Friday, July 14, 2017



Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, been dealing with some RL matters.  I wanted to post this really quickly – this was a requested caption from no name from back in February that I completed but did not have a chance to post.

Hello? If any of you are reading this I was wondering if you could hear this and maybe make my request. I kind of just want to talk about it.
The story is called split personality. It is where a guy finds a way to put his soul into a stone and he ends up mailing a stone with his soul in it to a woman the woman opens the box and with her friend and the stone zaps them both. The guy in the stone possesses both of them but half of his traits are put in both bodies.

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  1. Great caption like always! I was wondering DocVs, do you have a way to get into contact with you? I would love to talk about a Request I have if you're still doing them.


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