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My apologies for not posting anything immediately today, as I have been busy enjoying a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

I just wanted to post a sincere message of gratitude and appreciation to all that has supported me ever since I started doing this crazy hobby/interest called captioning, particularly of a TG variety.  Ever since I was influenced several years ago, even persuaded to try captioning, by my good friend Liz Biggin, it has been a wonderful, albeit sometimes uneven experience, which led to the creation of my first caption blog site a few years ago.

I do have some slight regret that I still think about daily with regards to captioning.  Especially pertaining to real life – I do wish sometimes that I have the energy or the motivation to keep posting things daily, like other fellow captioners.  I get a little envious in that sense, I will admit.

But then I remember the reason I engage in this activity: it allows me to tap into a rather forbidden fantasy, and honestly I am grateful to have that opportunity to create and share with those who are fortunate (or unfortunate?) to experience my twisted mind.

I also wanted to give a special shout-out to my newest friend Zapper.  Zapper is a legend in the TG fiction/writing community, and as stated before, Zapper essentially rekindled my interest in captioning again.   Every day is an exciting opportunity to collaborate and interact with this passionate and talented author on many stories and captions, and I sincerely look forward to more exciting projects and opportunities with Zapper.

Most importantly, I wanted to once again give thanks to all of those who provided as much support and encouragement in the last few years.  Thank you all so very much for following and keeping up with Twisted TG Files.  Just like the previous blog it really has been a labor of love to Zapper and myself.  We both will continue to provide everyone next year with the same quality of “twisted” mirth and merriment.

We do have some more exciting new developments in the works for 2016, so please continue to stay tuned.

With that said, have a very Merry Christmas and happy and safe holiday.




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Hello everyone,

Today’s software update is focused on the Stories section, namely a “Story of the Week.”  From now on, on every Monday each Twisted TG Files author showcased on the blog will have a classic story/tale that will be featured for that particular week.

This week Zapper’s dark tale The Nature of Evil qualifies, and for Sammi (sammig82) the story choice featured is an offshoot/spin-off of Escape, titled Escape: The Inventor’s Plot.  Both are highly recommended, and are accessible by accessing the Twisted TG Files Menu.

The holidays are fast approaching, in less than a week.  We will have a much bigger update soon as well as a special holiday message.  Stay tuned…



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Just another quick update, this time a fairly small one.  The Requests page of the blog is now officially online, accessible by the Twisted TG Menu.  Zapper and I are actively accepting requests now for stories and/or captions.  Please visit this page for more information.

So far, we both are very happy at the response to Twisted TG Files and all the compliments.  So thank you!  We both will continue to provide new content as much as we can till the end of the year, and onwards.  I will be working on posting and restructuring the Stories page of the blog soon.

Thanks again,




There's more to this story; look for the continuation by Zapper tomorrow... 

Link: Part II  Part III 

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by sammig82

This is not a sequel or prequel but merely the events which happened behind the scenes of Chapter 9 in Escape. However, it doesn't mean that there won't be a twist at the end of this short story. Read on to find out.

Credit to Doc VS for the editing.

WARNING: This story contains TG, masturbations and incest.

The single mom

After all of what life had been throwing at her lately, Carla Smith could really sit back and consider herself a very successful woman. The 38 year-old African-American was a fearless defense attorney, winning cases and gaining a reputation of being among the top lawyers not only in Dallas but across the country. Her fees had been rising since the groundbreaking murder case in which she had successfully helped to clear a local university student from any involvement in the death of her Italian roommate. The case attracted both local and international interest, due to the European nationality of the deceased victim, but Carla's name had been splashed across all major news outlets due to her attention to detail and her creative manipulation of the justice system to her advantage.

Carla had gone through a humble upbringing while facing difficulties as a single parent since she was 21, when she gave birth to Jessica. Her beautiful daughter was her motivation as she trudged through law school with the hope that one day, she would be able to provide a good life for her only child. She had also vowed to stand up for women like her. Most of her clients were women from all walks of life ranging from prostitutes to underprivileged widows. But the attention and the reputation she had garnered meant that her time spent with Jessica had become even more less than it used to be. In spite of that, their bond had never been stronger as Jessica never failed to appear cheerful whenever Carla was around. Carla would share her stories from court with her daughter while Jessica had always been keen to share her stories about her cheerleading friends, not to mention the boys.

Carla glanced at the reflection of Jessica through the rear mirror of her Audi A6 and noticed that her lovely 17 year-old girl was grinning at the sight of a boy who almost got run over by a school bus. To Carla, the daughter's behavior seemed a little peculiar for the past few days. She was unusually withdrawn since returning from her cheerleading practice the day before.
"Jessica..." Carla didn't seem to be getting any response from her daughter who was still staring smugly at the poor boy. What troubled the mother was the malicious intent she saw in her daughter's beautiful dark brown eyes. 

"Jessica... Jessica..." Mrs. Smith attempted with a stronger voice, in an effort to stir her daughter out of her seemingly deep thoughts.

"Oh... sorry mom..." replied Jessica, her usual sweet voice sounding apologetic, finally giving her mother a response.

"Are you okay, sweetie?"

"Oh, I'm fine mom..." Jessica said as Carla pulled their vehicle up in front of the school's main entrance.

After giving her girl a hug and seeing her skipping cheerfully into the school building, Carla let out a sigh of concern before steering her car off to her law firm. The worries of Jessica's uncharacteristic behavior were quickly replaced by the pile of cases awaiting her attention at her recently upgraded office building. More partners would be joining her firm soon and the days when she was being charitable for the struggling women and single mothers like her was over as Carla was beginning to accept cases defending big corporations and wealthy businessmen. As fame and success accumulated, Carla was starting to lose sight of what had motivated her to become an attorney in the first place.

