Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Stranded: Study Time


Katie had just gone to bed after a long night spent studying for her college exams that were coming up next week. But unbeknownst to her, a thick disgusting alien slug had slithered into her room earlier that afternoon while she was in class. Now that she was a sleep, it was just the opening the slug needed. 

Slowly crawling its way out from underneath the bed, the alien parasite effortlessly  climbed its way up Katie's bed posts and slipped underneath her sheets. The college junior had the habit of sleeping in the nude, and tonight was no different. A practice that was usually uneventful, except tonight would be anything but. 

The slug stealthily slithered its thick body between Katie's legs. Being careful on not touching the sleeping girl as to not wake her up or draw any unwanted attention to itself. Worming its way forward until it came face to face with Katie's exposed nether. Sensing a way in, the slug paused briefly. Raising its head as if contemplating its options before coiling its head back. 

A loud sharp yelp escaped from Katie's mouth as her body reacted to something thick and slimy being shoved between her plump asscheeks. Her eyes flew open in as the slug pressed its thick head against her tight asshole. Panicking, the girl threw her sheets off the bed in an attempt to pull the thick creature that was squirming between her cheeks. But it was already too late. A louder guttural groan soon poured out between her lips as the slug easily pushed past her tight lower hole. Surging its body forward and burrowing deep into Katie's plump ass. 

Unable to stop the slug, Katie dropped onto all fours on top of her bed. Her body twitching and spasming. A large bulge began to grow on her stomach. Her usually tight abs now slowly being stretched to its limits as more and more of the thick slug pulled its girth into her petite body. Her stomach bulge churned as the alien squirmed underneath her skin. By now the brunette beauty had lost all control over her body. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head as the alien slug connected itself to its conquered meatsuit and mind. Katie let out one last climatic scream before crumpling face first onto the bed. 

Her lifeless body continued to twitch sporadically as the slug established its full control over the college beauty. Testing out her limps and appendages one at a time. The whole process only took a few minutes before it was all over. Katie's eyes slowly fluttered open. Rolling her eyes into place, the slug used them to inspect its surroundings before using its new arms to push its new meatsuit off the bed. Her movements seemed uncoordinated at first as the slug learned to control all of Katie's muscle groups. Before quickly becoming more and more natural. 

Pushing herself onto her knees, 'Katie' smiled. Sinisterly. "Thanks for your hot tight body Katie." The slug finally spoke, using Katie's lips. Her usual melodic voice now replaced by the alien's deep unnerving growl. "Hope you don't mind me borrowing it for a while." The slug continued, stretching out Katie's torso and pushing her ass back. Glancing back, the newly possessed girl grinned as she saw the one and a half foot alien slug's girth still protruding out from between her asscheeks. "MMMMMMMMMMM. You have such a tight body Katie." The slug began to tease the meatsuit it now inhabited. Pretending as if Katie could hear and see what the slug was doing. "I can barely fit my thick disgusting slugflesh inside your hot, tight sexy body." The slug smirked as it pushed Katie's ass back even more. "I can't wait to lure in your hot friends." 'Katie" teased. The slug now speaking in character after absorbing all of her memories and experiences "It would be soooooo hot to watch a thick disgusting alien slug force its way into each of their tight asses." 'She' continued, biting her lip at the mental image. "Their sexy bodies would be sooooo much better being used as a meat puppet by an alien parasite wouldn't it?" 'Katie' asked rhetorically.

"Well, I can't let them see me like this now can I?" The slug teased again as it swung its thick tail back and forth between Katie's legs. Before curling it up and slapping Katie's back with it. Smearing it with slime. The possessed girl let out a cute giggle before moaning out again. Her body beginning to shake as loud wet "SLURPS" can be heard coming from her ass. The slug's thick tail began to shrink once again as Katie's tight body struggled to accommodate its massive girth. 

(Sorry its been a little quiet here as of late. Here's a Stranded pinup and story caption from our Patreon page. More stuff will be coming soon though. I'll have a new Stranded comic coming to Patreon starting next week. Drawn by the talented Cuncyun. And some captions that will be coming here on the blog soon. - Floof)

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  1. Hey can you make more body theft captions? Preferably cuckold or exhibitionism?