Friday, September 23, 2016

Sibling Hatred


  1. "...and pressed it against the heat that was seeping through his denim-clad crotch as he started panting & moaning with Jenny's seductive voice while writhing her body in an exaggerated manner and fondling one of her ample, ardent breasts. "Uh-yeh-ho-YAEH, Johnny! Juh-uhngh-Just like tha..."

    Jonathan had looked away from his brother's display in disgust, but turned back urgently when Calvin's taunts suddenly halted. "What's the matter?! What the hell'd you do to her, you little shit!?!"

    The expression on Jenny's face had turned from one of contempt to one of shock mixed with confusion and...arousal? Her eyes grew wide and pierced Jonathan's with lust as she said, "Oh, Johnny-doodle... I- I don't know what just happened," her arms reached out for her boyfriend. "Hold me, baby! I- I feel so s-strange!"

    "Jenny?! It's okay. I'm here, baby." Jonathan hurried to embrace his beautiful girlfriend. Over his shoulder, Jenny's lips curved up into a sinister grin as her stiff nipples poked against her lover's chest."..."

    I hope you don't mind terribly, Liz. You just always seem to leave things ripe for an epELLEogue. Seriously, though; Welcome back, babe!!!
    And, thank you Doc & Zapper, for posting Elizabeth's yummy stuff!!!



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