Friday, December 4, 2015


By Zapper


Waking up felt like a long hard climb up out of a deep dark pit.  I heard a soft moan and wondered for a second if it was me.  My eyes felt heavy and it was a struggle to get them open.  I blinked several times and tried to rub some of the sleep out but my hand didn’t want to move. 

“What’s going on?!” I tried to say but my mouth seemed to be rebelling.
Even though I couldn’t move there was enough light streaming in through the window to my left for me to see that I was in my bedroom.  I felt a little relieved at that, but why couldn’t I move my arms or speak?  I turned my head slightly and saw based on the sunlight coming in through the window that it must be late afternoon or early evening. 

‘How did I end up in my bed?’ I wondered and turned my head back so I was looking at the mirror above the dresser directly across from me.  The image of a young woman, dark hair, slightly long nose, and a cute mouth looked back at me.  It was the same face I saw everyday only I was propped up on a ramp of pillows.  ‘I don’t remember coming to bed.’ I thought, and I never slept on my back.  It was Saturday, and I remembered running a few errands, the hardware store to pick up a few things for a costume I was working on, and then the grocery store for a few essentials, Pizza Pockets, Mountain Dew, and Doritos.  The things a girl needs if she’s going to spend the next twenty four hours writing. 

I’d checked the mail on my way back to the apartment and there was a small square box addressed to me.  I carried it, and a few pieces of junk mail, up to my apartment juggling my bags and purse as I fished for my key.  Once I’d put everything away I looked at the box and saw that it was from Jared.  I had a strong impulse to just throw it away. 

Jared, my crazy ex-boyfriend.  The guy with the hot body and two cent brain.  Sex with Jared had always been fantastic!  He was a sensitive lover more interested in what I was feeling and in pleasing me than getting off.  At times his desire to ‘know’ what I was feeling during sex got a little creepy, but after a third or fourth orgasm I could forgive a little weird.  It didn’t hurt that he was hung like a horse!  The main problem with Jared was he tended to believe anything he was told and had an unshakable faith in the existence of magic.  His obsession with everything related to the occult and his inability to hold a job had been the source of most of our fights.  Wasting money on magical crap that never worked and losing one job after another while mooching off of me had gotten old fast.  Looking down at the little square box I had a feeling this was another of Jared’s wasted attempts at finding some magical artifact. 

When I opened the box I discovered a ring and a note.  I held up the ring and felt a tingle run through my fingers.  Curious I turned the ring over and moved to the window where I had better light.  It looked like it had been made from three strands of metal; black, white, and silver all braided together in a clever way and shaped into a ring.  I slid it onto the index finger of my right hand noticing that it was a perfect fit.  Again, there was that strange tingle, but I dismissed it as my imagination.  Jared’s fascination with magic was causing me to imagine things! 

I picked up the tightly folded note that had been in the box and opened it recognizing Jared’s sloppy cursive script. 

Dear Meka,

I fucking miss you!  I miss everything about you, the feel of your skin, the touch of your hair, and the way you smell in the morning!  Hell, babe, I still don’t understand why you hate me, but since you won’t fucking return my calls I guess I never will.  I know you think I’m a God damn fool for believing in magic so when I saw the rings I couldn’t resist.  Please, for old time’s sake, try yours on and I’ll prove to you once and for all that magic is real!


I shook my head, ‘same old Jared, can’t go two sentences without swearing.’  It was just another reason why I’d had to leave him, but the biggest was his foolish belief in magic.

“Jared, you just never learn.  There is no such thing as magic!”  I turned to toss the note into the trash and felt the world sort of tilt and I grabbed the kitchen counter to steady myself. 

*No, Meka, YOU never fucking learn.  Magic is real and by all the dark power of hell, you’re about to learn just how real it is!*

“W-What?” I glanced around looking for Jared but I was alone in my apartment and then the world tilted again and everything went dark. 

I stared at the girl propped up on a stack of pillows and wanted to scream, except that I couldn’t move.  That voice, a rough, demonic sounding twisting of Jared’s normal voice, and the tilting sensation followed by darkness those were the last things I could remember. 

The sound of my bedroom door opening and closing seemed unnaturally loud and I tried to turn my head to see who it was, but I couldn’t move.  Then Jared moved to the foot of my bed.  I wanted to gasp at the sight.  It had been more than two months since I’d seen him and he’d changed.  The long sandy brown hair was gone.  Now his cleanly shaved head displayed the tattoo of a large snake coming up the side of his neck around to the back of his head and then up over the top with the snake head resting on top of Jared’s.  He leaned forward and it looked like his face had become gaunt although the air of masculine vitality poured off of him in waves.  He put both hands on my bed railing intentionally flexing his thick muscular arms nearly bursting the sleeves of his plain white t-shirt and displaying his full sleeve of new tattoos. 

“Hey, gorgeous, wanna fuck?!”  The voice was the deep raspy Jared voice I knew, yet I could hear an echo in it of the demonic voice I’d heard in my mind.  I struggled to answer, to move, to shout at him, to tell him to get out of my apartment, but my body wouldn’t respond.  Then Jared started laughing. 

“Hehehehe . . . well this is a fuck’n first!  Meka without a smart-ass sarcastic come back?  Oh, look what I’ve got?”

With that he held up his hand and my eyes were drawn to the ring on his third finger.  It looked like a twin to the one on my hand except that where my ring had a silver strand braided between the black and white his had gold. 

“See, bitch, magic is real!  I don’t know exactly what these things are called but Mistress Jezebel showed me what they can do . . .” For a moment there was a strange look on Jared’s face like looking back on something unpleasant then he started laughing, “What they’ll do to you . . . hehehehe.”  Jared’s posture changed and his laughter stopped, then he shrugged his shoulders as if dismissing so thought.  “Well, most of what they can do, my mistress never really explained them to me, but then she doesn’t know I took them.” 

