Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Hello again.

I know I just sent out an apology earlier today regarding the lack of posting on the blog, but I just wanted to send another one that reiterates the degree of guilt I have for showing neglect.

Captioners like myself, Zapper, and others create this content for a two-fold reason: 1) to fulfill our own personal fantasy/interest and 2) for a small amount of positive feedback and appreciation.  It gets challenging for us to juggle the real life responsibilities with fulfilling said fantasies/interests.  Some have managed to do quite well managing their time.  As for me, I admit I have had very personal struggles.

Nevertheless I truly feel guilty and apologetic for letting you all down.  You guys are a big reason and give me the motivation to post and share my content.  I know I have made excuses in the past, but I am posting this to announce that those excuses will now end.  Come early next week, prepare for a resurgence of material from me.  I promise you all that.

I always have such heartfelt gratitude for you all (and of course Zapper) who have bolstered my confidence to keep this blog going.  Please continue to do so, it means a lot.  Thank you all for your time.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming...


Where Have You Been

My apologies for missing a few days.  I had a brief unexpected trip.  I've also been focusing lately on finishing up my tribute to Meka so, sadly, my work here has been a little neglected.  





Hi everyone,

My sincere apologies for having missed a day or so of not posting any material.  Zapper was out of town and I am still mired in my work in real life.  I managed to create a couple of captions and Zapper is back too.  But it was my fault for not keeping up.  Sorry everyone.  More to come as soon as we can.

DocVS :-p
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