Friday, February 24, 2017


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"Miss Dallas!  Miss Dallas!  Abby, over here!  Miss Dallas!"

That was just an example of one of many fashion reporters and journalists here at the offices of Poise Magazine, covering the return of Abigail Dallas.  Last spring, the promising young brunette model had decided to sign with Poise Magazine, and had been all set to begin her first photoshoot, when she had become inexplicably "indisposed."  gone away from the spotlight and the world of modelling.  Reports had said that it was due to a professional "difference of opinion" with her former manager.  A wild rumor had been that Miss Dallas had actually been abducted, but this was considered to be a ridiculous notion.

The stylish, casually chic-appearing model teased her hair as she approached the entrance of Poise Magazine, accompanied by her blonde assistant Tommi.  They were flanked by many reporters and photographers struggling to get the latest bit of news about her return.

"Miss Dallas!  So where have you been all this time?  You were supposed to start several months ago?" asked one reporter.

"I was...indisposed.  I discovered all too late that my manager had been using unsolicited photos of myself for a lewd pornographic site," replied the brunette.  "The sight of such inappropriate material was too much for my um, constitution, so I needed to uh, take some time off, yes...take some time off."

"What have you been doing all this time?" another reporter asked, a hint of skepticism in her voice.

"Miss Dallas was busy recuperating from this ordeal," her assistant, Tommie chimed in.  "She has been solely in counseling sessions with her psychologist, so that she can be a healthy both physically and mentally to begin her work at Poise."

The model adjusted her yellow-ish green chrome shades, flashing an endearing smile.  "Miss Dallas?  Are you going to press charges on your ex-manager, for engaging in such secretive and unlawful activities?"

The model lifted her shades, as a small tear began to form in her right eye.  Tommie was immediately available and handed her a white handkerchief, which she used to dab her right eye.  "What Mac..I mean...Don did was wrong, no question about that.  But I'd rather not think about that right now.  I want to move on and think about my career and future here at Poise."

"What about the contract which stipulates that you'll be starting Poise with a salary of $250,000 a year?  Are you excited about that?"

The model's eyes widened.  "What the fuck? Two hundred fifty..." she growled in a very strange, deep, almost manly sounding tone.  She immediately covered her mouth, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.  Tommie hastily finished the reply.  "I'm sorry, but that's all the questions Miss Dallas is going to answer.  It's time for her meeting with Poise Management.  Thank you everyone, and have a wonderful day!"

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  1. Truly an enviable redebut or debut of the new Abigail Dallas!


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