Her current case, in which her client, a famous music producer, was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol causing the death of an elderly lady - had been the main reason she was forced to miss dinner with Jessica. By the time she got home, it was almost midnight and most of the lights of her double-story mansion were off except for the ones in her daughter's room. Due to the enormity of the estate, Carla's garage was situated closest to the front gate while Jessica's room was on the far end, adjacent to the property's swimming pool. Even from such a distance, its brightness was visible to Carla as it reflected off the pool's water but the sound of her vehicle would be too far for her daughter to notice.

Once her car was properly parked in one of the six available spaces of her garage, Carla dragged her tired body into her large residence. Passing through the vast hallway towards the staircase, she saw her own reflection from a giant wall mirror. The exhaustion she was experiencing failed to tarnish her beauty. Carla had always been proud of the features on her face - from her mesmerizing dark brown eyes to her narrow nose and her seductively pouty lips - the lady lawyer had often been compared to the recently famous actress Kerry Washington. Dressed professionally in a white knee-length skirt-suit which contrasted nicely to her tanned complexion, her slender yet curvaceous figure still stood out courtesy of the outfit's body-hugging tightness. At the foot of the carpeted curved staircase, Carla took off her white 4-inch Jimmy Choo pumps before swaying her firm derrière up to the second floor.

Carrying her heels with one hand, and holding her briefcase with another the lovely black woman sauntered quietly upstairs. She had intended to head for the master bedroom but the lights from the gap underneath her daughter's door indicated that she was still awake. Again, Carla found that unusual as the 17 year-old would rarely miss her routine bedtime unless there was some kind of party or social function. A good night rest had always been important to maintain her beautiful skin. Out of curiosity, the mother walked past her room towards Jessica's.

There were funny noises coming out of the daughter's room as Carla got closer. Her heart was pounding as she heard multiple voices, one of them sounded raspy and deep. At the doorway, the mother noticed that the door was not properly shut, much less locked. Carla understood that girls of Jessica's age would be curious about intimacy with the opposite sex but the mother had made it clear that she would not tolerate bringing boys home. In spite of that, she didn't want to invade her daughter's privacy but somehow, she felt obliged as a mother to see with her own eyes what her daughter was doing. Maybe she was just interacting with her friends on her laptop. Not wanting to wrongfully accuse her girl for something she didn't do, Carla gently pushed the door to widen the gap.

The prominent attorney could have easily passed out from the scene which immediately transpired before her. An totally naked elderly white man, of what must had been 70 years old, was lying with his back resting comfortably on the bed's headrest while her teenage daughter was absentmindedly grinding her hips on the creepy old man's groin.

"Oooo... Wow... I wouldn't have thought that my ancient dick would be able to perform in such a way... It felt so... so good inside of this young cunt! Great to be a teenager again...! " Jessica moaned with her back to her mom.
Stunned by what she was seeing, Carla dropped her briefcase and heels before trying to cover her wide-opened mouth with her svelte hand.

"Guess who had decided to join us?" the frail-looking old man said after noticing Carla at the doorway.

Jessica took a moment from her lewd riding motion to turn around and looked at her dumbfounded mom. There was an uncharacteristic smirk on her face.

"Oh hi Mom! Please meet the brilliant Professor Eugene Phillips..." said Jessica.

Carla could see the evil glint in her daughter's big beautiful eyes, similar to the one she saw this morning. The usually quick-witted lawyer was left speechless as she was beginning to back away. While she was doing so, the elderly man retrieved some weird gadgetry from Jessica's side table. His movement was swift for someone his age as he aimed the gadgetry which looked like a small rifle. Carla tried to run but her legs were too sluggish from the shock as she tripped over on her own footing.

"What's wrong 'Mom'? Why are you so afraid?" Jessica said still grinning. 

"Jeeze Mommy... I can see your panties from here," the lovely daughter 
added, indicating Carla's current position on the floor with her legs parted enough to allow the coupling lovers view up her thighs.

Carla instinctively brought her knees together before pushing herself up from the carpeted floor as she tried to get away from something she couldn't explain. However, it was all but too late as she felt a certain warmth on her right shoulder as the trio of beams hit her. The warmth was spreading fast throughout her slender body as her senses were gradually but rapidly taken away. Jessica's giggling became muffled, as Carla's surroundings dimmed very quickly to total darkness.

A Mother's Love

"I must have forgotten to check the door... My bad..." Jessica said before she continued working her hips on the professor's lower body.

"I think it's a bad idea leaving that empty skin and set of clothes in the doorway. The housekeeper could still be awake, and I don't wish to turn her into a live-skin too. Without proper knowledge of the AER cloning limitations , I'm not keen to increase the number of my clones unnecessarily," Professor Phillips said.

"Yeah..." Jessica agreed as she lifted herself from the elderly man's limp dick before adding, "Besides, you seemed to be performing much better while you're inside a live-skin."

Without any clothes on, the gorgeous 17 year-old ambled seductively to where her mom last laid before collecting her remains, clothing along with the briefcase and expensive heels.

After her Mom's phone conversation with a good friend, Ms. Feliciana Flores, during breakfast this morning, an idea sprung into the former professor's mind. From Jessica's memory, Ms. Flores was a hypnotist and possessed a unique talent as a mentalist. She and mom were good friends since high school.

