Tuesday, December 15, 2015



  1. I love this kind of story! Powerful dirty old man in young sexy body! He/she will use all of her power to control him, our hero can't stand a chance! It will be better if she demand him to dump his current girlfriend and be her boytoy, his life will have twist and turns it will be both pain and pleasure for him from now on.

    Please make more of this captions! Or even a new story!


  2. "...as he reached one hand up to grasp his boss' secretary's right breasts and pinch 'her' erect nipple. This, in addition to Calvin's tongue darting between 'Jennifer's' inner labia, brought a low, masculine groan of erotic pleasure from Mr. Walters as Calvin looked up to see the woman's beautiful blue eyes flutter and a smile of utter bliss light 'her' succulent lips, then moan, "Ooh-my! That's a good start, young man," in the croaking tone of Mr. Walters.

    Calvin's manhood pulsed with more rigidity than he could recall as the juxtaposition of aged, male magnate - in young, sensuous, female body hit some, previously un-imagined cord inside him as he savored the sweet juices of 'Jennifer's' slit!

    Mr. Walters began to caress his other tit with his borrowed left hand and reached his right one down to part Jennifer's pussy-lips as he told Calvin, "Mm-hm, lick my clit, boy, and reach a finger inside that pussy!" while spreading 'her' legs wider.

    Calvin complied with the boss' directions as his own erection ached for employment. Little spasms shook Jennifer's body as his finger searched for 'her' g-spot, making Mr. Walters pant, "H-hOH-YEAH! Thi- h This c-could be the beg-ih- ginning of a beautiful, woh-h working relatio-hngh-ship!" ..."

    Hey, Doc! Glad to see you're capping, and I'm sorry for not commenting on some of your other pieces yet.



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