Saturday, May 21, 2016



Hi everyone,

This certainly is a post for celebration.  Twisted TG Files has just reached one million views!  This in itself is an extremely proud and well deserved achievement, especially when it originally started as a brand-new website/blog just to explore and post the “twisted” side of transgender fantasy.

The success of this is two-fold: certainly one factor is the outpouring of daily comments and praises from a small yet dedicated and loyal fanbase.  It is because of you guys that the blog keeps going and it is much appreciated and welcomed.

Finally (and most importantly), the impact that Zapper has made in cultivating and developing Twisted TG Files into the success it is today cannot be overlooked.  One cannot discount Zapper’s dedication and optimism, the earnest effort to provide you all with a repository of unique and twisted ideas/scenarios.  This is especially notable because of Zapper’s already prolific background and mastery of prose in transgender stories/fiction.  To convert this talent into a caption format is quite a remarkable feat, that cannot be reproduced so easily.

Overall, we feel extremely fortunate (and blessed) to be able to collaborate and share a mutual fantasy/desire in a meaningfully “twisted” manner.  Zapper and I will continue to submit/present our perverted yet sophisticated thoughts in both our captions and our writings.  More changes to come soon to our blog, so please stay tuned!

Thank you all once again for your support!


Zapper & DocVS



  1. Thanks Doc VS! It really has been a fun journey. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated your friendship and the loyal following from those that enjoy this blog. I never really considered mile stones when we started this, but the idea that we've had a million hits is just staggering to me.

    Here's to a million more!

    In Sorrow (IS)

  2. Congratulations to the both of you!


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