Despite being wary of the AER's cloning capabilities, the former elderly man felt that Ms. Flores's gift would be more than handy if he and the fugitives were to end the CIA's pursuit once and for all. So he had plotted to assume Carla's identity in order to set a trap for Ms. Flores. The plan was to turn Mrs. Smith into a live-skin in her sleep. But since she had walked in on the mad scientist's indulgence with her pretty teenage daughter, that saved them the trouble of having to sneak into her room.

Professor Phillips swung his arthritic legs off the side of Jessica's pink bed as he felt each and every cracking pain his ailing joints made. He didn't bring his thick glasses with him but still, he could make out the vision of a nude young lady separating her mom's clothes and lingerie from her mom's live-skin. His weak and ephemeral erection returned as Jessica handed Carla Smith's empty shell over to him, before receiving a playful slap on one of her round bottoms. Still sitting on the edge of the bed, Professor Phillips proceeded with the now familiar motion of sliding his legs, one at a time, into the small stretchable 6- inch slit on Carla's nape.

The tingling sensation started as soon as his rheumatic toes fitted into each of the skin's digits. The morphing was initiated as his brittle form transformed into Carla's feminine curves. His semi-rigid tool disappeared underneath Carla's pussy. Her neatly trimmed bush looked fresh and natural. The pain from the professor's knees vanished as he stood up to continue tugging the skinsuit up the rest of his ancient body. He had learned to appreciate the contrasting skin complexion since he had started donning Jessica. The interracial appeal was never his thing until recently. Sliding his hands into Carla's, Professor Phillips tucked the remaining part of the live-skin over both his shoulders. Carla's impressive D-size breasts began to rise on his skinny chest. His bent-over posture was progressively straightening to a natural feminine arc as his deformed fingers merged with the live-skin to transform into Carla's delicately manicured ones.

Professor Phillips didn't stop to admire his new shapely form as he quickly pulled Carla's hollow head onto his. Once the slit at the back of his new neck sealed up and disappeared, the flashbacks of Carla Smith's life seeped into the professor's mind. He saw a naivete young girl, falling in love with the wrong guy and her struggle through single parenthood and law school. As the new memories had completely settled into place, the now former professor felt a pair of delicate hands on his new stolen boobs. 'Her' new set of eyelids lifted to find herself back in Jessica's bedroom with the daughter happily fondling the phony mom's breasts from behind.

"I thought I've made myself clear about no boys being allowed in the house," the Carla pretender said with an evil grin on 'her' otherwise lovely face.

"But mommy, Mr. Phillips was no boy... He was so much more that that..." Jessica returned the playful jest as she shifted one of her hands from Carla's tits downwards to the false mother's pussy. "Hmmmm... Mom, you're so wet down there..." the teenage beauty added in between planting hickeys on Carla's neck.

The former 70 year-old man assumed that he should already have gotten himself familiar with the female bodily arousal and stimulation, but each and every live-skin he had donned proved him wrong. Waves after waves of electric-like sensations zapped through 'her' wonderful form with even the gentlest of touches from Jessica as they weakened 'her' legs. 'Carla' could take no more as 'she' turned herself around to face 'her' beautiful daughter before she passionately dove in, literally crashing her mouth onto Jessica's. The nude mother and daughter exchanged saliva as their tongues were probing in and out of each other's mouth. 'Carla' was eager to feel each and every inch of Jessica's youthful skin as 'she' moved both of her hands from her back to her delicious butt, squeezing the firm flesh to 'her' heart's content.

Making out with the young cheerleader as a perverted elderly man was definitely a different experience from indulging it as a sensual 38 year-old woman. The new Carla felt 'her' own derrière groped just as much as she was doing the same to 'her' clone-infested-daughter. The former professor's personality was evident within Jessica as she enthusiastically pushed 'mom' back onto the bed. The phony daughter didn't leave her phony mom on the bed alone for long as she swiftly joined 'her' by creeping up between 'her' long legs. Lifting them up with the knees almost touching the mother's impressive breasts, 'Jessica' kept them wide apart before diving head first into mommy's cunt.

"Oh good Lord!!!" the new Carla squealed as her 'daughter' ate her out.
It was a mind-blowing experience to have her clit treated orally at the same time as she was playing with her own huge mammaries. As a result, it didn't take long for the former professor to have his first orgasm as Carla Smith. 'Her' body jerked and convulsed as she grunted and moaned to the tsunami of ecstasy crashing down on 'her'. The post-climatic afterglow slowly took over but Jessica wasn't planning on letting Mom rest as she eased her fingers into Carla's soaking wet pussy - one finger at a time until all five were in. The initial discomfort jolted Carla back from her slumber as she looked at what her daughter was up to. As more and more of the teenager's hand was submerged inside of the mother's vagina, the pain became gradually more unbearable.

'Carla' knew what the fake daughter was trying to find. However, the former scientist never felt this painful when he was trying to fish out his own penis from Jessica's pussy.

"Can you find it? It's getting really... uncomfortable now..." 'Carla' inquired.

"Hmmmm... This is certainly unexpected... I can't seem to feel anything apart from the normal structure of a female womb... With the new AER technology, I should be able to find your cock hidden inside..." the professor's clone wondered.

Carla's grunt was a sign for the phony Jessica to withdraw her small hand as the discomfort grew. "Maybe it needs to be extracted by the wearers themselves." the make-believe mother suggested before propping herself up to a sitting position. 'She' then proceeded to slowly slide 'her' dainty fingers, all five of them, into the stolen vagina. The stretching by Jessica earlier made it slightly more bearable the second time around. In fact, the brush of her clitoris against the wrist when most of her hand was buried inside somehow turned it into a pleasant exercise.

