Friday, July 15, 2016


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Burt woke up to a rather aggressive, repeated shake of his shoulder.  Groaning rather loudly, he muffled let out a big yawn.  "Unghhh.....mmmmm?  What...what's going on...."

Burt could only see a shadow behind the bright lights shining into his room, and it was only after a few moments that Burt could see it was Don, looking rather cross, his arms folded.

"Ohhh...morning Mac..." Burt uttered, still disoriented, and scratching his head.

Don glared at Burt disapprovingly: "You were supposed to meet me downstairs at 7 am."

Burt yawned again.  "Ohhh?  Shit....what time is it?"

"11:30 in the morning."

"11:30???  Fuck man, sorry...." apologized Burt, trying to open his eyes, his expression still looking quite penitent.  "I couldn't sleep last night, so that's probably why..."

"I'm not interested in excuses.  I told you I have a deadline to make, and you're not making things easier on me Burt," Don snapped.

Don then shook his head some more, "Tsk tsk tsk...just look at you.  Where's your bra?"

Burt slowly arose, kneeling on his bed, as his large breasts jiggled, which he quickly halted by clamping his hands over his nipples.  He looked around nervously, still clutching his breasts.  "Shit..." Burt muttered.   "Now where the fuck did I put..."

"It's right here." Don said, holding and dangling Burt's white bra aggressively in front of him.  "Let's get one thing straight: I gave you this new body and role, so I expect you to get in line and do what you're asked. Capische?  Get dressed - we have a lot to cover."

Don flung the bra at Burt in exasperation, still quite angry, as he left Burt's bedroom, leaving Burt completely dumbfounded and clutching his breasts in fear.

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Burt was still quite shaken after Don's outburst that he didn't notice Uncle Tom saunter in.  "Nice wake up call, right?" she uttered, chuckling.  Uncle Tom was wearing a loose-fitting, long cotton pink nightshirt, and nothing else, and her blonde hair was tied up in.a ponytail.

"Oh my fucking God, I never been so scared shitless in my fucking life!" Burt exclaimed.  "It's like he has some power over me or some shit.  I couldn't even fucking move and I felt weak and useless!"

"Hmmm..." said Uncle Tom, rubbing her chin delicately.  "I think you acted that way towards Don because Abby's previous relationship with Don was a rather stormy one.  I think it's a safe bet that your behavior was triggered by a remnant of Abby's essence.  She must not be completely submerged inside of you, yet..."

Burt sighed.  This was already not a good start to his new life and career as a 'calendar girl.'  Uncle Tom just shrugged.  "For the most part, Abby's mind/essence is adequately suppressed, and I was able to do so by completing nine of the ten steps in the ritual."

Burt continued to cup his generous mounds.  "What happened to the tenth step?"

Uncle Tom chuckled.  "I held back on doing it.  The tenth step basically finalizes the ritual, with the new spirit/essence completely dominating the previous one.  The old essence would vanish into oblivion, forever..."

Burt's lovely mouth was agape at Uncle Tom's confession.  "Holy shit!"

"Relax buddy, this actually works in your favor.  You still need to access Abby's memories and abilities to do the job Don wants you to do," explained Uncle Tom.  "I can't completely get rid of Abby anyways, but the drawback is that part of Abby is still inside you, and it's fighting for control.  So it's your responsibility to keep her in check while you inhabit her body."

Burt clumsily plopped his body down, now more relaxed, and gave Uncle Tom a quizzical look.  "Wait a're telling me that she will from time to time take control?  How exactly then do I keep her 'in check?'  Burt then noticed that Uncle Tom had a blank expression her face.  "Uhhh...hello?  Are you listening to me?"

Uncle Tom was unintentionally mesmerized by Burt's reclining pose, especially focused on her shapely, curvaceous ass, which lifted a little as Burt kicked his tall, smooth legs upward.  "Hmmm?" muttered Uncle Tom.  "Oh yeah, well...uh, just find a way to beat her to the punch.  In the meantime, as you learn all the modelling shit just tap into her memories and experience and it should come rather naturally to you."

Burt nodded, tossing back his hair.  "Fine...whatever you say Uncle Tom.   I better at least put something on before I head downstairs..."

Uncle Tom remained silent, still gawking at Burt's body, as Burt shooed her out of his room and closed the door behind him...

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