Sunday, May 24, 2020


This caption series is actually inspired by a one-shot caption, one of my first I ever did when I was starting out writing captions.  I wrote this for a very good friend, who is a fan of bodyhoppers and superbikes.  Also a return for me back to bodyhoppers, although I do plan on doing more of these types of captions for the blogs in the next few months.



Wednesday, May 20, 2020



One of the Twisted TG caption series that I am aware of has been somewhat vague to comprehend has been my The Awakening series, and after talking to some close friends, I realize that it probably needs better exposition.  I came up with this series, The Meeting, so that it will fulfill that purpose, and hopefully can also connect the themes of all the other Awakening captions.  I promise this series will still maintain that Twisted TG flare that you expect from my work.



Sunday, May 10, 2020


Hello everyone,

I truly hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time in our society.

I am writing this statement to basically address issues that you all have informed myself, in one way or another, about the status of the Twisted TG blog.  I want to make my explanations transparent and easy to follow/understand.  My goal is to inform, own up to whatever mistakes I have made, and then plan on moving forward.

Lack of Content

I know I have a reputation for not being as reliable with my captions as other content creators.  You often see my work have a burst of energy, but then it teeters off, where you don’t see any work or updates at all.

That is definitely my fault, and it had come to a point that it had become very difficult to do so, mostly due to my real life responsibilities getting in the way.

At the beginning of 2020, I initially had made a great stride, but then frankly, other RL factors (one of which has been this pandemic) just made it near impossible.  Fortunately, my newest partner and collaborator, Floofcat, has been doing his best to provide you all with new twisted content.  I do recognize that his work is quite good and fits the nature/theme of the blog.

Lack of Organization

I don’t know how many times I have been informed on how sloppy, disorganized, or how hard the blog is to navigate.  Initially when Twisted TG was formed, I had an intention to create a Caption Archive so my captions and Zapper’s captions would both be easy to find.  But then we got busy, and so we relied on Blogspot’s very inefficient system, which frankly, is rather unwieldy.  I focused more on creating content, and creating newer content, rather than organizing the existing one.  I know the labels are not entirely accurate work, and if you want to find your favorite caption on Twisted TG, its nigh impossible, making a visit to Twisted TG an exercise in frustration.


Lack of Motivation

I honestly have no excuse for this particular transgression.  Motivation has been difficult recently to write captions.  There may be some common themes shared but I definitely believe I am a more niche content creator and author than others.  Coupled with the lack of time to write them, and I definitely at times have disappointed myself.  I obviously cannot divulge all of my real life affairs, cause that knowledge is private, but it really has gotten to a point where I have been surrendering nearly all my time to it, and believe me - it frustrates me when I am unable to create any content.


Lack of Understanding

I have always been inspired by all the different TG themes and universes when it came to my captions, and you all know that I got my start with possession-related material, in particular related to bodyhoppers.  I started to branch off about a year ago into creating more complex series of captions centered around a new theme or idea created personally by me.

Needless to say, I can see that on some of these ideas, I did not do the best job explaining the concept behind them, so it can be a bit confusing.  In my search to innovate, I instead obfuscate, and that defeats the purpose of the blog.

OK that’s enough of explaining all my faults.  I’m not proud of them, but it is important to list them all out, and to own up to them.  I am aware that the people that suffer are those that cared about Twisted TG and its potential, and I do feel like I let you all down, as well as myself.

If this was going to be a long, drawn out statement of apology, I would have titled it as such.  But it’s not.  This also serves as an announcement:


Today I formally announce that Twisted TG has upgraded to Twisted TG Version 2.0!  Here’s what’s new:

1)   Layout Revamp: I have reorganized and redone the colors and background of the blog, so it is more comforting to the eyes when you open the blog.  I actually have been quite satisfied by the look, in a way I haven’t been in a long while.

2) Archives: Yes you heard right - you all had very legit complaints of how hard it was in the past to find a caption.  No longer will that be the case: I have gone through all my captions I have ever posted, as well as Floofcat’s recent captions, and created an official archive!  This archive is very easy to navigate and find your favorite captions - you can browse the individual series (fyi, Calendar Girl has its own archived page), or can click on any one-shot/single caption.  Each caption is zoomed in for easy reading and enjoyment!  Even the animated captions are also organized onto its own page, though clicking on them will take you to their original post.

And these archives will be updated regularly as new captions are posted too, so it will never languish.

3) Label Adjustments – If you still prefer the old method, the Labels section of the blog is now more organized, and I have even labelled specific caption series as such.  I do also have a Search engine box too to search keywords for certain captions.

4) The Return of Semi-Regular Content – I need to be realistic and understand that my RL cannot afford a daily posting of captions.   So I will balance and post new captions every other day or two days.  When I do I will post enough new material.

5) Stories: As of right now, I have all the archived stories Zapper has graciously placed in its own section, as well as some of Sammi's stories.  I will work on this section later on, but I was focusing more on caption content and restructuring.

Version 2.0 is already turning out to be a nice upgrade, but as I have hinted in the past before…there’s an even bigger update, a version 3.0, that has finally begun development.  This new incarnation of Twisted TG hopefully should be even more streamlined and will potentially reduce any further frustrations going forward…

When Version 3.0 is ready, I hope to introduce you all to a brand new website that would streamline all captions and content, with an easy to use search engine.  Content including captions, stories, maybe video.  There may even be talk of an original Twisted TG comic series too…

I know this was quite long, but trust me, I felt this needed to be said.  I don’t want to disappoint you guys again, and I thank every follower and fan that continues to believe in Twisted TG.  I will do my very best not to let you all down again.  Let’s look forward, and please, from the bottom of my heart, enjoy Twisted TG Version 2.0.




Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Teasing Him 2

Another take on F2F. This time with shapeshifting. Hope you guys don't mind