"Oh, there you are..." 'Carla' declared with an deviant smug.

A brief moment of gentle rummaging later, Professor's Phillips recognizable cock was pulled out, followed immediately by a pair of his elderly balls. They appeared significantly fair in comparison to Carla's smooth chocolate skin. The contrast was appealing to the former scientist as his manhood was already in full throbbing erection less than a few seconds after making its appearance. The rigid tool somehow packed more punch coming out of the disguise's body as the new Carla began stroking it barely a few inches from 'her' daughter's grinning face.

"Glad to see you again, big boy..." Jessica said with a lick on her lips before taking over from mom by caressing the out-of-place erection.

'Carla' cooed and moaned to her daughter's soft touch, feeling the velvety skin of her dainty fingers. Even closing her eyes and tilting her head backwards, the phony mother could tell that Jessica had started to grip on her slippery shaft with one hand while teasing the tip of the cock's head with the fingers of the other. The voluptuous attorney leaned back against the bed's headrest as she shifted her delicate hands over 'her' mammaries, kneading and pinching at the newfound nipples. It's not every day that anyone would be able to enjoy the pleasing senses from both a female and a male perspective, at the same time. 'She' could have climaxed from playing with Carla's ample tits alone but the skillful handjob by Jessica pushed 'her' over the edge as streams after streams of cum shot out of the mother's penis. Most of the former professor's ejaculate splattered all over the daughter's face and straight black air while some landed in a different direction onto Carla's tummy and boobs.

"GOODNESS GRACIOUS... FUUUUCCCCKKK...! This body is so sensitive... I should be taking some time away from court cases and enjoy life more..." the new Carla jokingly said. Then 'she' noticed the dissatisfaction on Jessica's pretty face and immediately picked up that 'she' had forgotten about 'her' teenage daughter.

The former professor sat up on the bed before gracefully leaning forward to kiss the grumpy girl on the lips. The passion was burning again as 'Carla' proceeded to lick 'her' own cum from Jessica's face before returning to plant 'her' lips on the daughter, sharing the professor's jizz between them. In the mean time, 'Carla' felt her daughter's hand traveled down to her nether region, caressing the former professor's manhood back to life. 'Carla' took a break from the passionate cumsharing as she shifted her attention back to her already stiffening meat. 'Her' professor-mind was running with thoughts of how the liveskin had a certain influence on his sex drive as both the mother and daughter couldn't believe that the 70 year-old penis was raring to go again.

Jessica duly climbed on top of the throbbing erection as Carla returned to resting her back on the headboard. It was impossible for them to tell whether the leakage from Carla's penile tip was the last remaining seed from the earlier ejaculation, or the newly produced streams of precum. 

Nevertheless, it did help with the passage of the head past Jessica's cunt-lips as she lowered her body progressively. Soon, Professor Phillips's entire 7-inch tool was buried inside of the 17 year-old beauty, which was also hastened by all of the copious natural lubrication. Placing both of her hands on Mommy's boobies, Jessica began to move her hips as she lifted herself slightly until only the head of her mother's pecker remained within before dropping back down completely. The movement was repeated in a much quicker pace as Jessica enjoyed the sensation of fullness in her womb and the stimulus arising from her clitoris rubbing against mommy's shaft and public region in a furious rhythm.

"Oh shit... Oh shit... This shit feels amazing... Oh... Oh... Fuck..." the daughter squealed as she groped and squeezed at Carla's reddened tits at the same time as she rode her mom like a stallion.

Carla was grunting and moaning as she could feel herself getting closer and closer to her second orgasm in such a short period of time. However, Jessica beat her to it as the daughter shouted, "Oooohhh... Fuuuucccckkk...!" before her body became rigid and her movement became jerky.

The upward rolling of Jessica's eyes told Carla that 'her' little girl was having a very intense climax. Once the orgasm subsided, Jessica collapsed with her head and disheveled hair resting on Carla's midriff with the mother's cock still buried inside of her. It was now her turn to be left frustrated after coming so close. So, with her own initiative, the former elderly man lifted the young girl off his manhood before getting up from his supine position. In the daze of her postorgasmic afterglow, Jessica's limp body was being shifted so that she was now lying on her back with her mother's impostor kneeling between her long well-toned legs. 'Carla' hoisted her daughter's legs up and apart so that her drenched pussy was fully exposed. Some of the teenager's nectar was dripping downwards to her equally bared anus. The fake mother dipped and brushed the head of her cock against the wet pussy, as she tried to get her probe as much lubrication as she could.

Instead of pushing the white penis straight into Jessica's soaked pussy, no matter how tempted the phony Carla might have been, 'she' moved 'her' cock further down until its head was sitting right at the entrance of 'her' daughter's asshole. With a devilish grin and no warning, the false mother pushed her cock into the immensely tight virgin anus. That brought a sharp cry from Jessica, who was awakened from the slumber by the initial pain.
"Oh, I didn't know you're still awake..." Carla said with a pinch of sarcasm as she continued to thrust forward, prompting a knowing grin from Jessica.
The pain eventually turned into an indescribable pleasure as Carla's incongruous male part was fully swallowed by her daughter's impossibly restrictive hole. Soon, the teenager was already begging for mom to ram her lovely 17 year-old ass like there's no tomorrow. The former inventor needed no further motivation as 'she' gave the new Jessica exactly what she had asked for. Jessica's legs were resting on her mother's shoulder by the time Carla was pummeling away furiously. The view of her beautiful daughter fondling her own perky tits and the sound of her sweet voice moaning and pleading in ecstasy were too much for the false Carla as she shuddered before shooting another huge amount of cum into Jessica's rectum. The feeling of warmth flooding her inside was the catalyst for the high-school goddess's second orgasm as the mother and daughter nearly came in unison.

