Sunday, February 12, 2017


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Burt yawned, as he quickly collapsed onto the plush white couch.  He was thoroughly exhausted, as Don had run him through the ringer with his crash course on "Becoming Abigail Dallas."  The early morning wake-up calls, the long hours in the makeup chair with Uncle Tom supervising, not to mention all of the clothes he had to try on, stretching his new body into new, foreign, and sometimes uncomfortable positions.  From bras and brassieres, to thongs and numbers...little black dresses....long, curly dark in updos....topless..bottomless...pouty lips....reserved lips....making love to the camera....despising the camera...Burt had to follow all of Don's strict instructions.  Don was indeed a taskmaster.

As Burt laid on the couch, he began to wonder: could the intense pressure and schedule been a good reason Abby had broken up with Don?  He didn't have time to answer as he soon dozed off...

As graceful as Burt's new sleeping form was, his obnoxious, gruff-sounding snores was a stark contrast, and Uncle Tom realized that.  With a devious chuckle, she approached Burt and playfully tossed a soft pillow at his face.  The pillow landed on its target, startling Burt from his slumber.

"Unnnghhh....ok I'm striking the pose, Mac...." Burt mumbled gruffly.  Rubbing his eyes, Burt's vision gradually cleared as he came face to face with Tom, wearing a slim white blouse, and contrasting black pencil thin skirt, her blonde hair in an elegant bun.  "Oh....sorry, Tom, I must have fallen asleep."

"No worries friend," Uncle Tom grinned.  "You doing ok?"

"Yeah..." Burt nodded, yawning.  "I'm OK.  W-Where's um, you know...."

"Dictator Don?  He went downtown to get more supplies for your photo shoots.  You know, you better get back to using Abby's voice, or you'll slowly lose the ability to imitate it..."

"Really?  Oh ok, one second..." Burt then cleared his throat.  "Better?" he smiled, his voice soft and feminine.

"Mhmm..." Uncle Tom winked.  She peered toward Burt's reclined form, looking over Burt/Abby's inviting cleavage and surreptitiously licking her own lips.  "You know...even though Don is working you like a dog, you are actually doing a great job.  I've seen the raw pics, and I gotta are coming along....mmm...nicely..."

Burt incredulously shrugged.  "Wish Don could say the same.  All he does is bark orders at me."

"He can be a bit of a dick, buddy...he's just under a lot of pressure."  Uncle Tom then patted Burt's leg.  "Now rise and shine, Miss Dallas.  No rest for the beautiful!  Don wants me to get you dressed for the next shoot."  Burt grit his teeth, as he slowly got up...


  1. Just when I think I couldn't like the story more, you put this on me!

    I personally hope Don doesn't screw up with this Abigail the same he did with the previous one, for despite her new tenant being horribly male, he seems to be learning and has a good heart to match his new beautiful exterior.

    Can't wait for the next installment.

    1. Thank you again Mia! That was the general idea - Burt is inherently a good person but just was raised with a rougher exterior. In a lovely, delicate body such as Abby's, he does learn not just for the sake of helping out Don, but also you may see how Burt begins to have a different perception of the world around him.

      i'm just as excited as you to find out what lessons those exactly are :-)

      Twisted Thanks,


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