I felt a chill run through me at his comment.  Jared had always been looking for someone to teach him magic if he found a real witch or warlock and if magic were real then he was an idiot for stealing from his teacher!  He was also acting even stranger than normal and I wanted to scream at him.  This was just like him, acting without thinking, behaving recklessly as soon as an idea hit him.  His wild devil-may-care attitude had been fun at first but after I’d almost died riding behind him on his bike I’d had enough. 

“Would you like to see what my magic rings can do, Meka?” 

Then with a slow deliberate movement he nodded his head and I felt my head move up and down in exactly the same way.  I felt stunned, this isn’t possible I though trying to deny that my body now moved at his whim.  He opened his mouth and I felt my mouth open. 

“Why, yes, Jared, you big fucking sexy stud, I’d love you to give me a demonstration of your power.”  The words came from my mouth but it was Jared’s voice.  Then he giggled and it was my voice coming from his body!  “Hehehehe . . . I’m still getting the hang of this.  You’re the first person I’ve used these on.” 

I felt my face grow pale as he spoke since it was now my feminine alto coming from his rough visage.  Then my mouth opened and I heard myself say, “There I think that will do it.”  This time it was my voice coming from my mouth but I had no control over the words.  Jared moved around to the far side of the bed and even though I couldn’t see him I felt the bed shift as he climbed on. 

“My mistress makes using these seem so easy, but I think I need to focus.” 
‘Focus on WHAT?!’ I shouted mentally. 

“Hey, no fucking need to shout, goddamn it.  I can hear your thoughts just fine.”  Jared said, using my mouth and voice.

‘I believe you, magic is real!  Now, please, let me go!’
“HA!  Now you believe?  Well, I’m not going to just let you go, you need a thorough lesson and besides I’ve always wanted to know what if feels like to be you.”  I could feel the heat of his gaze on my body and I remembered all the times he’d asked questions about how it felt to be a petit woman.  Then I felt his mouth next to my ear, “In just a few seconds I’ll be inside that fuck’n hot little body along with you.  Won’t that be fun?!”

Suddenly I felt my toes wiggle.  It was the oddest thing, they just started moving and then my fingers twitched and moved.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jared lift his left arm and my arm came up like some kind of human puppet.  Then my other hand came up and I found my eyes focusing on my hands. 

‘No’ I thought, wanting to cry, up until now I’d at least been able to control my eyes and where I looked even if I couldn’t turn my head. 

“Oh, don’t be such goddamn cry baby.  Yes, I’m controlling your eyes, it was too fucking hard, looking out two sets of eyes at once.  So I’m just gonna fucking use yours, kay?”  

‘Hell, no!  IT IS NOT OKAY!’ I was a little shocked at the venum in my thoughts but this just sent Jared into a fit of mental laughter.
Once the laughter died away I watched as my hands turn over while Jared kept my eyes locked on them, like they were the most interesting things in the world.  “This is soooo f-ing cool!”  I felt my hands slowly touching my arms running up and down.  “Not only can I move your body, but I can FEEL your hands touching my arms.” 

I heard Jared sigh deeply next to me and somehow I knew he was settling back. 

“I wonder,” my voice mused, “how deeply I can push into you, how much of you can I fucking control.” 

‘Jared, please stop! Please. I don’t think you know what you’re doing what if you do something wrong?  Please!’  I hated the way my thoughts felt like I was begging but I was getting desperate. 

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this!  I’ve seen my mistress use the rings two or three times on her other apprentices and she even used them on me twice.  I’ve felt her take complete control of my body before going out into the bright sunlight!”

Hearing my voice respond to my thoughts was beyond weird and I threw everything I had into fighting to take control of my voice to just tell him to fuck off!  Then I felt the ring go hot and suddenly my whole body tingled like I’d been dropped into acid, mildly painful acid, but still acid.  Then it was over. I felt myself blink and then I sat up. 

“Wow, it worked!”

‘What worked?’ I thought in horror.

‘I’ve fully integrated my spirit into your body.’  This time I could hear his voice in my mind.  ‘I’m wearing the master ring and you’re wearing the slave ring so I’ve got complete control of you.’  “Isn’t it cool?”  He added using my voice. 
Jared stood up slowly as if unsure if he could stand or walk.  “Hmmm . . . the balance is different.”  Then I felt my head move and my gaze swept around the room.  “Everything is bigger!  HA!  This is what it feels like to lose nine inches of height!” 

Jared moved around the bed and I could feel him getting a better handle on how my body moved as he cautiously walked around my bed to stand in front of the mirror above my dresser. 

“God, look at me, I’m Meka!” 

‘No you’re not!’ I shouted mentally. 

‘Be quiet, you’re killing my buzz!’  

Then I felt a sort of mental sting and for a second I lost focus.  I watched as my fingers came up to touch my face.  Then my head turned left and right my shoulder length hair whipped around and I felt myself giggle. 

“I’m Meka, do you wanna fuck?  No, that’s fucking wrong she wouldn’t say it like that!”

I felt the ring grow warm again and there was a dull pressure in my head.  Then as quickly as it started it stopped.  There was a tingle at my throat, “Why, yes, I thought you’d never ask?!”  This time it was Jared’s deep baritone coming from my mouth.  “I think I’m getting the hang of this!”  Jared said, again still using his voice.  The he reached down to touch my chest.  I could feel his hands moving my breasts around and I tried to focus, to tell him to stop and that this was wrong but whatever he’d done to me I still had trouble forming a mental sentence.
“Mmmmm, that feels nice.” As he spoke his voice shifted until he sounded just like me again.  “Ohhhh . . . Jared, I love it when you play with my titties!”  Then switching to his voice, “I always thought your boobs were a little on the small side Meka, but now that I own them,” his voice shifted to mine, “I think they’re perfect!” 

I could tell my body was responding, I had that butterfly sensation in the pit of my stomach and warm ache between my legs.  In fact my body was starting to feel good all over, reacting far more strongly than it should have to a little groping.  Then it hit me, Jared was so excited to be touch himself . . . herself . . . him-as-me . . . whatever  . . . and my body was reacting to his excitement. 

“Yes, I think you’re right!” I heard Jared respond with my voice.  ‘You can hear me again? Please, just let me talk to you.’ I thought. 

