Tuesday, February 28, 2017


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Burt was extremely nervous as he quietly kneeled on the plush onto the white-colored set of his first Poise photoshoot.  He had not gotten enough sleep last night.  The impromptu interview/conference that occurred a few days ago when he went to the Poise Magazine office was a horrifying experience.  Thankfully Don was wise enough to have Uncle Tom go as Abby's "assistant."  Still, Burt had a unsettling feeling in his stomach, as he placed his hands on his womanly hips, and took a deep breath.

"God damn it Burt ol' boy, what have you gotten yourself into?" he muttered to himself, his gruff baritone leaving Abby's lips.   Burt shook his head, as his pretty dark brown eyes surveyed the scene before him.  He could see a whole crew of people bustling about, a far cry from the simple lighting arrangement and tripod-assisted camera that Don would use for his training photos.  At the same time, Burt watched closely as a bevy of gorgeous, sexily-attired glamour models, obviously preoccupied with their next photoshoot.  Burt eyed with great interest all sorts of lovely ladies, all with perfect visages and shapely bodies that easily matched his own.  The sight of such goddesses just made Burt moan lecherously in response...

"Ahem!" a voice shouted.  Burt was suddenly jolted out of his distracted state, as he looked up at a thin, wiry looking gentleman with a mismatched goatee.  "Daydreaming are we now, luv?"

"Oh!"  Burt was startled, as he quickly covered his mouth.  "S-Sorry I must have b-been distracted. It's m-my first day working here," he said, back to using Abby's soft tone.

The gentleman tilted his head skeptically at Burt.  "Mhmm.   Well, you can be distracted all you bloody want on your own time, not on Nigel's time.  Now c'mon luv, let's not dawdle.  Assume the first pose so we can begin!"

Burt looked confused, and nodded.  He slowly began to lean against the plush, white couch, raising his arms upward.  "What the bloody hell are you doing luv?" exclaimed Nigel.  "That's not the first pose!"

Burt shuddered, frightened at the critical tone of the photographer.   "Oh!  Sorry...uh...first pose, right.  Ok, I just had a slip-up....". Burt then lowered his arms down, and tilted his head back.

Nigel angrily sighed.  "Why is your head not facing the camera luv?  You know you have to sell the bloody outfit you are wearing, so you have to make love to my camera.  Bollocks, have you ever done this before?  Again!"

What originally was to be a 2 hour morning shoot, soon turned into an exhausting morning marathon, in which Nigel would bark orders in an even more acerbic tone than Don.  The end result was that they were only able to shoot at most 10 photos, that Nigel thought was "decent."

"Ok Abby...luv....its pretty obvious you're still new to the Poise dynamic, so let's just call it a day ok?  We'll pick it up again tomorrow," said Nigel, his hand over his lowered forehead.  Burt nodded silently as he got up to go to his dressing room with a completely mortified expression on his face...

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