Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Soul Ring: 1-3

The soul ring is a new long series.  This one will have many twists and turns along the way and is becoming more of a story than just a short caption. 


Friday, February 25, 2022

Witches: Second Chance


Altered Fates: Sweaty 3

 Brittany watched Max, her cock getting hard at the sight of her former tits as Max leaned in, “See, I told you. Now are you ready to get this super fit body back?” 

   ‘Should I tell her that I got rid of the medallion weeks ago? That I love being a guy? That it’s great to hit the gym without being ogled like a piece of meat? That I hated having my period and was sick of lugging those huge tits around? Or that I loving banging Amanda with my new huge dick?’ Brittany thought. 

   “Looks like you’re really getting used to that sexy body.” Brittany said, in her deep male voice.

   “I suppose, I mean it’s been two months.” 

   “Have you had sex yet?” Brittany asked.

   “What?! No, I’m not . . .” 

   “Are you telling me you haven’t even played with your new pussy and boobs?” 

   “Well, maybe.” 

   “I tell you what. Before I’ll even consider swapping back, you need to get the full female experience. You can come over and I’d be happy to do the honors, or you can call up my ex-boyfriend, Chad. He has a monster dick and really knows how to use it.”

Link to original: Altered Fates: Sweaty

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Altered Fates: Sweaty Part 2


We received a request for a continuation of this story.  So, here you go, enjoy. 

Max focused breathing deeply and then dropped into a full squat, his tight shorts stretched over his muscular female bottom. He held the pose for a moment before surging to his feet in triumph.   “Yes! A new Personal Record!”  

Altered Fates Sweaty Part 2

   He did a quick mini-squat, still self-conscious at the way his large chest bounced, and then he racked the bar. Max leaned forward into the phone where he was Zooming with Brittany. "See! I did it! A full thruster with 75lbs!"    
   It had been two months since they had the accident with the medallion.  At first Brittany seemed just as shocked as Max, finding herself in his muscular 6’2” body.  Then she’d grabbed the medallion and said they needed to pretend to be each other until they could swap back forcing Max to go to the gym in her body. 
   When they’d met back up after the 12 hr time limit he’d been stunned when Brittany told him she wanted to keep his body for a while. She liked being in his bigger, stronger, and really fit body. 
   Max was a personal trainer and figured that Brittany was enjoying being in shape so all he had to do to get her to trade back was get her body into the best shape of her life. So he determined that he would get her as fit as he could so that she'd want her life back.
   The first few weeks were the hardest. Being ogled by men in the gym. Figuring out how to do his hair, makeup, dressing properly for work and social events. Learning to do her job as a personal assistant to a rich lawyer.  His first monthly visitor was the worst. 
   Yet, as the weeks went by he'd come to love parts of his new life. A long hot bath with a glass of wine. The way his new body responded when he explored his new feminine body parts.  Brittany's girlfriends from school were a ton of fun. Showing off his body on the beach, or the day he'd spent at the spa. 'Still, I'm ready to be me again.' He thought looking at the Zoom call he'd set up with Brittany. 

Link to part 1: Altered Fates Sweaty

Monday, February 21, 2022

Swap Class: Party Girl: 2 & 3


I got a request to do a continuation of "Swap Class Party Girl," here is the rest of that story. 

Link to: Swap Class Party Girl