“Hmmm, okay.  Hey, let’s try something else, though.”  I felt another tingle at my throat and I felt a quick flash headache that disappeared after a moment.  “Okay, say something.”  Jared instructed using my mouth and voice.

I opened my mouth and felt it respond!  “Okay, get the hell out of my body!”  The thrill I’d felt at being able to use my mouth to say something was replaced by shock and horror when I realized I’d used Jared’s rough masculine tones.  “What the fuck did you just do to me?” I gasped, again with Jared’s voice.

“Hehehe . . . baby, all I did was give you a voice I wasn’t using.  Waste not, want not, after all and besides you used to always get on my case for wasting money!  Didn’t you want to be able to talk?  Well, that’s the voice I’m not using right now, so it’s all yours.”  He was using the fake innocent tone I’d used on him when we were together and trying to sound reasonable.  It pissed me off, ironically, just like it used to piss him off. 

“Damn it, switch it back!”

“Not right now, maybe later, now be quiet.”

Jared moved us over to his body and it looked like he was sleeping.  Jared reached down and I watched him use my hand to give his cock a quick squeeze.  “Hehehe . . . does that feel familiar Meka?”
“You’re sick Jared.” I said with his voice.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell.  Completely ignoring me he tapped on a contact, Tabatha, and sent a text that left me worried. 

“What do you mean, Meka will be right over?  What the fuck are you going to do to me?”  I hated the deep tones I was now forced to use, but I had to admit that cussing sounded more intimidating with a masculine voice.  “I demand you get the FUCK out of my BODY!”

 “Are you kidding Meka?” Jared responded in a gleeful tone.  “This is a once in a life time chance to see what it feels like to be you!  To be a female, to have sex as a woman!  You know I’ve always wanted to see what it was like.  Now be quiet.”

‘No!  God NO!’  I tried to shout but I no longer had control of my mouth.  Then realizing that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I switched gears.  ‘If you keep this up, when I get free I’m going to kill you!’

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, babe.”

Jared moved to my closet, “Now, let’s see, what you’ve got.  You know for a sexy girl, you don’t have that many outfits!” 

I tried to fight him as he moved through my closet picking out a dress, hose, and matching underwear.  I might as well have been trying to arm wrestle a snow storm.  I wasn’t even sure if he knew I was trying to fight him.  He laid my clothes on the bed next to his recumbent body.  Then turned to the mirror and all I could do was watch as my hands began to slowly remove my clothes.  I’d just been dressed in a t-shirt, cutoffs, and sandals for my errands but Jared took his time undressing.  It was like there was a song playing in his head as he moved from side to side doing a little strip tease.  I found my eyes glued to my chest as he slid one bra strap off and then the other.  Then in a sexy slow spinning move he turned around, unsnapped my bra and tossed it aside. 

‘Okay, there just breasts, you know?’ I couldn’t help thinking as my eyes were glued to my own boobs.  Jared ignored my comment and unsnapped my cut offs and working my hips from side to side in a completely unnecessary, but sexy move slid my shorts and panties down.  I felt my eyes nearly pop out of my head as Jared focused my gaze on my crotch. 

“Meka, when did you go Brazilian?”

‘Hey, it’s summer, damn it! Besides Garth likes it smooth and you shouldn’t even be seeing that!’ I would have blushed if I’d had any control over my body.
“Oh, and whose Garth?”

‘My current boyfriend, a normal guy, but bigger than you and he’ll kick your ass once he learns what you did to me!’

“Mhmmm, well, we’ll see about that.” 

My clothes were soon tossed around my room in a chaotic disregard to my personal space.  I’m not a neat freak, but Jared is a slob.  I mean why must my bra be left hanging from the lamp shade?  Once naked I felt my nipples start to get hard and I got that warm sticky feeling in my crotch and knew that the site of my naked body that was turning him on.  ‘Just like a fuck’n guy,’ I thought. 

“Not ‘just’ like a guy.” Jared said, and I saw my hand slide down between my legs.  “This guy has complete control of your sexy little body and I intend to use it!”  Then I felt, and heard, my body gasp as my fingers brushed my lower lips and I wasn’t sure if that had been my reaction or Jared’s.  “Oooo . . . that feels nice, different, but very nice!”

‘How can you do this to me?’ I pleaded with him. ‘I thought you loved me.’
“Oh, god that feels good! Mmmmm. . .” I felt my fingers brush my clitoris and then start to rub in light circles.  “Shit, Meka, I had no idea this felt so good!”

‘Bullshit’ I thought, angrily at Jared, ‘you’ve been fantasizing about being me and masturbating for as long as I’ve known you!’

“Mhmmm . . . good point.”  Then with a sigh, and much to my relief Jared stopped.  “I need to get over to Tabatha’s to really give this body a test drive.  Besides,” I felt him bring my fingers to my nose, “this was starting to get a little messy.”  Then he inhaled and I wanted to gage at the smell.

‘Really, now you’re fucking making me smell myself?’

“Sorry babe, but for now where I go, you go.”  Then he started climbing into my clothes as if he’d been doing it all his life.  It took a moment for his words to penetrate my mind, “. . . for now where I go, you go.” ‘What do you mean by that?’  I shouted at him mentally but he ignored me. 


The trip out of the city was surreal.  I kept trying to shout at Jared, distract him, to take control of some part of my body.  Nothing worked and he just ignored me.  After getting dressed he put on a little foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner as if he’d been doing it for years.  ‘When did he learn to do all of that,’ I wondered.  Watching and feeling my hands go through the motions was one of the strangest experiences of my life.  It wasn’t like I was a passenger in my own body but I could feel everything, it was more like I’d become a glove and Jared was now the hand.

I’d asked him if he put on makeup everyday but he just giggled at me and said that he’d just learned.  I’d never heard Jared giggle the whole time we’d been dating.  Once ready he grabbed my purse and headed out.  The most alarming thing to happen during the trip was when we bumped into my new neighbor across the hall, Beth.  She was a single mom and Jared hadn’t met her.  Yet when she’d said hi, Jared had responded in my sweetest voice and asked about her daughter. 

