Saturday, January 1, 2022


Hi everyone,

It's officially 2022, and unfortunately I do not have any particular new caption, idea, or content to showcase for you all.  But that's OK, because I have honestly been proud of all the content provided for this Twisted TG holiday-themed month.  It has been a labor of love, so thank you all for your responses and comments - they are much appreciated!

It also has been one where I do feel renewed and reinvigorated about doing all of this again.  From this point forward, I may not push as hard as I did for the holidays, but I will continue to do my utmost best to provide as much content (in the form of captions, stories, comics, etc.) as I can.  RL can get in the way but I will strike that delicate balance as I am passionate about my ideas and about sharing them with you all.

There are other exciting Twisted TG themed projects and announcements in the works that you all will hear about as we start this new year off right; rest assured you will hear about them soon, and they will be worth the wait!

I hope you all will have a very happy New Year and a great 2022 and thank you again for your support!


DocVS :-) 

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