Friday, November 18, 2022



Hello all,

I just received this small collection of bodyhopper captions by my good friend and fellow captioner Liz Biggin.  I've mentioned before that Liz is one of the pioneers of TG caption creation, and inspired me to get into this twisted but fun hobby.  Please have a look at her blog, where she has many more of her signature captions and content!  Enjoy!


Thursday, November 17, 2022

MiNDSeT Case #166: Flight Debriefing (PARTS 1-3)

Hey there Twisted TG fans,

Today I am proud to introduce you all to my newest TG caption series.  This is from the popular MiNDSeT universe that was established, involving mind alteration technology, this time with said technology involved in a unique “flight debriefing” for the crew of a major airline, as seen through the eyes of one of its unassuming, innocent employees!

This caption series will be posted in two parts.  The first part is posted today, consisting of 3 captions.  The second part (including epilogue) will be posted on Saturday.

One unique feature is that there is an "expanded" version of this TG caption series, exclusive to the TwistedTG Patreon.  This "expanded" version tells more story and has more adult-oriented depictions of events in the plot compared to the standard release on the Twisted TG blog.

As on the Twisted TG blog, the first part of these expanded captions will be posted today as a link to the TwistedTG Discord server.  To read this expanded version, please consider subscribing to our TwistedTG Patreon!  As a patron you will have access to similar one-shot and caption series, as well as original TG-oriented comics and other content!


Enjoy Part 1 of this new TG caption series!