Now watching the road unable to control anything I wondered if he had access to my memories and skills.  It would explain his new skill in makeup, his ability to walk in my most daring heels, and his friendly conversation with Beth.  This thought chilled me, if he could access my memory while in my body he would be able to fool anyone!  The fact that I was wearing a tiny little black dress and heels and that Jared was moving easily, naturally even, was enough to confirm my suspicion. 

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but the grimoire indicated that if I merged deeply enough with you I’d get some of your memories and all of you skills and mannerisms.  Hehehe . . . isn’t that perfect?”

I felt the tingle in my throat and blurted out, “What the fuck do you mean merge deeply?”  I wasn’t shocked at the deep masculine voice, in fact I was starting to expect it. 

“Oh, never you mind, big boy, mama’s got this?”

The words sent a chill through me, if Jared was able to act like me to remember things only I should know, he’d be able to pull off a perfect impersonation.  ‘FUCK, you fucking cunt, you can’t do this to me!’ I screamed at him mentally in a near panic.

“Gosh, Meka, such language.  Hehehehe . . . where ever did you get that potty mouth?” 

I felt stunned.  I might have said something just like that to Jared when we were dating.  For the first time I realized that I’d been swearing almost non-stop even in my own thoughts.  ‘What the fuck are you doing to me?’ I thought but he ignored it.  Instead all I could sense from Jared was a giddy excitement.  Like a small child on Christmas morning getting ready to open presents.

Then he pulled into the driveway of a secluded ranch style house.  “Okay, now Tabatha is a lesser-witch, she doesn’t have a lot of power or training.  However she’s very good at tantric magic and I can tell you based on first had knowledge she knows what to do in bed.” 

‘Okay, you bastard but I’m not gay!’ 

“Ha!  Tabatha’s bi and at the moment, I’m Meka, and I’m very much into hotties!”

‘If you fucking go in there and make me do something with another woman, I will spend the rest of my life trying to get even with you!’

“Mmmmm . . . now that you mention it, you’ve got a pretty big stick up your butt. That attitude is sort of a buzz killer.  I think it’s time to do something about that and to get into character!  Here goes nothing.” 

‘NOOOOO’ I shouted mentally but it was no use. Jared had always been kind of reckless and impulsive and I figured that this was one of those times.  If it was, then there would be no stopping him.  Abruptly the ring on my finger felt hot, then it was burning and an energy pushed out of it running through me like a heatwave.  A firestorm of heat consuming all thought.  I lost track of time.  Then I felt my eyes blink. 

“Wow, that hurt!” Jared said using my voice.  She looked down at my hand I felt relieved that the ring didn’t appear to have actually burned my finger despite the pain. 

‘Hey, what the fuck did you do, you dipshit?’ I thought at him and then felt horrified. I hadn’t meant to phrase my question that way.  All the swearing was starting to feel more natural, but what shocked me was the new tone of my mental ‘voice’.  Up until that moment my internal voice was still me.  This time, as I’d directed my thoughts at Jared, my tone had shifted.  Now my internal voice matched my new external voice, the one Jared had given me. 

‘Bitch, what the fuck did you just do to me?’ I shouted at her. 

“Now, now, stop all the swearing or I’m just going to put you on mute again.”  The pretty pouty tone set my mental teeth on edge.

‘Fine, tell . . . me . . . what . . . you . . . did . . . to . . . me!’ I thought in my new mental voice trying to be slow and deliberate.

“Sure, but we should test this, okay, you can talk now.”

I opened and closed my mouth and then said, “What did you do?”

Jared shook my head, “First tell me your name.”

“Okay, you already know who I fucking am, my name is Jared!”  As soon as I said it I felt stunned.  “No, I’m Jared!”  Now in a panic, “Damn it, that’s not what I meant to say, I’m a fucking man and you fucking stole my body you bitch!”  No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t form the words I wanted.  Every time I tried to speak they just came out wrong. 

“Oh, that’s too perfect!” Jared said, a bubbly excitement in her voice.  “Now, what do you think about women? How does the idea of licking and caressing a soft, pink, yummy, pussy sound?”

“You know I love pussy! I love bitches all shapes and sizes!”  Even as I said it I knew it was true.  ‘What have you done to me?’  I thought directing my internal question at Jared, while ignoring my new masculine mental voice. 

‘Why nothing dear sweet Meka or should I say . . . Jared?  I just made sure that you’ll have fun when we’re with Tabatha.’  Jared answered and the sound of her mental voice matched my former voice. 

“Liar!” I said softly and angrily. “You did something I felt it!” 

“Okay, I sort of shifted our spirits around within this body.  You now have most of my spirit’s masculine aspects and I have your sweet female essence.  But we each have enough of our original spirits to make us both effectively bi-sexual.  See, this way we’ll both enjoy this!”  With that Jared climbed out of the car and started walking to the front door.

“Meka, this is fucking wrong!  I don’t think you know what, the fuck, you’re doing and you’re playing with both our lives.”  It no longer bothered me that I now spoke with his deep tones or that they were coming incongruously from my feminine mouth.  Calling Jared by my name felt like a dagger through my heart but I had to make her see reason! 

“Enough Jared.  If you become a pain in my behind, I’ll put you back on mute, now stop!!”  Then the front door opened.  “Oh, hi Tabatha!” 

The woman standing in the doorway could have fallen out of Valhalla.  She must have been almost six foot, blonde, blue eyed and with perfect clear skin.  I felt my nipples get hard and wondered what it would feel like to bury my cock into her sweet honey spot. 

“I was just talking to Jared.  He’s not quite sure about this.” 

It took a moment for Jared’s words to register then I wanted to scream but suddenly I couldn’t even think.  Tabatha’s eyes seemed to glow as she looked at us and then she grinned. 

“Hi, Jared,” and somehow I knew she was talking to me, “hi, Meka.  I’m a little surprised Jared was able to talk you into this.”  Then she stepped back, “Please be welcome in my home.”

