Magazine, a well known fashion publication famous for their tasteful glamour shots.

Don held his martini nervously as he walked out over to the garden, skipping the boring conversation inside.  Looking upwards, he suddenly spotted Abby, who was leaning against the railing, also looking pensive.  Don gritted his teeth in frustration: how could Abby do this to him?  After all he did for her?  He had been making big money from his website, but it was unfortunately funded by investors from the black market, shady investors who were VERY difficult to please.  When the site was taken offline, Don had reassured them that he could get it back up and running by summer.  However, he was running out of time.  Even if he could manage to bring the site back online, he still did not have any more new photos of Abby to Photoshop anymore, and Abby had not done any new work yet with Poise Magazine.

'If only there was a way for to find someone to take Abby's place,' Don thought.  But who???

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Don turned to walk back, when out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a slovenly dressed, rather obese man, sampling some food from one of the dessert trays.  The man appeared homeless, and had obviously had visited the party uninvited.  As Don watched two burly yet well-dressed guards approach the man, Don realized that this man wasn't exactly discreet about his presence…

"Hey!  W-What the hell, man?" the man yelled in a gruff, deep baritone, as the two guards lifted him by his arms.  I was just samplin' the good food.  It's a free country ain't it?  L-Let me go man!"

"Sir, you are clearly NOT part of the guest list," warned one of the guards.  "Please leave the premises now or we will be forced to escort you out.  And don’t let us catch you snacking behind our backs after we leave, or we WILL call the police, understand?”

“Y-Yeah, yeah…whatever man..” the man grumbled, as the two guards walked away.

Don took the moment to walk towards the man, who again was grabbing a plate and filling it with food.  "I couldn't help seeing and hearing your plight, buddy.”

“Yeah?” the man snapped.  “Well,I’ve been livin’ on the streets ever since I was 10 years old.   I can take care of myself just fine.  Ain’t no need for a guy like you to help a guy like me.”

“I beg to differ,” said Don.  “You look like a guy who needs ALL the help he can get.”  Don offered his hand, “I’m Donald, but you can call me Don.  What’s your name?”

The man hesitantly accepted Don’s handshake.  “Name’s Burt.”

“Pleased to meet you Burt,” smiled Don.  Donald quietly stared at Burt: Other than his stubborn streak, Don was impressed by his moxie.  He kept tilting his head, staring at Burt some more.  ‘No way,’ he thought to himself.  ‘He’s not even the right gender…but maybe…if Uncle Tom were to…no, it still wouldn’t work…or would it?”

“Um…hey man, you ok?” asked Burt, his mouth full.

“Hmmm?  Say, what if I told you I can help you out in such a way that you wouldn’t have to worry about your next meal, where to sleep, etc.?  Would you be interested?”

Burt glared at him in disbelief, raising an eyebrow, while scratching his partially bald head.

“I'm actually serious,” smiled Don, as he handed him his business card.  "I own a fairly well-known fashion management agency.  Meet me in my office next Wednesday at 9 am,, and we’ll talk shop.  I really think you have the chops to be a good model.”

Burt chuckled, “Me?  A fuckin’ model?  You’re playin’ with me right now, hehe…Ok Mac, I’ll play your game.  Next week then.”

Don nodded.  “Good, now I think you better split, as I think the guards are about to catch you again.  They’re headed this way."

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Burt.  “Thanks buddy, I’ll see you in a week!”  And with that, Burt carried his portly body slowly, lightly waddling towards the exit...