Their breathing was still heavy as Carla let her softening manhood slide out of Jessica's worn out ass. Some of the professor's jizz was oozing out from the still gaping hole as the new Carla let her daughter's legs drop by each of her sides before leaning forward to kiss her girl on the lips. The ladies were, again, sword-fighting with their tongues as Carla's white meat shrunk back into her vagina. Her secret was once again safe as the incestuous couple fell asleep in each other's embrace.

What Friends Are For

It had been such a long time now since Feliciana had the opportunity to sit down with her good friend Carla while enjoying a nice cup of English tea. As she and Carla had both been busy with their blooming careers, time had been hard to come by for them to catch up. The exotic Latin beauty adjusted her sitting position, crossing her right leg over her left under the tight knee-length skirt while taking in the breathtaking sight of the suburban landscape. The Smith residence was situated in a way that its elevated backyard and extensive garden could afford an unobstructed view of the Cedar Hills on the faraway horizon. The afternoon temperature in the suburbs was just nice, signaling the beginning of autumn.

It would have been a perfect Hi-tea if not for Carla's worries about her daughter's recent changes in behavior. Their conversation had shifted gradually from the memories of old times and Carla's intrusion into Feliciana's reluctance to settle down in a stable relationship, to Jessica's introverted personality which was so much unlike the usually sweet and quick-witted girl that she had always been. Feliciana had met the teenager on more than a few occasions, and she had to agree with Carla that it was odd for the young lady who didn't at least show up to greet the guest.

"Some boy trouble, maybe? You know how it was for us when we were her age..." Feliciana suggested as she tried to calm Carla's worries.

"I sure hope it was as simple of a matter as that. But being an overly worried and nosy mother, I've talked to some of her friends and teachers... I've even had a chat with her current boyfriend, Lamar... They have all felt the same as I do, that she was acting sort of... catatonic for the past couple of days. You know me well that enough that I don't dwell in subjects regarding the supernatural, but I would really appreciate it if you could provide your professional opinion on whether she was just having some sort of psychological breakdown or just a temporary teenager's phase..." Carla said with a concern tone before adding, "You might just be able to get her to open up..."

Without saying a word, the well-known psychologist and hypnotist uncrossed her long legs, got up from her seat and ambled to where Carla was seated before giving her a long hug. The embrace was filled with love and empathy. After what seemed like an eternity, Feliciana withdrew herself to look at Carla, seeing beads of tears started forming on the edge of her friend's beautiful doe- eyes.

"Let me talk to Jessica," Feliciana finally said.

"Thank you, Felicia. This means a lot..."

"What are you talking about, girl? Jessica is like half a daughter to me as well. Besides, what friends are for, right?" Feliciana said as she wiped the tears off Carla's pretty face with a clean napkin.

"Considering what you've done for me and Jessica in the past, I'd say that you're more than just a friend - you're part of our little family..." Carla said before leading the Hispanic beauty towards her daughter's room.

When they had arrived at Jessica's room, Carla gently knocked on her daughter's door as she softly called out her name. She had not expected any reply from the recently reserved young girl as Carla slowly turned the knob of the door to let themselves in.

"Jessica honey, do you remember Ms. Flores? She attended your 'Sweet 16' last year and got you the backstage passes to Kanye West's concert as a birthday present," Carla reminded, getting no response from the shadow sitting in front of the vanity of the poorly lit bedroom.

Feliciana didn't question why Carla had not turn on the lights as she put her delicate hand on the mother's shoulder before walking past her towards Jessica. "Carla probably didn't wish to startle the teenager with the sudden brightness," Feliciana thought. The air was getting colder and colder as the professional hypnotist ambled slowly into the deeper part of the otherwise spacious and girlish room. As she was getting closer, Feliciana noticed that the young lady was sitting facing the vanity mirror with her legs wide apart. The family friend could barely see that the front of her cotton nightgown, as it was lifted to waist level and there was some sort of slow, graceful movement of Jessica's hands between her parted legs.

With such limited amount of light, Feliciana was having a difficult time interpreting the teenager's facial expression from her reflection in the mirror. By then, Feliciana realized that Jessica's condition could be worse than she had imagined. With her back to them, Jessica's posture and movement were suggestive enough that Feliciana could only hope not to cause embarrassment to the young lady. After attempts of clearing her throat and calling the teenager by name, she knelt down by her side before trying to turn the girl around in order to look her in the eyes.

That was when Carla locked the bedroom door and turning on the lights in one quick sequence. The malicious grin on Jessica's face was revealed from the mirror's reflection as she turned her body around to face the visitor. Feliciana didn't manage to find the lovely young lady's eyes as her own was staring in shock at the pale-looking 7-inch cock and a set of testicles stationed between Jessica's much darker legs. Barely a few inches away from the man-meat, the initial thought that it was a strapon was immediately dismissed due to the juices leaking from its tip. The young lady continued to stroke at it slowly, smearing precum over its length while maintaining its impressive erected form.

Confused and horrified, Feliciana tried to stand up and back away from the unexpected revelation. However, her body felt weak as her muscles was beginning to fail her. She could not get away from her kneeling position as her body felt immensely heavy.

"Well, well... Looks like the muscle relaxants in your cup of tea have started to kick in now..." Carla said as she sauntered up to her partially paralyzed friend.