I felt my head nod and then Jared giggled, “It really didn’t take that much convincing once he showed me your picture.” Jared said with my voice. I moved past her and I felt her grab my ass, Jared spun around in surprise and then laughed. “Oh, that was just naughty!”  My mouth moved and the words flowed out but I still had no control. 

“Didn’t you come here for naughty?  Meka?” 

At this the corners of my mouth twitched up in a smile. “You know I did!” 
Tabatha stepped in close and put her soft hand to either side of my face, I felt like I was trapped!  I wanted to scream but a part of me was curious, what would this would feel like.  Then our lips touched and Tabatha’s were soft, softer than anyone I’d ever kissed.  I thought I could taste a hint of bubblegum and then my body started to respond.  My nipples felt tight and I wanted to rub my thighs together as my groin began to ache.  Tabatha’s tongue darted into my mouth and I felt our tongues dance as Jared responded moving my tongue into Tabatha’s mouth.  I wanted to fight with Jared for control and to resist the passion of the kiss. 

It was a two front war and I was losing on both fronts as the kiss became more passionate.  Our boobs were now pressed together in a soft upon soft sensation that was impossibly erotic.  Tabatha’s breasts were considerably larger and she wasn’t wearing a bra under her top.  The kiss was now sweet and intoxicating and I felt my hands move to rub the soft skin of Tabatha’s arms.  Then I felt her nipples poking into my chest and my heart skipped a beat. 

Her skin was so different from a man’s hard smooth skin.  Softer and smoother and the scent of her perfume filled my nose intensifying my desire.  Slowly, lasciviously, Tabatha slid a hand down to caress the curve of my ass while moving the other between us to cup my left breast gently pinching my nipple. 

“Ohhhh . . . that feels really nice!” I felt my mouth move and the words slid out. 

“Mhmm . . . You are so hot, I doubt I’ll need any magic for this first session.” 
Then Tabatha’s hand, the one that had been busy feeling up my as, moved around to the front pulling up the bottom of my dress rub my silk covered sex.  Tiny jolts of electricity hit my system as she expertly stroked my pussy.  Abruptly my knees felt weak and as if sensing my need Tabatha pushed me back. 

Now for the first time Jared showed a little clumsiness, stumbling back until the backs of my legs hit the living room sofa.  I fell more than sat and a little huff of air escaped my lips.  Jared looked up and my eyes focused on Tabatha as she took the zipper to her leather mini-dress and slowly pulled it down.  I tried to wrench my eyes away but they were glued to the tantalizing sight of Tabatha’s exquisite chest.  The dress fell away showing a matching set of black lingerie that contrasted perfectly with Tabatha’s creamy pale skin. 

“Oh, god, you’re so beautiful!” I felt my mouth form the words and heard my voice, rough with desire, respond to the vision in front of me. 

“Mhmm . . . you’re not so bad, my little Mekalicious!”

Tabatha moved between my legs pushing my stocking covered knees apart. I felt my hips wiggle as Jared skootched down on the sofa while hiking the bottom of my dress up until it was above my hips.  I wanted to scream as Jared lifted my hips up thrusting MY pussy toward Tabatha!   

Tabatha started kissing my thigh and I felt a thrill run through my body as goose flesh prickled my skin.  Tabatha took her time slowly kissing her way up the arc of my inner thigh until she reached my pussy.  The heat of her breath through my panties on my clit made me want to squirm and I felt my body wiggle and ache with need as Jared reacted to the sensations. 

“Ohhh . . . that’s it!”  My mouth moved and I heard my voice say the words but I had no control.  I wanted to shout and push away I didn’t want to have sex with a woman!  The ache in my crotch grew and I felt that uniquely feminine moist sensation between my pussy lips as my panties grew damp. 

Jared reach down and using my hands to pull Tabatha’s face further into me.  Then the thin strip of fabric was pushed to one side and the cold air from Tabatha blowing on my pussy caused Jared to shiver. 

“Stop teasing me! Please, please don’t stop! I-I, ohhhh.” 

“I love it making little girls beg!” Tabatha responded and ran her tongue up along the fold of my pussy lips.  Using her fingers Tabatha started rubbing my clit while spreading my pussy lips to gain better access to my inner folds.  I felt my hands grip the sides of the bed as Jerad’s moaning became louder and wilder.  I felt Jared’s control slip as an orgasm approached and a part of my mind wondered if I could use the distraction to take control but I felt everything Jared was feeling.  Just as she was losing control I found I couldn’t focus on anything except the sensations assaulting me, consuming me. 

Tabatha’s tongue and fingers continued to stroke, spread, and massage my sex until I felt my toes curl and my body shudder.  Every nerve was alive and on fire as my world was shattered by the intensity of my first lesbian orgasm. 

“AAaahhhhhhh . . . .” 

I heard the moaning cry and knew it was my voice and for an instant I thought that it might have been me in control.  Then my mouth moved and I heard my voice say, “Damn, Tabatha, that was fantastic but now it’s my turn.” 

Tabatha looked up her lips and chin glistening with my juices.  “I was hoping you’d say that!” 

Tabatha moved away from the sofa and put on a miniature striptease while removing her panties and bra and then settled onto the deep rug in front of the sofa.  “Care to have a taste?” she said, laying back and spreading her creamy white thighs.  I felt my eyes lock onto her cunt as she started stroking her pink pussy lips.  Jerad started moving forward, sliding out of my clothes before dropping onto my hands and knees.  My arousal made it hard for me to focus but I tried to throw my will against Jared’s to stop the approach of Tabatha’s pussy.  Then I was between Tabatha’s thighs and my face was so close to her pussy that I could smell her arousal. 

I felt my hand move forward and watched as it gently brush Tabatha’s away.  The feeling of Tabatha’s pussy under my fingers cut through the afterglow of my orgasm and drove home just how helpless I was.  Then Tabatha’s vagina got even bigger as I lowered my mouth to her lips.  The warm salty taste of pussy was a shock and I remembered the first time Jared had eaten me out.  He’d driven my crazy and I recognized his technique as he alternated between licking and rubbing Tabatha’s clit. 

