Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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Don arose this early Saturday morning, a bit out of sorts.  He had not slept all that well the last few nights.  Although things were progressing with Burt, and with significant effort he was able to snap some good photos, Burt had not taken to modelling as easy or effortlessly as had been predicted, and it started to worry Don.  It had been a little over one month since Abby was abducted for Burt to take over her body.  Uncle Tom had done a good job covering their tracks, using Abby's e-mail account and her cell phone to keep Abby's employer Poise Magazine, as well as Abby's friend Jessica in the loop.  To them, Abby had been attacked and had been going through debriefing sessions and counseling to recover from this ordeal.  They even had Burt film video of a "session," with Uncle Tom as the psychiatrist, and with Tom's surprising knack for all things digital, was able to create a fake clinic and credentials.

Still, Don knew that Abby couldn't be out of commission, and she would need to make her return soon.  He paced nervously outside the patio, twiddling his thumbs.

"Good morning Don!" a sweet, pleasant sounding voice called out all of a sudden.

Don immediately turned and saw Abby's body, stark naked, save for white tennis shoes, wearing a set of headphones.  He was startled by Abby's presence, not to mention, the sexy, soothing voice coming out of her mouth?

"Uh...B-Burt?" Don stammered.  "I-Is that you?"

"B-Burt?  Who's Burt?  It's Abby silly.  Don't you remember the wonderful night we had last night?"

"What wonderful night?  I don't remember..."

'Abby' suddently chortled.  "Ha ha ha, got you Mac!" she gruffly replied in Burt's booming baritone.  "Pretty good though right?  Tom gave me samples of your girl's voice to listen to on these here headphones.  Took a while to get the exact tone right but..." Burt suddenly cleared his throat.  "It's slowly coming along, hehe.." he finished, in Abby's voice.

Don nodded.  "That's good Abb..I mean, B-Burt.  Just uh, keep up the good work."  He then hastily went back inside, as Burt/Abby chuckled at Don, while continuing her audio/voice "lessons"...


  1. So many great little details in every caption of this series. :)

    Eagerly waiting for the next entry!

    1. Thank you Mia. I'm having a lot of fun revisiting this series after having not had a chance to in so long. Stay tuned, more of the model training will be coming soon!

      Twisted Thanks,

  2. Awesome idea for Burt needing to mimic Abby's tone of voice through samples, and not just his own knowledge instead.


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