Feliciana was taking a whole lot of effort just to turn her head around to give Carla a helplessly confused look. All she was getting was the snickering of the person who had earlier considered her as family. Then she heard the mother's muffled voice talking to Jessica about not using some sort of gun so that they could try out some bondage actions. What happened next was beyond her control. Her body was just refusing to move. There wasn't even an ounce of energy left for the 38 year-old to do as much as scream. Somehow, her vision was still clear as she saw Carla leaning down to kiss her lovely daughter in the most lecherous manner. Even though it was passionate, the make-out session lasted only so long as the lady attorney shifted her attention back to her incapacitated friend briefly after.
Kneeling down alongside her, Carla placed one of her slender hands at the back of Feliciana's head while the other was on her chin. Her flesh was loose enough that Carla only had to lightly tug at it in order to have the voluptuous hypnotist's mouth gaping. Her hand gently pushed Feliciana's head, while at the same time guiding it towards Jessica's throbbing white cock. With the amount of drugs in her system, there was no way she could get out of the dire situation. As her luscious lips wrapped themselves involuntarily around the supposedly young lady's erection, Feliciana started thinking about the existence of karma.

Maybe, this was what she had deserved for the similar crimes she had done to her patients and subjects in the past. Feliciana felt another pair of hands, slightly smaller ones, on each side of her head as they took over the maneuver of her mouth on Jessica's man-meat. The teenager's hands were guiding Feliciana's mouth up and down the stiffness popping out of Jessica's black pussy, deep-throating after every four to five bobbing cycles. The Hispanic chick's throat muscle was relaxed enough that she couldn't even choke. However, tears ran down the outer edge of her mesmerizing eyes as she thought about the time when she did the exact same thing to the real Feliciana Flores.


While her 'daughter' was picking up the pace in forcing Ms. Flores's mouth up and down the length of Professor's Phillips's hidden penis, Carla was busy removing the professional-looking attire from her guest's curvy form. The white business jacket had already been discarded as the phony mother was unbuttoning Feliciana's charcoal-colored blouse from behind without interrupting with the victim's forced blowjob. Once all of the buttons were released, 'Carla' couldn't resist groping at Ms. Flores's 38D breasts through her black laced bra before proceeding to let them out of the lingerie's confinement.

While Jessica was still furiously pumping her white meat within Feliciana's warm and wet oral cavity, Carla indulged herself with kneading and fondling at the celebrity hypnotist's ample tits. The African-American beauty then moved on to pull the blouse out of its tucked-in position under the tight pencil skirt before completely removing the blouse, letting it drop to the floor along with the bra. Her lips were planting hickeys on Ms. Flores's neck as she fumbled a little before she finally managed to unfasten the clasp on the back of her white knee-length skirt. The zip came down without as much fuss as Carla sneaked her hand through the loosened waistband to the front of her friend's panty-covered nether region, all the while without interrupting the rhythm of the gorgeous Hispanic head's guided bobbing motion. A curious grin smeared across Carla's pretty face as Jessica's breathing was getting heavier.

"Oh fuck... I think I'm almost... there... But hell... I would love to cum inside... Ms. Flores's cunt... Would you be so kind as to help her to my bed... mom..." the 'daughter' said, almost panting as her delicate hands left Feliciana's head to play with her own perky tits through the nightgown.

"I don't know if that's possible, honey..." Carla said, her grin almost reaching her ears. She had the smug of someone who had discovered something totally unexpected but certainly not unpleasant.

"What do you mean, Mom?"

Carla stood up from the back of her helpless guest before placing a hand each under Ms. Flores's arms. Professor Phillips's frail former body wouldn't have the strength, but with Carla's much younger and fitter condition, his clone was able to lift the similar-sized Feliciana to her feet - away from his well-lubricated stiffness. The drugged victim didn't provide much resistance as she was forced to a standing position, causing her skirt to fall around her heels. Feliciana was obviously weak as her head limped to one side, resting on her Carla's left shoulder while the rest of her 120 pound curvy figure fully relied on Carla's grip for support. However, the main peculiarity lay over her crotch: instead of the usual snug flatness at the front of her black lacy panties, there was an apparent bulge. It took only a few seconds for the former professor to react.

"NO WAY!" the fake Jessica exclaimed.

"Exactly..." Carla said with a tiny amount of humor.

"But how? Before swapping back to the daughter, your live-skin didn't have any memories of her friend being anything but a complete woman," the make-believe teenage girl questioned.

"You're absolutely right. In fact, I'm seeing flashbacks from the real Carla of her few lesbian flings she had during college when they were roommates. So, the question is..." the false Carla pulled the front of the silk underwear down, confirming the presence of a tanned and flaccid penis with a pair of balls underneath before adding, "How did Ms. Flores ended up with these?"

"Well... There's only one way to find out..." Jessica said as she stood from the vanity chair before swaying her hips to her walk-in closet.

'Carla' knew what her 'daughter' was up to as she dragged the newly discovered shemale onto Jessica's plush queen-sized bed. The weight, though not excessive, was beginning to take its toll on her own equally voluptuous physique. Once Feliciana - or whoever she or he actually was - was being properly laid on the bed, 'Carla' proceeded to remove the black thigh-highs and the 4-inch pumps from the half-conscious being. The phony mother couldn't resist laying her dainty fingers on the sleeping cock, feeling the urge to make sure that it was indeed real. As she stood back to take off the rest of her own clothing, she noticed that 'Jessica' had already ambled out of her wardrobe with the AER gun.