“Oh, that’s nice baby, right there . . . ah . . . it’s like this isn’t . . . you’re first time . . . eating pussy.” 

I was having trouble breathing as Jared buried my tongue and nose in Tabatha’s hot sex.  In the distance I heard a door open and close followed by the sound of heavy footsteps.  I could tell Jared was so focused on what she was doing that the noise hadn’t registered.  ‘There’s someone else in the room!’ I thought as loudly as I could in my odd masculine internal voice.  At this Jared paused, but Tabatha grabbed my head pulling my face back to her sopping pussy.

“Oh, don’t stop.  Hi, Ian, about time you got here.”

The sound was now right behind us, and I realized on my knees with my face in Tabatha’s twat my bottom was perfectly positioned for use.  I felt a pair of hands on my hips and rough thick fingers dig into my soft flesh. 

“Now what have we here?”  The deep base voice made me quiver. 

‘Meka, what the FUCK . . . A threesome?’ I thought angrily at Jared and then was horrified at calling her, even in my inner thoughts, by my name.

‘Hehehe . . . well, JARED, if you’d have let us do this when we were together and not been such a prude I might not have had to do this now.’
‘You’re a god damn liar!’

‘Hahaha, yeah, you’re right, I probably still would have done this.’

Just then I felt the thick fingers of a masculine hand stroke my sex brushing apart my pussy lips to gain access to my inner depths.  The teasing sensation of being parted but not penetrated was making me crazy even as Jared focused on using my tongue to circle and suck Tabatha’s clit. 

“Meka, you’re such a little slut!  You’re already hot and wet for me!”

Ian’s hand retreated and then the sensation of ultra-sensitive skin on skin was intense as I felt his hard hot cock brush my pussy lips.  My hips sort of wiggled trying to get closer to the source of that hard heat and then his shaft was brushing my cunt.  I felt him use his dick to rub and stroke my slit brushing my clit with the helmet of his cock yet refusing to take the plunge. 

“Ah, baby, are you ready?”

“Mhmmmmm. . .” I heard Jared struggle to respond with my mouth buried in Tabatha’s pie. 

  “HA! I bet that’s one tight little cunny you’ve got.” 

“Oh, she’s a tight one Ian, and a screamer.  Give it to her lover!”  Tabatha’s voice sent a chill through me and I wanted to close my eyes but I had no control as Jared buried my tongue deeper into Tabatha’s twat.  Just then the head of Ian’s penis pushed at my pussy and I felt my lips stretch and stretch.  ‘Oh, Fuck, how big is this guy?’ I couldn’t help thinking. 

‘I don’t know exactly, but yeah, he’s bigger than me!  I wanted to make sure my first time as a woman was going to be special!’

Then there was a popping sensation and his cock was in me.

“Oohhh. . .” Jared moaned into Tabatha’s pussy.  “Don’t stop, baby, just because you’ve got a little cock in you!”  Tabatha instructed. 

Jared went back to work and my mind was awash with sensation.  Slowly Ian pushed his cock further inside of me.  I could feel a deep internal stretching sensation that was a little painful yet good and then I felt full.  This wasn’t enough for Jared because she wiggled my hips taking Ian the last bit in. 

“Oohhh!” Tabatha grabbed my head and Jared increased the pace of his licking.  “Aahhhh . . . Goooood Daaaaamn it . . . I’m cumming!” 

At the same time Ian started pulling out only to ram his cock back in gradually building a rhythm that increased in pace as Tabatha’s moans turned to screams.   The sensations were now so intense I gave up fighting and just tried to ride the rising tide of carnal pleasure.  When I thought it couldn’t get any better Ian found a spot inside my slick love canal, the curve of his cock stimulating the back of my passage, opposite my g-spot, in a way I’d never felt!  I wanted to howl with pleasure, but Jared kept my face and tongue in Tabatha’s pussy.  Each of Ian’s thrusts built an intensity that pushed me over the top.  This time my orgasm felt like a force of nature my mind seemed to bend and twist and felt every nerve in my body come alive with erotic sensation.  I knew in that instant sex would never be the same.  Suddenly Ian stiffened up and I felt a spurting, pumping, heat in my belly as Ian shot his load into me. 

“Aahhhhh . . . damn, baby that was great!” 


I staggered down Tabatha’s steps so sore I could barely walk.  Even in my fatigued, tender, and slightly intoxicated state I had no control over my body.  Jared was humming some song I didn’t recognize with my voice as we stumbled to my car.  I was too exhausted to try fighting him.  The sun was starting to come up as Jared climbed behind the steering wheel and started the car.  I’d lost track how many times I’d cum, every time Ian had shot a load Tabatha had taken his cock into her mouth and done something, I was sure it had to have been a spell, and then his cock was hard again. 

I felt my body wince as Jared buckled the seat belt.  It hurt to sit!  After using my pussy Ian had moved on to my ass, using some lotion and his finger to gently open my brown star.  Once lubricated Jared had starting to beg for it in my best little girl voice.  I’d tried to force her to stop I threw every bit of my will into it and it didn’t matter.  Next I tried ordering, cajoling, and then begging her to stop, but Jared ignored me.  Ian had then pushed his monster cock into my back passage and my voice turned into a gasp as his thick pole stretched and tore my back side.  Once I’d been firmly skewered he’d wrapped his arms around me while lifting me and rolled onto his back so I was on top of him.  I felt my eyes lock onto Tabatha, and it took a moment for my dazed mind to register that she was wearing a strap on black rubber cock even bigger than Ian’s real penis. 

I wasn’t proud, at that point I’d screamed at Jared to stop this but she’d been so caught up in the sensations coursing through my body that she didn’t responded.  Slowly Tabatha pushed the dildo into my already abused pussy and the pain of being penetrated from the front and back at the same time was intense, yet Jared seemed to love it.  As if on some unspoken signal Tabatha and Ian started pumping alternating the thrusting from front and back building a rhythm that drove me mad as the pain faded and it started to feel good, then better than good, then incredible.  I think I blacked out several times over the next hour and that was before Tabatha brought out her stash! 

