Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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Burt scratched his bottom as he yawned.  Even though it was 9 am, it was still fairly early as he normally got up around 11 am.  He looked at Don's business card, and then up at the rather unimpressive brick building that was Donald's office. Burt's skepticism about this whole 'arrangement' was beginning to resurface...

A grey-colored sedan suddenly pulled into the area, parking beside Burt.  Don, wearing a casual, loose-fitting, blue shirt and  casual khakis, stepped out.  Lifting his sunglasses, Don smiled to greet his new client:  "Good morning!   Sorry I'm late, had to prep a few things before we get started.."

Burt shrugged, "Yeah, no big deal man.   I'm here, so that's all that matters.  So what's this bullshit about me becoming a model?"

"Good question.  Let's talk about it some more.  Get in."
Burt was puzzled.  "What did you say?  Get in?  I thought we was gonna go up to your office and..."

"This...is a special interview, kind of off-the-record, and it involves some special...preparation.  I have to take you to the place where we can, um, discuss more about your new uh, job," immediately replied Don.  "We've got a lot to do and I'll explain on the way."

Burt reluctantly nodded and waddled his heavy body over to the passenger side, squeezing in, as Don restarted the engine.  Soon the two of them were driving along the highway.

Don tossed a manila portfolio folder over to Burt's lap.  "Take a look at those."

Burt opened the manila folder, and his eyes widened at the content, which consisted of beautiful glossy photos of Abby, posing in various lingerie, swimwear, formalwear, even topless!  "Damn buddy, she's a hot piece of ass!  She your girlfriend or some shit?"

"That is Abigail Dallas," Don explained.  "until recently, she was my best model.   Gorgeous right?  And yes, she WAS my girlfriend.  We broke up not too long ago, and she ended up flaking on me on a big project I had been running, an online one.  Ever heard of the website Abigail For Sale?"

Burt shook his head.  "Man, I'm like broke.  I don't got no access to a computer.  Why, does she like model there?"

"Well...she did.  And let's just say later, she decided NOT to, for reasons I don't want to divulge."

"Shit...whatever man, your skeletons are your own damn shit.  Sorry though to hear it didn't work out with you two.  But what does all of this have to do with me?" asked Burt.

Don flashed a clever grin.  "Well I need someone to take her place...and I think you might be just the person to do so."

Burt chuckled in disbelief. "Are you fucking kidding me?  I'm not a fucking woman man.  There ain't NO way you can convince me to wear a dress and heels.  I'm not even the right body type buddy!"

Don maintained his grin.  "Maybe not, but you WILL be..."

Burt remained silent at the sedan made its way along the highway, pondering at Don's cryptic comment...

It was about 7:30 am and Abby was just completing the last lap of her early morning jog.  Dressed in a royal blue sports bra/bikini top and black yoga pants, Abby was at least relieved that she no longer had to deal with her ex-boyfriend any longer.  That offending website was now offline and Abby could focus on her burgeoning new career at Poise Magazine.  She knew that she was still a relatively new model, but Abby was determined to make a name for herself.  Poise was the big time, the first major step so that Abby could become noticed by other fashion conglomerates.

As Abby took a swig of her bottled water, she saw a slinky young blonde woman jogging towards her.  The blonde suddenly stopped, approaching Abby.  "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have an extra towel on you?"

Abby nodded and reached into her smaller exercise bag, pulling out a small cloth towel.  "Here you are.  You're lucky I keep a spare, hehe."

The blonde smiled, accepting the towel as she patted her cheeks with it to wipe off the perspiration.  "Thanks!  Wow you're really pretty!  Are you like a model or something?"

Abby silently nodded and smiled.  The blonde woman suddenly tossed the towel back to Abby, and it landed atop her face: "Think fast!"

Abby giggled, and took the towel off her head.  However, for some reason it had a weird, pungent smell, one that made her a bit nauseous.  Abby suddenly began feeling a bit woozy,  Losing her balance, she immediately collapsed on the ground.  Abby's unconscious body was soon picked up by the blonde, her bubbly expression strangely altered to an exasperated, frustrated grumble, as she effortlessly placed Abby in her black SUV, before driving away...

After about an hour long drive, Don and Burt came to a quaint-looking residence. As the two of them exited the sedan, Burt guessed that the house was more like a mansion, maybe more than 150 years old, and surprisingly well-preserved.

"Took you long enough for you two to get here!" a grizzled, gruff voice called out.  Burt and Don looked up to see a lovely young blonde woman wearing a floral printed green pencil dress, her hands on her shapely hips.

"Oh hey Uncle Tom, sorry we're late." apologized Don.  Burt continued to stare at the young, manly sounding blonde woman, completely bedazzled.

The blonde sighed.  "Don my boy, is this fat ass gonna just stare at me all day or are we gonna get started?" she growled in that same gruff voice.

Don shrugged, trying best to stifle his laughter.   "Ignore Uncle Tom, Burt...he's a bit of an old coot, but god damn it if he doesn't has a killer set of legs!"

Uncle Tom glared at Don, lowering the hem of her dress.  "We're wasting time.  She's in the house, and I have limited time to complete the takeover ritual.  Follow me inside."

Inside the house, Burt followed Don and the shapely Uncle Tom down a set of stairs to the basement.   The three of them soon came to a large corridor which opened to what appeared to be a ceremonial chamber.   A table with a small ornate etching and accompanying candles was situated in the center, and on both sides there was a full length wooden table.  On the right table, Burt was shocked to see Abby's voluptuous body, still unconscious.

"So you found her?  I told you she always goes out for her run on Wednesday mornings." said Don.

"Yes yes yes, she was there in the park, like you said," nodded Uncle Tom, brushing away his blonde hair.  "Good thing I had this spare body to possess so I could intercept her.  The aphrodisiac I laced on the towel to knock her out is gonna wear off soon, so if we're gonna do this, we better do it now!"

Burt throughout all of this was completely terrified.  What had he gotten himself into? "Ok M-Mac," he stuttered gruffly.  "I-I don't think I'm into this shit....so I'm just gonna go..."

Don looked at Burt disapprovingly, almost panicking.  "No!  You can't go Burt...I need you for this, I don't have time to find anyone else."

"Mister, you're crazy....this whole thing is batshit crazy!"

"Burt - I'm offering you a chance at a better life," said Don.  "Have you ever had a big break in your life before? Ever been given any of the good things in life?  Do you want to go back to stealing from public places, uninvited, unwanted?  Or do you want to live the good life, young, rich, successful, and beautiful?  Sure, you'll be a woman, but just about the best-looking one out there.  You never have to worry about going hungry, no one to care for you.  You said you've been on your own all your life.  I swear to you, if you go through this, you will never be alone.  Anymore."

Burt reluctantly looked at Abby's naked body and sighed.  This did not seem right at all.  But after listening to Don's truthful words, and evaluating his own pathetic situation, the idea of being an an attractive, desirable member of the opposite sex was starting to become more and more enticing and appealing...

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