"It's a pity, really. I would have loved it to be a pussy..." the false Jessica said while aiming the live-skin maker at 'Feliciana'.

Her own erection was softening as a result of the disappointment but she couldn't wait to uncover the true identity of the shemale who they thought was a beautiful 38 year-old woman. This would also mean that, for the first time since the AER was invented, the professor would be donning the live-skin of someone who was neither a true male nor a biological female so that he could gain access to his/her memories.

"Well... You could at the very least make full use the ladyman's cock on me and the soon-to-be clone-manipulated Jessica once you're inside of... the supposedly Ms. Flores later," Carla said to the comfort of the former elderly man.

That idea brought a smile back to Jessica's youthful face as she pulled the trigger on the AER, firing a trio of beams simultaneously at the semi-conscious form on her bed. Gases evaporated from 'Feliciana's eyes, nostrils, ears and all of the other opened orifices. Within a couple of minutes, the unexpected victim had been turned into a new piece of liveskin. Unlike the previous 'products' of the skin-making gun, this particular live-skin wasn't completely deflated. The areas around the breasts were still maintaining its perfect gravity-defying shape. The thoughts of silicone materials as something not biological immediately came to the former professor's mind as the alpha electron rays would only work on subjects with biological components. Similar to the victims clothing, the saline-filled silicone bags underneath the expertly constructed mammaries were left untouched.
The Jessica impostor who had already stripped naked earlier pointed the same gun at herself before casually pulling the trigger to release the same trio of beams on her stolen body. Her skin gradually loosened as a stretchable 6-inch slit emerged on the back of her neck. And through the very same opening, Professor Phillips's true form wiggled and squirmed out of Jessica's slender carcass. His fragile-looking bent-over frame walked gingerly over to Jessica's bed to pick up the shemale's liveskin. The aches from nearly every part of his ailing body were killing him as he couldn't wait to put on the new skinsuit.

Looking more closely, certain parts of the face - in particular Feliciana's thin and slightly upturned nose - was not affected by the rays as it managed to maintain its ideal shape. Without scrutinizing further, the elderly scientist proceeded to don the live-skin. Despite the shakiness of his movement and the nagging joint pains, Professor Phillips had gotten so accustomed to the donning process now that it had almost become a second nature to him. In no time, most of his 70 yearold body disappeared into the younger disguise and all that was left was his head. In one swift motion, he pulled the Feliciana-lookalike's brunette head onto his and the flashback hit him as the slit behind his neck vanished.

He soon got a glimpse at the life of a young Hispanic boy who experienced hardship since the age of seven, when his father left him and his mother for another woman. His mother eventually suffered from depression and decided to take the easy way out. The little boy, whose name was Martin, had to be sent to the care of a foster home where he underwent further abuse. Martin had constantly been told by many of his caretakers and foster parents that he was too smart for his own good. The daughters in the family he was with had always complained about him acting indecently in front of them when in truth, they were the ones who were the most abusive towards him. He was always labeled as cunning and not trustworthy until he managed to find a caring family, though by that time, the damage had already been done. His antipathy for the fairer sex was only growing.
The study about the human mind had always piqued Martin's interest such that he eventually ended up obtaining a degree in psychology. He had intended to further his knowledge in hypnotism but his application for a doctorate in the subject had been turned down due to his tainted background. Later though, he accidentally stumbled upon the truth: the program he was rejected from had accepted an attractive female applicant who was less qualified than him in his place. He had also discovered that the counselor had always had a weak spot for the fairer gender. In the end, he had to settle for a teaching job in a college in New Jersey where he had first met Feliciana. She was his student. Being the youngest lecturer at the college then, Martin was only a couple of years her senior.
Feliciana was just average at best as she had picked up the course solely because it was the only available one at the time when she submitted her application. She had admitted to Martin that she was only there to accompany her best friend, Carla who was studying law in the same University. Young Ms. Flores had even gloated about how her loaded parents could afford the education fees anyway. That infuriated Martin for the fact that she took her blessings for granted while his shitty life was hit with endless tragedies and disappointments.
That was the final push he needed as his loathing for women had reached its boiling point. Martin began scheming something unthinkable before finally disappearing to Mexico for 18 months. That was the time it took for him to complete his transformation into an exact carbon copy of Feliciana Flores, well, almost an exact carbon copy - because he still needed his manhood to realize his twisted revenge and fantasies. A lifelike prosthetic cunt would be his cover just in case there was any unintended 'exposure'.
Martin's return to New Jersey coincided nicely with Feliciana's graduation party after which she was kidnapped. Using his long-studied and thoroughly researched hypnotism techniques, he was able to extract memories from his first of what would later be a long line of victims. The kidnapping was staged as if it was solely for the money and the new Feliciana was returned safely after the ransom was received.
It was the beginning of a new life for the former Martin Morales when he surprised Mr. and Mrs. Flores by deciding to further his study in a special doctorate program in hypnotism. With Feliciana's looks, her parents wealth and Martin's brain, the impostor had no trouble being accepted into one of the top universities in Harvard to finish his research and obtain his PhD. The world was looking much brighter for him as he realized his dream and was making a name for himself, well not really himself, but for Feliciana, in the unique field of hypnotism.
The former Martin was only getting started as he helped solve the unsolvable cases for the police and the FBI before making appearances on the news and talk shows. The sweet taste of vengeance was fully indulged after setting up his own clinic where on the surface, he had provided his professional services for distressed women, just like how Carla had provided free legal advice to a similar group. However, none of 'Feliciana's patients realized that they had actually been hypnotized during the seemingly ordinary sessions before being fucked behind locked doors of her professional-looking office. Rebecca, Feliciana's young and beautiful secretary, had no idea what her employer was really doing to the patients as even she herself was the subject of the transsexual's amusement whenever there was any free slot in the hypnotist's usually busy schedule.
The mind reading techniques and the voluntary information sharing from the hypnotized Feliciana - the real Feliciana who was safely tucked behind the doors of a hidden room at the basement of her luxurious residence - allowed the former Martin to know plenty about Carla Smith and her daughter, Jessica. Hence, the mother and daughter had been turned into the victims of the master hypnotist's twisted pleasure.