As the night wore on I felt sort of disconnected, yes, I could feel, see, and hear everything Jared did with my body but I had no control.  Then when the three had taken a break from non-stop sex for a snack I’d sort of drifted off.  It wasn’t until Jared was kissing Tabatha goodbye that I realized that even though my body was awake, I, my spirit, mind, or whatever it was that made up the “true” me had fallen asleep.  Even if Jared and my body hadn’t.  

Now sitting on my abused bottom I felt my body wince as Jared backed out of the driveway. 

“Damn, I’m sore!” 

‘Shit, after what you just did to my body?!  Of course you’re sore, asshole.’

I couldn’t even put that much anger into my thoughts because I was so tired.  I felt my eyes droop as Jared put the car into drive and accelerated away.
‘Hey, are you awake enough to drive?’  

“Yes, I’m awake enough to drive!  What are you my dad?!”

I felt stunned for a second and then realized Jared was making fun of my masculine sounding internal voice.  I felt a flash of rage and tried as hard as I could to wrest control of my body back. 

“Hehehehe . . . I always enjoyed making you angry.  The make-up sex with you was such a rush!  Not, as good as sex as you, or an orgy for that matter!” 
I decided not to respond to his taunting and fumed silently to myself.  At some point the rings would have to come off.  He’d have to return to his body or it would die of dehydration.  As we got nearer to my apartment I felt Jared doze off and jerk awake several times.  Then less than a block away Jared passed out I jerked my eyes open and moved the steering wheel just in time to keep us from running off the side of the road.  I took my foot off the gas pedal and then felt stunned. 

“I’ve got control,” I whispered, although my delight was muted by the gruff masculine voice that came out.  “Fuck it, at least I’m in control!” I whispered.  I pulled into my parking spot and shut the car off.  Then it hit me.  “I’m in control!”  I had to work hard to dampen my glee because it occurred to me that I might wake Jared up and if I did I’d lose control of my body.  I lifted my tiny delicate hands up amazed that I could move them on my own and I spotted the fucking ring.  I tried to pull it off.  It refused to budge.  “I wonder, if I can get the master ring off Jared’s hand? I bet once that one’s off I’ll be able to take this one off!?”  I felt suddenly sure that if the rings were off, we’d return to our proper bodies.  With a new sense of urgency, started to rush, and then paused.  Something told me I had to fight to avoid rushing.  The last thing I wanted to do was wake Jared up!  I stumbled as I moved away from my car, I felt awkward, and I was aware of every sensation.  The sway of my hips, ass, and breasts felt oddly foreign particularly my chest since Jared had neglected to put a bra back on.  When I stumbled for the third time I stopped and slipped out of my heels. 

“What is fucking wrong with me?” I said in my odd gruff voice.  “Hell, just keep it together girl, just a little longer and this will be all just a bad fucking dream.” 

I unlocked my door and moved into the apartment.  Jared had left a light on in the kitchen and this was enough to dimly illuminate the living room.  I dropped my heels and purse heading for the hall that led back to the bedroom and Jared’s comatose body when I saw something from the corner of my eye.  I glanced at the sofa and felt shocked to see Jared’s body lying there with his eyes closed. 

“What the fuck?!” 

I was pretty sure that Jared had left his body on my bed, but at this point I was more interested in getting the master ring off his hand.  I hurried to the sofa and grabbed Jared’s hand and felt another shock run through me.  The ring was missing!  In desperation I grabbed his other hand hoping that I’d just looked at the wrong hand first.  I felt defeated when I realized that neither hand wore the ring and Jared was still in my body. 

“Looking for something, Jared?” The icy female voice cut through the shadows in a commanding and intimidating way.  I turned around and the recliner that I’d thought was empty now held a shadowy figure. 


“Oh, don’t play dumb, Jared.”  The figure stood up the deep cloak and hood obscured her features although I could see she was taller than me.  The woman lifted a set of pale hands that almost appeared disconnect floating in the shadows, and flipped her hood back.  I felt my breath catch, but it wasn’t her pale skin that almost glowed in the darkness, the blood red lips, or the long dark red hair that startled me.  Instead it was the sensation of raw beauty and power the flowed from her and caused my nipples to grow hard in reaction. 

“I’m very annoyed with you.  First you leave the estate without my permission.  You know the rules of your apprenticeship only allows you to leave with my expressed permission.” In that instant I had a vision flash through my mind.  Kneeling before Jezebel in a dark room and pledging the next twenty years of my life to her service.  I’d never been to her estate and I hadn’t made any dark vows to lower powers and yet this memory was strong enough to chill me.  As though I’d lived it.  “Then on top of your truancy you steal my rings!” Jezebel continued and took a single step toward me.  I involuntarily stepped back, I felt dazed and confused; how could I know the vows Jared had made?  This wasn’t possible.  “I’ve used the rings with you and you think that was enough to give you the knowledge to use them on someone else?” There was now an edge to her voice that filled me with fear. 

“N-No,” I tried to say as my rough masculine voice caught in my throat. “J-Jezebel, y-you don’t understand.”

“Understand, what?” A hint of mockery was evident as she held up her hand stopping me from continuing.  Then I saw a flash of gold on the third finger of her right hand.  She was wearing the master ring!  “I can see two spirits in the poor girl’s body, one male and one female.”  Looking closer she frowned, “But why are you using your normal voice I’d have thought you would at least understand how to use her voice.

“I didn’t botch anything up, I’m Jared not Meka!” 

I felt my face flush with horror, I was still under Jared’s compulsion to use his name. 

The woman’s eyes flashed with anger and I felt my own eyes lock upon hers.  I sensed a power behind those beautiful orbs, an ancient power filled with wisdom and cruelty.  “I can tell who you are, and don’t talk back my young apprentice or else when we return to the estate you’re current punishment will be doubled!”
I opened my mouth to protest and felt Jared take control.  “Ma’am, I don’t know who you are but please, don’t be too hard on poor Jared.” 

