Sunday, September 11, 2022



Hi everyone,

I will do my best to make this explanation succinct.  Yesterday I displayed a side of myself that was the culmination of many months, or maybe even the last couple of years where life was fraught with RL stress and responsibilities.  I am not very proud of my actions and I regret what I did.

Ever since I created Twisted TG, I wanted to work on TG captions and content for this blog which would put a new spin on things.  It was a desirable goal, but it was near impossible to achieve, because of a succession of real-life events and stressors that overwhelmed me.  I won’t give all details but…they have included me getting to minor legal troubles, giving up a steady job and income to study for two years, the actual studying of those two years, the domination of family factors rooted in a rather intense and strict relationship…the list goes on…

Despite all of these, my true, insurmountable difficulty has always been my own self-doubt.  I suppose that is why I cannot be as consistent as other TG content creators, so at times I deserve much of the criticism levied towards me.  Confidence has always been not my strong suit.

I still care and am very passionate about Twisted TG.  And I know that the only one stopping me from achieving it…is me.

I write to you all today to say, I know sometimes my promises can be empty.  But I will work to improve myself and do whatever I can to keep Twisted TG going with engaging content.  That is my affirmation.

With that said, I want you all to buckle up for the end of September.  It’s going to be one hell of a ride.





  1. I can't wait! Take deep breath, even if we don't speak up often there are people on your side who love what you do

  2. We want detective Hannah(Francis) back in action.

  3. Bro just relax, you don't need to make such a big deal about stuff

  4. You're fine, don't sweat it. Naturally, I can't know how you're doing outside of your efforts here, but of course I wish you the best for that part of your life. Considering all the content you put out over the years, I think most of us are impressed more than anything else by your tenacity. And I for one am excited whenever you do post something these days.
    If it becomes too much, don't be afraid to take a break, and what's more don't be afraid to come back when you feel like it, we'll be here once you're ready!

  5. Far be it for me to say anything. I ended up taking a two year hiatus. No warning, no contact, no nothing. It's obvious that real life is complicated. It's messy. It's stressful. And it interferes with our hobbies. But that doesn't mean we love you or your work any less. Write what you can, when you can, and we will be here to enjoy it with you. Your unique style is greatly appreciated. Take care and let your creative juices flow when possible.

  6. Stress and your reaction to stress can take a whole host of directions; don't worry about us, get yourself back on an even keel and to a place that you feel good about yourself. only then decide if you need or want to continue posting. Remember this is a hobby not a commitment. Be well.

  7. And another month goes by without anything...