Flashbacks of the impersonator banging Carla and Jessica simultaneously in this very same bedroom right after the teenager's sweet sixteen more than a year ago had just finished registering into Professor Phillips's current disguise when he finally lifted his new sets of eyelids.

"Looks like someone has beat me to the cherry..." the latest 'version' of Feliciana said, surprised by the depth of 'her' new voice. It wasn't exactly baritone deep but distinctive enough to sound like a teenage boy's range or those grown men taking hormones to accentuate his false femininity - a transgender.

"Honey... You sound like a drag queen..." Carla commented.

"One second..." the shemale Ms. Flores said before appearing to concentrate on her newfound memories. After clearing her throat, she spoke again, "How do I sound now?" The soothing melodious voice of the 38 year-old exotic beauty returned. It was the same addictive tone the famous 'Feliciana Flores' had utilized on so many of her clients and patients. The former Martin had imitated it ever so perfectly and now the former professor was only making use of the well-learned ability.

"Impressive... Now, I'm getting really curious about how my 'BFF' here ended up with a cock and a pair of balls between her legs..." Carla said as she spread her legs apart with a hand gently rubbing her lawyer-clit while leaning back onto the headrest of Jessica's bed.

Despite knowing it was his own clone currently residing inside of Mrs. Smith, the make-believe Feliciana spared no detail in sharing the history of Martin Morales with the phony Carla and his freshly produced 2nd clone inside of the resurrected Jessica. By the end of the story, 'Feliciana' was already standing by the bedside with Carla and Jessica sitting on the edge as they took turns blowing the Latino beauty's feminine-looking but still very capable 6-inch meat. Veins were starting to emerge as the throbbing cock glistened from the mixture of the mother and daughter's saliva as well as the precum leaking continuously from its pisshole. Carla was working exceptionally well with her lovely daughter as the duo was alternating between the shemale's shaft and her cleanly shaven balls - occasionally swallowing and licking each of them with their skilled tongues.

The transsexual version of Feliciana occupied both of her hands, fondling her masterfully constructed breasts as she witnessed the incestuous couple periodically making out with her fully erected cock between their mouths and slippery tongues. Her legs were getting weaker by the minute as she felt her climax getting closer and closer. Ms. Flores had to push Carla and Jessica away from her erection and onto the queen-sized bed as she didn't feel like blowing her load yet. She managed to draw a breath and gain a bit of composure before asking with a seductive tone:

"Now... which one of you wanna go first?"

The evening proceeded with neither of the three lovely 'ladies' left 
unsatisfied as Ms. Flores pummeled her transsexual-dick into the mother and daughter in all kinds of positions. Carla had to take a break from the steamy action before ordering her housekeeper to take the day off, as the walls of their sex chamber were barely able to contain the noises of their passionate threesome. In spite of Feliciana's gallant effort to delay her impending ejaculation, the maneuver of Jessica grinding her young pussy against mommy's equally drenched cunt with the shemale cock sliding in between, was too much for Ms. Flores as she finally blew her massive load which reached as far as the breasts of her lesbian lovers. Some of the jizz remained between the two clits, enhancing the already mind-melting sensations as the incestuous couple continued to grind their pussies against Feliciana's softening penis until both of them squealed simultaneously in a climatic delight.

All sorts of obscenities escaped from the usually well-mannered Carla and Jessica's lips before they finally collapsed along with Feliciana onto the girlish pink bed. Some of the muscles from their stolen bodies were still sporadically contracting as the three gorgeous ladies reveled in the tingling of their post-climatic pleasures.

"O... M... G...! That was so FUCKING awesome..." Jessica said, still trying to catch her breath.

"Mind that language, sweetheart... But you're right... That was like... WOW! As a 70 year-old old man, I've never thought I'd get so turned on by a transsexual..." Carla said.

"As a 70 year-old man, I've never thought I'd be having sex as a transsexual... Not someone as convincing as this..." Feliciana said, before slowly getting out of the bed and walking towards Jessica's fulllength mirror. "My... how much the field of plastic surgery has improved across the south border," Feliciana added while admiring the goddess from her reflection. Her hands kept returning to the perky fullness of the money-can-buy tits, still amazed by the stimulus triggered by slightest of touches on the nipples, despite all the kneading and groping they endured earlier.

Letting her hands sweep gently down the sides of her womanly curves - thanks to the wonders of female hormones the former Martin Morales had been diligently consuming - before stopping on her wide hips, Feliciana posed like a supermodel as she continued to admire her own curves. Her cock was already twitching as she asked the question: "Now... how should I hypnotize the escapees without the risk of detection?"

The image of Carla resuming her love for Jessica by burying her head between the teenage daughter's legs at the back of her reflection was enough to fully revive her erection as she turned away from the fulllength mirror before sauntering back to the love-nest.

"Well... I'll think about my next plot later..." Feliciana thought with a malicious grin on her face which soon disappeared between Carla's firm derrière-cheeks.

The End