I tried to shake my head or do anything but once again I was a passenger in my body.  I wasn’t sure when Jared had woken up, but it had been long enough for him to understand what was going on.  The woman’s glare softened, “So, young lady, what do you have to say?  This doesn’t really concern you.”
“Ma’am, it’s just that . . . well, this is all my fault.  You see Jared and I have been together for a while and I never believed in magic.  I made fun of him for believing in magic and then dumped him.  When he said he had a set of magic rings, I . . . I dared him to steal them and to show me what they could do.” At this I felt my eyes drop and my head turned a little to one side looking away.  The tremor in Jared’s appropriated use of my voice was so natural and realistic sounding that if I hadn’t lived through this whole thing with her I’d have believed the story myself. 

Then she continued in a rush, “Once he showed what they could do, I kept asking for him to do more and more.”  I felt Jared turn my head and lift my eyes to meet his mistresses, “I even took him along on a date, last night.  Y-you see, we have an open relationship and I’m bi.  I-I don’t think he liked it much, he’s a straight guy.  I-I know he didn’t like it when we Tabatha’s boyfriend showed up.  I think he might have already been punished enough.”  For a moment I thought she might have persuaded Jezebel her voice held just the right amount of contrition and apology. 

“Yes, girl, Meka is it?” I felt my head nod my eyes locked on my feet.  “Tell me, Meka, what did you do while you had Jared riding shotgun?  What did you do that was a fitting punishment for his crime of theft?”

“E-everything . . .” the soft whisper and quick glance to my feet were done flawlessly. 

“HA! Well, perhaps, I’ll take that into account but he still must be punished.” Then her countenance changed, “I don’t hold you to blame.  You took no oaths and aren’t the one who stole from me.  Yet, it sickens me to see a bright attractive young woman trying to take the blame for her man, just to get him free of a well-deserved punishment!  Pathetic.  No, actions have consequences and Jared will take his like a man or he won’t survive his apprenticeship!”  Jezebel’s voice was cold and had the crack of authority in it. My eyes were locked onto the woman’s mouth and I saw her lips peel back in a wicked grin, revealing a pair of elongated eyeteeth.  Jared shuddered and I could tell she was scared of this woman.  “Stealing or even borrowing advanced magical artifacts can have terrible consequences if one doesn’t know what one is doing.” 

My head nodded and I threw everything I had into trying to wrest control and after a second it worked.  “No!” I blurted out in my deep voice, “You don’t understand!” 

“ENOUGH!”  This time her voice held power and my mouth snapped shut.  She held up her hand and the ring glowed for a second.  I felt a tearing sensation and then a pins and needles feeling that rushed from the ring on my hand and quickly covered my whole body.  There was a twisting sensation and a moment of vertigo and then I felt myself float up and away from my body.  For a moment I wondered if I’d died and was now going on to whatever existed after death.  Abruptly my momentum shifted and I floated down toward Jared’s recumbent sleeping male body.  When my spirit entered it there was another twisting sensation and then a sort of settling and adjusting.  All at once normal sensations returned, all five senses in a rush of corporeal stimulation. 

I sat up blinking and then was wracked by a coughing fit.  After several seconds I looked up.  I could see Jezebel looking down at me with a confident expression on her face and then she turned to the other person in the room.  I glanced over and to my shock I saw ME!  The imposter in my body moved forward and extended her hand.

“Ma’am, here’s your other ring.  I’m very sorry if I’ve caused you any trouble.” 

The woman accepted the ring from Jared and I surged to my feet my hands balling into fists.  “Bitch, you aren’t going to fucking get away with this!”  I took a step toward Jared and the woman held up her hand.  I froze every muscle locked into an excruciating cramp.  I couldn’t even fall to the floor.  

“Jared, I’ve asked you before not to use that language.” The comment was cool and reasonable and it made me furious.  “Also, threatening young women?  I think we’ve got a few things to work on when we get back to the estate.  I think several behavior bindings are now in order to make sure you follow the rules.  For now, you will not speak unless I give you permission.”  With that she waved her hand and suddenly I could move.  I fell to my knees gasping and then looked up. I opened my mouth to try to explain only nothing came out.
“Alright miss, say goodbye to your friend here.  I think it will be a very long time before you see him again.” 

I looked up glad that I at least had control of my current body.  Jezebel stepped back and Jared knelt next to me placing a compassionate hand on my shoulder.  I wanted to hit her. 

“I’m sorry Jared, I really am.” I glanced over at my own face and saw a pretty look of concern and then she turned so the woman, her former mistress couldn’t see her face. 

“You know how curious I’ve always been, and how I’ve always wanted to try,” at this she gestured to her body, “everything.”  Then in a louder voice, “I’m sooo sorry!  This is all my fault, if I hadn’t taunted you and broken up with you this never would have happened.”  I looked at her stunned at the fake sincerity in her words.  I wanted to do something but at the moment I felt helpless, like anything I did would make it worse.  Then the fake Meka looked at Jezebel, “Ma’am, h-how long will you punish Jared?”

Jezebel gave Meka a look of contempt and then said coldly, “For theft? At least two years confined to the estate.  Perhaps I will allow him to speak again after the first year.” 

I felt horror build with and wanted to shout and then Jared touched my cheek with a soft delicate hand.  Then in a whisper she said, “Look, don’t worry I’ll think of something and fix this, just behave as Jared should and do what Mistress Jezebel says and everything will be fine.”

I wanted to grab her and almost lunged forward, except that I remembered that my new mistress was watching.  I climbed to my feet and Jared moved away to the far side of the room.  Jezebel, my new mistress approached giving me an evil grin. 

“Time to go home.” 

With that she placed a hand on my shoulder and the world spun around in a strange way and everything went dark. 



  1. Hey, thanks for leaving a note, I'm glad you enjoyed the story!


  2. I love this powerful dark story of evil bodystealing!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Ed!


  3. Fun little story, a little outside my usual comfort zone, but once I got past that, it was rather enjoyable read.

    Have a delightfully demented day,


    1. DAW,

      Thanks! Yeah, this one was a little darker than my normal stuff. I did it as a request and am pretty happy with the way that it turned out. But I hear you.



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